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Caesars Sportsbook Ontario Review

Caesars Entertainment Inc, runs many bricks & mortar casinos in the US. They even run one in Windsor, Ontario.  However, Caesars had no online betting presence or technology whatsoever.  To ensure they could enter various North American regulated markets that were about to open, they needed to acquire the necessary technology and know-how. Thus in 2020, Caesars bought William Hill for $3.7 billion

Soon after, in a hotly contested auction, Caesars sold the non-US William Hill assets to 888 for $3 billion.  With all of this corporate M&A action, for the purposes of absolute clarity, know that in Ontario, Caesars Sportsbook is not related to William Hill at all. It is important to make this note, as William Hill has served Canada for so long from the so-called 'grey market'.  Our preview below outlines what we project for Caesars Sportsbook Ontario based on several US state offerings as of early March 2022.


Caesars Sportsbook Ontario look & feel

Caesars is one of the rare online sportsbooks that uses a fully white / light background. This makes for a super clean experience from your computer, tablet or mobile.


Caesars Sportsbook Ontario mobile betting - app only

While they do offer a betting site when accessed via computer - if you try to access their site on your tablet or mobile phone, Caesars will forward you directly to the appropriate app store.  You cannot simply play from your mobile through your Internet browser. Given the data privacy issues associated with mobile apps of any kind, we like to see sportsbooks that offer their users a choice in this regard. 

They should offer both a mobile betting app and a mobile betting site as accessed through an Internet browser.  There is no reason to force the former, except that the company can get better access to your valuable data through an app.  Betting sites are far more private in comparison, so we will only ever recommend Ontario licensed sportsbooks that offer both.  


How are the odds margins at Caesars Sportsbook Ontario?

When it comes to the leagues and betting markets that are typically most popular in Ontario, Caesars has competitive odds margins.  For example, when we look at an NBA point spread, we find odds of 1.91/1.91 or -110/-110. This reflects a margin of just under 5%. This will be fairly consistent when we look at the main handicap markets, totals and money lines for the NFL, NHL and MLB. 

As we examine the odds margins for top soccer leagues, the margins appear to be between 5% and 6%. These soccer odds margins are about average. Several Ontario providers will have margins that are significantly more competitive, at 4% or less.  Remember, a sportsbook with a margin of 6% is 50% higher than one that uses a margin of 4%. Don't think that a percentage point here or there does not matter.  Learn more about odds and odds margin.


'Big 4' event coverage at Caesars Sportsbook Ontario

If you are a person that almost exclusively bets on the so-called 'Big Four' leagues of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, Caesars has solid betting market menu for you. You can find a nearly endless array of ways to bet within a game, from various handicap alternatives, period or quarter-based results and lots of player props. If this is your area of focus, Caesars does well for you.


Caesars Sportsbook Ontario coverage of 'international sports'

Given that Caesars Sportsbook has purely been an American online and mobile sportsbook, it is perhaps unsurprising that they have fairly Spartan international sports coverage - pun intended. Some might even call it poor coverage.  What do we mean?

Let's start with soccer. Caesars only covers the most popular leagues. This means the top five leagues in Europe, plus the UEFA club competitions, MLS and Mexican leagues. They do not cover any leagues beyond this in Europe, Asia or South America. No Portuguese Primeira, Polish Ekstraklasa, Dutch Eredivisie, Brazil Serie A, Argentine Superliga - at all. So if you are big into all kinds of soccer, Caesars Ontario is probably going to let you down.

When it comes to Rugby Union, while they have navigation links that show they cover it, when we look to see the events, we can see that almost none are available for betting. So if you care about Premiership Rugby or Top14 for example, we can't be sure you will be able to bet on it at all.  If it is made available, we would doubt there is any more than the basic match winner market.

This is what we see for Rugby League. Here, Caesars covers the NRL and Super League matches, but only with the main 3-way match result betting market - that's it.  Cricket, Handball and Cycling also get minimal coverage in terms of available events and betting markets. So if you love the IPL for example, again, you will get very few available betting markets. Our top recommendations for Ontario all have 'international' heritage, so they cover these events in a comprehensive manner. 

On the positive side of things, while it is exclusively a North American sport rather than 'international', Caesars Ontario is one of the few sportsbooks that offers some level of Lacrosse coverage - as they offer NLL betting markets.


Caesars Sportsbook Ontario bonus offer

The Ontario iGaming market will open on April 4, 2022, so we cannot know for sure what the available bonus offer might be.  However, we know that for its various US state launches in New York and elsewhere, Caesars has not been shy about offering new player bonuses.  The difference here of course is that Ontario and New York are very different markets. 

In the US state markets, Caesars was in competition with but a handful of other providers at launch time, so competition for player acquisition was fierce.  There was never a 'grey market' as in Ontario.  With so many players at 'grey market' providers that will transition to being legal providers, Caesars will likely be wary of offering bonuses that are over-the-top to players in Ontario.  So while there might have been significant offers in the US, near $1,500 CAD in value, the actual bonus offers for Caesars Sportsbook in Ontario will likely be much, much less. 


Does Caesars Sportsbook Ontario cover esports?

In our examination of the various Caesars Sportsbook versions in the US where esports betting is allowed, we found no coverage of it at all - not even an "Esports" link in the navigation. So if you have any interest in esports betting from Ontario, Caesars will likely disappoint you in this respect.  Many Ontario licensed betting sites will cover esports


Does Caesars Ontario offer an online Casino?

Yes, they will. We can see that Caesars Sportsbook offers RNG and live casino games in New Jersey, where iCasino games are legal. While iCasino is available, the array of games appears limited compared to those operators that will offer the top Ontario casino sites.  For example, their NJ offering had only six kinds of live dealer games. The major Ontario online casino brands will offer a full array of live dealer games.


Caesars Sportsbook Ontario bottom line

We can't recommend Caesars due to their app-only approach to mobile betting. This is a non-starter for us. A mobile betting site is so easy to provide and is available at all our recommended Ontario providers for those that have data privacy concerns.

With this said, they have one of the nicest interfaces that we have come across. If you don't care about data privacy and your sporting focus is almost purely on the 'big four' sports, Caesars will be a solid option for you. 

From our perspective though, you get all these positive points and none of the negatives if you look at our top ranked Ontario sportsbooks.  All our recommended Ontario licensed sportsbooks offer, mobile betting sites in addition to mobile apps. They all cover soccer, international sports and esports in a comprehensive way with better odds value.

In the end, Caesars Sportsbook Ontario will likely be a very 'American' option for you. If you are fully aligned that way, it might be right for you. If you have any international flavour at all to your sporting interest, it will let you down in our opinion.

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