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bet365 Ontario Review 2024 - Is bet365 legal in Ontario?

bet365 is now a legal online & mobile sports betting operator in Ontario.  If you are completely new to sports betting in Ontario, and are somehow unfamiliar with the brand, let us fill you in: bet365 is essentially the biggest online betting & gaming brand in the world. If you only watch North American sports, you can be forgiven for thinking that various US brands are 'bigger' - but you'd be mistaken.

bet365 has been around since 2000, serving most of the world, dominating the UK & many other regulated markets like Italy, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Mexico, the Netherlands & Germany. They have over 90 million customers worldwide, many of which were in Canada & Ontario before the new legal market opened, as served from their gaming jurisdiction in Gibraltar. Once the AGCO opened its fully legal market, existing Ontario bet365 players were shifted to one of the best legal Ontario betting sites at which you could hope to play.


bet365 has the best betting platform in the world. Our top iGaming Ontario recommendation.

bet365 Ontario sports betting experience

Here, we get started with our Ontario bet365 review in earnest.  As the most innovative sports betting company on the planet, bet365 literally invented or popularised many of the concepts and features that will be available at many legal Ontario online sportsbooks.  This means that at bet365, you get the absolute best-in-class versions of all of these aspects of their product on all platforms & devices. Below, we touch on all the key aspects of their Ontario service, including: mobile bettingsport & league coverageVIP & high stakes approach, payment methods & withdrawal times, available languages, betting features (early cash out & same game parlay), betting experience via computer, their esports coverage, the bet365 approach to odds value and important for many, their online & live dealer casino. Click or tap to navigate directly to your topic of interest.


Does bet365 still serve the rest of Canada?

Indeed they do. If you are outside Ontario, see our bet365 Canada review that applies to their sportsbook offering for the rest of the country, excluding Ontario, from their Gibraltar-based site.  If you are particularly interested in casino play, you may also read about the bet365 Canada online casino (which is available from the same account as their sports betting).  The reason for this Ontario and "rest of Canada" split is that the iGaming Ontario version of bet365 is only available to those physically present in Ontario. This is the same for all iGO sites.


Stream NFL regular season games with a funded bet365 account

Want to watch and bet on the NFL?  Now you can with bet365 on your desktop, iPhone, Ipad or Android device. All you need is a funded bet365 account and have placed a bet within the last 24 hours.  Plus, they stream way more than the NFL throughout the year, like Spain's La Liga, tennis & so much more.  See what's up at bet365.


bet365 Ontario mobile betting

Many years ago, the current CEO of bet365 knew that sports betting was trending toward becoming a mobile-first product. While desktop/laptop sites were still important, she made sure that bet365's mobile offerings were as technically lean as possible, so they could be quick, even when we were all on 3G networks.  Now on 4G & 5G networks, bet365 players get the benefit of all that planning, and now enjoy the quickest, most responsive & most intuitive sports betting experience no matter the mobile device.  There are some great mobile betting experiences in the Ontario market, but none are better than bet365, period. 

Furthermore, bet365 provides both a mobile website & a mobile app. This optionality is also key, as many newcomer brands to the Ontario market force you to download their app if you want to play from a mobile device. This is not great if you are one of the many people that have data privacy concerns over the use of any app, let alone sports betting apps. bet365 gives you the option of a best-in-class mobile site (which is more private), or a best-in-class sports betting app. (Access either method from the same account.)

Need to search for an event from your mobile with bet365? Simply swipe the bet365 logo to the right to open a search window to enter your search terms. 


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Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Visit ConnexOntario.ca for help. Eligible iGames conducted & managed by iGO are only available to those physically present in Ontario.

       bet365 Ontario odds formats
The default odds format at bet365 Ontario is 'American', but 'Decimal' (like Proline) & 'Fractional' are also available by changing the settings at the bottom of any page. Note that several new US brands do not offer this option, forcing use of just one format.

bet365 Ontario casino gaming: RNG + live dealer

As perhaps the most popular gaming brand in the world, it should be no surprise that bet365 offers one of the top legal Ontario online casinos.  With excellent options across the board, find RNG online casino games and live casino games that involve real-life dealers and croupiers that oversee your games. No matter if your game is blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, or a more obscure game, all will be accessible from your one bet365 Ontario account. bet365 has the most transparent online casino we have ever reviewed, as each and every casino game tile has an "i" icon that shows you the given game's RTP value. This is a percentage value which represents the monies Returned To Player as found via game testing results over millions of plays.  Interested to learn even more about bet365's amazing Ontario casino experience? Find a more detailed review in our super-refined list of Ontario's best fully legal Interac online casinos. As part of their Ontario casino offering, bet365 has an array of unique slots games from Blueprint, not found anywhere else.


           Or see bet365 live dealer

bet365 Ontario sport & league coverage: unmatched

Canada and Ontario are just about as diverse as you can get from a demographic perspective in terms of national heritage.  Obviously the 'big four' leagues would be classed as the most popular for fan following and betting interest.  It should go without saying that bet365 covers the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB with a huge number of betting markets (ways to bet), which includes unsurpassed levels of live or in-play betting markets.

While many of the newcomer brands to Ontario also focus on these main leagues for Canada, the 'international' coverage is where bet365 also gets to shine, since it serves tens of millions of customers around the world. This means that if you're an MMA fan, a cricket fan, an F1 racing fan, a rugby fan, a golf fan or a soccer fan, bet365 will have your events properly covered in terms of pre-event markets and live action in-play betting.

Other sportsbook "review sites" will tell you that the newcomer US brands "cover" all these international sports. While they may "cover" them, they will do so with higher-than-average odds margins or 'sportsbook hold' (which means lower odds for you).  Newcomer brands also tend to offer a very limited selection of betting markets for both pre-match and live betting, often offering only the very basic ways to bet on the event.  How much do you think a US sportsbook brand will be asked to offer Indian Premier League T20 cricket betting for instance? Good luck getting solid coverage from a US betting site that has been repackaged for Ontario. Alternatively, we would ask you to name all the biggest countries for cricket in the world?  Then guess which betting company is biggest in those countries? Yep, it's bet365.

Put very simply, it doesn't matter what your sport or esport of interest might be. If iGaming Ontario and the AGCO allow it, bet365 likely covers it as well or better than every other betting site you could name, including other sports not mentioned above like tennis, lacrosse and NASCAR. Notably, since bet365 serves so many international markets, they also offer incredible betting coverage of boxing, Australian Rules, darts, cycling, snooker, table tennis, badminton, handball and more.



Is bet365 Ontario a good option for high stakes VIP players?

As we discussed on our overall iGaming Ontario betting sites page, bet365 Ontario is probably the top sportsbook and online & live dealer casino option for VIPs in Ontario. Of course you get their top-tier gaming platform, but as a wealthy VIP, your needs are different than most.  You'll want to be able to make larger deposits & withdrawals.  Not all operators have the banking methods that lend toward large transactions, but bet365 has plenty of banking options, and the limits for each lean toward the highest available as allowed by those methods.  Payments via cards top out at $50,000, Instadebit at $20,000, Interac or Apple Pay at $10,000. 

Beyond banking, VIPs also need to be concerned with win limits. Most Ontario operators have win limits that are much, much lower than bet365, which are the highest we've seen in Ontario. So if you might bet big, be sure your bookie will actually pay you. If you create a parlay that has a potential payout that is higher than the sportsbook's win limit, they won't tell you before you bet - they will only enforce the limit after a win. They want to take your action, so they won't highlight the limit beforehand. 

In the end, you don't want to place a bet that will inevitably be limited after the fact by the betting site's terms & conditions. bet365 Ontario has the largest win limits we have reviewed. For the main betting markets within the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and ATP etc, the daily win limit is $1 million.  For top soccer, it's $4 million. Most other operators have limits of just $100k to $250k for North American leagues, or even lower. If you might test the win limits, know them. Don't get limited.  Learn more about Ontario VIP & high stakes betting.



bet365 Ontario payment methods

bet365 Ontario payment methods include Interac e-transfers, Visa & Mastercard debit & credit, Apple Pay, Instadebit, paysafecard, bank transfers and now PayPal. Deposits made via most of these methods will land in your bet365 account essentially instantly.


Does bet365 Ontario accept PayPal?

Yes!  As of August 31, 2023, bet365 Ontario supports PayPal deposits between $40 and $12,500. bet365's PayPal withdrawals are available from $20 up to $12,500.


How fast does bet365 Ontario process withdrawals?

Our preferred payment method is Interac e-transfers. With bet365, we had our first withdrawal back in our bank account in less than two hours, which is super quick. We can't speak to the other withdrawal methods from experience, but they are likely also very quick.


What languages are available at bet365 Ontario?

Like Ontario itself, bet365 Ontario is extremely multi-lingual.  English is obvious. bet365 has recently added French as an option, which they never used to offer. This underscores their push into Canada in general. Beyond these however, bet365 also supports play in Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. If you prefer to operate in a language other than English, bet365 has your back. No wonder bet365 is the world's favourite sportsbook - they speak to just about everyone in their preferred language.


bet365 Ontario early cash out & Same Game Parlay features

bet365 has one of the most robust early cash out features of its kind in the industry. Take an early profit or protect stake money by accepting an early cash out offer before your event has reached its conclusion. If you watch the games upon which you bet, this tool gives you the ultimate control of your stake money as conditions change.  bet365's feature is available on more events and more types of bets than any other betting site. They also let you take a partial cash out, allowing you to leave part of your stake to ride on the original bet. Or, even set auto-cash out rules.  Again, an aspect of their offering which is unsurpassed.

We love the bet365 cash out feature in particular, because oftentimes in advance of your event starting, the full stake value of your bet may be available for cash out - not a fraction of it, all of it. This is great in case you found another bet of interest, but your balance is getting low and you want to switch things up, or you've just changed your mind on a particular bet.

The bet365 "Same Game Parlay" (known as Bet Builder in other markets) allows you to create your ultimate parlay bet that relates to a single event.  Most betting sites exclude certain related betting markets from being selected together for a parlay when they are part of the same event.  bet365's Same Game Parlay gives you the control to create your bet, your way, within NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB games, or for matches within top soccer competitions.  When some other providers have a 'Bet Builder' tool, it often only works for soccer.  So if you want to build a Same Game Parlay for NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB just about any way you like, bet365 is unrivaled.



bet365 Ontario site layout - computer

bet365 knows Canadian sports betting preferences. While they cover all sports in unsurpassed fashion, they know what Canadians and Ontarians love best. When the NFL is on, 'Football' is at the top of their navigation. The rest of the 'big four' leagues are all right there with it. bet365 is licensed to use both NFL and NBA logos, so you will see these directly on site, which is now a nice touch. Access to all leagues and available futures betting markets or 'outrights' is plain to see. Need to search for an event?  See the 'magnifying glass' icon near the top right of your monitor display. Want to change the odds display format or even the language, simply scroll to the bottom of any page to find and change these settings.  Have a favourite sport?  Simply click the associated 'star' in the left-hand sport navigation to pin it to the top of the list for added convenience.  


How to use the bet365 Authenticator App for computer users

A new addition that bet365 added in early 2023 is the use of their bet365 authenticator app for use by desktop / laptop players in Ontario.  Given that the AGCO requires that players truly be located in Ontario when they play on iGaming Ontario brands, bet365 introduced this app to ensure players are really located in Ontario. Since the app is on your mobile, the location can be triangulated more precisely than an IP address of a computer.  The authenticator is simple to use.  Simply download from your app store and either login to your bet365 account on the app itself, or use it to scan the QR code on your computer screen as prompted by the bet365 site. Then you're all set to bet from your computer.


bet365 Ontario Esports coverage

If you've read the rest of our review, perhaps you won't be surprised to hear that bet365 has unsurpassed esports betting coverage. No matter your favourite esport, they cover it: CS:GO, DOTA2, KOG, LOL, Rocket League, SCII and many, many others. Find live and pre-match betting markets and odds margins that far exceed 'esports specialist' betting sites for Ontario. bet365 has the technology, the infrastructure and the scale to offer unsurpassed esports coverage. Esports fans in Ontario will not be disappointed.  Furthermore, bet365 has esports coverage that far surpasses all of the US brands that entered Canada for the first time with their Ontario operations.  Some of these US entrants don't even cover esports, so don't even bother looking at names like BetMGM or FanDuel. 



bet365 Ontario odds & margins

For the 'big four' sports, find odds margins in the 5% region, meaning that when the odds are the same on both sides of a 2-way betting market like a handicap or point spread, you will see odds of 1.90/1.90 or -110/-110. These margins on the 'big four' are competitive, but not aggressively so.  Given the way that odds can move on any given event, oftentimes, the odds on the outcome for your bet of interest will often be much higher, closer to 2.00 or +100. 

These competitive margins also apply on other events that are seen as 'big' around the world. Unlike some US newcomer brands to Ontario, bet365 is huge in Australia, India, the UK & Europe. This huge customer base allows bet365 to offer more competitive odds margins on a wider breadth of sports, those that are most popular in other parts of the world. This is because bet365's entire customer base is playing in large volumes on so many events, not just the 'big four' North American sports.  So if you enjoy betting outside the so-called 'big four', bet365 should be on your radar.


bet365 Ontario bottom line: unsurpassed betting & gaming

bet365 really is the world's favourite gaming brand, with over 90 million players.  With bet365 Ontario, you truly get an exceptional gaming platform in essentially every respect, no matter what you want to play, no matter your favourite sports. With the best same game parlay and early cash out features we've ever seen, plus access to thousands of live streamed events, Ontario sports bettors should be ecstatic that bet365 is now serving Ontario in a fully legal and official capacity as part of iGaming Ontario.