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SNBET Canadian betting site payment methods: what’s available & what’s not?

Learn all you need to know about Canadian online sports betting payment methods.  We explain why credit cards are a convenient but expensive option.  We cover the top bank debit solutions including Interac & explain whether or not PayPal is available.  We also show you all of the supported payment methods at our top betting sites for Canada - it's all below.

Eligible iGames conducted & managed by iGaming Ontario are only available to those physically present in the Province of Ontario. If you are outside Ontario, you will play at the main 'dot-com' sites based in 'offshore' gaming jurisdictions.


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Canadian online sportsbook payments: credit cards vs. bank debit solutions

Credit cards are widely available to make deposits at all sports betting sites.  However, while convenient, credit card payments from Canada to betting sites are treated as though they are ‘cash advances’, as opposed to 'purchases'.   This means that interest begins to accrue from the moment of the transaction (even if you always fully pay your monthly balance), plus your bank will charge a cash advance fee, perhaps around $5.  At an interest rate of 20% or likely even higher on your card, this can be an expensive method of transaction that you may wish to avoid on an on-going basis.

Thankfully, there are plenty of reputable bank debit methods that work instantly and directly with your Canadian Dollar bank account & come with very low fees, likely a few dollars per transaction at most.  These include Instadebit, iDebitCitadel Instant banking.  Each of these methods let you securely login to authorize a bank debit without sharing your banking credentials with the sportsbook.  Interac has become a very popular money transfer method for Canadians and it is accepted for both deposits & withdrawals at all five of our recommended betting sites


About Interac Online & Interac e-Transfers as Canadian sportsbook payment methods

You will note that both Interac Online & Interac e-Transfers are listed as accepted by our recommended online sportsbooks.  It has become the 'go to' payment method for betting sites that focus on serving Canadian players.  Note that payment by Interac e-Transfers will be available to you no matter which bank you are with.  However, Interac Online is currently only available for use with a limited number of banks.  At last check, only TD Bank & Royal Bank supported Interac Online.  So if you are with another bank or credit union, Interac e-Transfers will be your lone Interac payment option.


What's the difference between Interac Online & Interac e-Transfers as a betting site payment method? 

If you deposit via Interac Online, the payment is done as part of your web session within the betting site - sort of like when you buy something online using your PayPal account.  In this case, Interac Online and the betting site are communicating with each other directly to move your funds securely and seamlessly to your betting account.  With Interac e-Transfers, the payment solution is not integrated quite like this.  You would send the e-Transfer as instructed and may need to provide a reference number in the notes of the transfer to ensure that your payment is correctly attributed to your sportsbook account. 


How long do Interac e-Transfers take to land in your betting account?

Even though you might manually create the payment, receiving Interac e-Transfers at the online sportsbook is an automated process.  Your funds should land in your betting account within minutes of being sent.


All our listed betting sites support Interac payments. Each site also offers its own combination of the other main bank debit methods above.


Is PayPal available at betting sites for Canada?

You should note that PayPal is NOT available for use with any 'offshore' betting sites from Canada.  Many sportsbook review resources lie about this bit of information.  See an example of this lie at Betting.ca pictured at right, or below on your mobile.  Not only does 888sport not accept PayPal from players in Canada, 888sport does not even offer CAD accounts.  Betting.ca goes on to list nine other sites on this ‘PayPal betting sites’ page for Canada and none of them accept PayPal from players in Canada.  So in other words, Betting.ca is certainly looking to mislead players in Canada with this false information.


Why would a sportsbook review resource be so misleading?

Here’s how it works for the online publisher:  Design a page that will get highly-ranked in search engines for an in-demand keyword string like ‘PayPal betting sites for Canada’.  Even though not a single listed provider on the page actually provides PayPal to players in Canada, the deceptive sportsbook marketing publisher gets the page onto your screen.  You then click to visit the betting site with the referring publisher knowing full well that you will simply get started at the online sportsbook by using one of the PayPal alternatives mentioned above.  

The referring publisher gets credit for your referral and receives a commission from the betting company for this deception.  Not great.  SNBET reveals Canadian sports betting scams like this on our CAD betting and scam-avoidance information page.  Bad information abounds on the web with regard to Canadian sports betting payment methods, so take a lot of what you read on the matter with a grain of salt.


Pictured at Betting.ca on December 7, 2020 - 888sport is listed as number one on their list of ‘Recommended Canadian PayPal Sports Betting Sites’.  As we note, PayPal is not available in Canada with regard to 'grey market' online sports betting.  This is just one example of an out-and-out lie in order to get you to become a customer in return for a referral commission.  

Why is PayPal not available for Canadians at so many betting sites?

PayPal is a highly regulated company and only facilitates transactions to gambling sites that are fully licensed and regulated within the local jurisdiction of the player.  This is why the only existing PayPal betting site in Canada is the fully legal BCLC betting site for British Columbia residents; PlayNow.com.  All other online sportsbooks that serve Canada are considered to be offshore 'grey market' providers - even the ones that are regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec, so PayPal will not be available at these providers for players in Canada.  This will not change any time soon.  Unfortunately, online gaming regulation in Canada is lumped in with the regulation of land-based gaming, which is overseen at the provincial level

As of September 2021, only Ontario has indicated that it will have an open legal market for competition between online sportsbook providers.  When Ontario opens its iGaming regime in early 2022, some Ontario licensed sports betting sites may offer PayPal to their customers, but most of the rest of the country will have to do without this convenient method for making and receiving online sportsbook payments.   


What other payment methods are available at reputable betting sites for Canada?

MuchBetter and EcoPayz are e-wallets that are very similar to PayPal in terms of the way in which you may use them to buy things online or make payments by linking them to credit cards or bank accounts.  With EcoPayz, it may take you some time to increase your transaction limits to a suitably high level if you intend to deposit & withdrawal large amounts in any single transaction. In other words, EcoPayz is not generally the preferred payment method from Canada for high-rollers or VIPs. Credit cards and bank debit methods allow for larger transaction size limits than EcoPayz.

Paysafecard is a pre-paid option available for purchase online in several Canadian Dollar denominations, or at many retailers across Canada . With them, you simply buy the card (or virtual card), then once at the betting site cashier page, enter the card PIN code to grant your funds. Other prepaid solutions similar to paysafecard may be available to use, such as Neosurf or Flexepin.  These methods work in the same fashion, they are just not as widely accepted as compared to paysafecard.