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theScore Bet Ontario Review

'theScore Bet' app is coming to the legal Ontario iGaming market in early 2022, once the market officially opens in April.  It gained its license from the AGCO on February 4, 2022. Once a purely Canadian company, in 2021, theScore was acquired by Penn National Gaming.  

Once launched, 'theScore Bet' will likely only operate as a mobile app, not as a betting site - even for use from a computer. We understand why this will likely be the case. They have a huge user base for their main sports app 'theScore', and they will be able to leverage their users' data to offer each player a bespoke sports betting experience on their betting app. 

Given this, there will probably be no betting experience in Ontario that will be more personalized to the user than 'theScore Bet'. For example, based on a player's particular sport and team preferences as found on the main 'theScore' app, we could see personalized odds boost offers on 'theScore Bet' app, which could be very compelling for the user.

For example, if a user reads about the Toronto Maple Leafs a lot, perhaps they will be shown an 'odds boost' offer on a pre-set Leafs parlay bet, or boosted odds on a bet for them to win the Stanley Cup. Offers such as these may do well to attract new customers to their app's NHL betting component. The possibilities in this regard are seemingly limitless given the user data 'theScore' has on each user.

From where we sit, this is both good and bad. 

The good is the above.  However, the reality is that mobile apps have been shown to have data privacy issues.  While 'theScore Bet' will have a huge amount of user data that it can leverage for a personalized experience on its app, they likely will not be offering users the ability to play through the more private solution of a betting site as accessed via an Internet browser, from any device.

We at SNBET do not recommend operators that only offer Ontario betting apps for mobile play, so we likely won't be able to recommend 'theScore Bet', unless they make an addition that we do not anticipate.  'theScore Bet' is not alone in only offering an app for their mobile sportsbook, as DraftKings Ontario, FanDuel Ontario and PointsBet Canada will all likely do the same.  Given this, we won't be able to recommend these Ontario sportsbook operators either. We want users that have privacy concerns to be able to choose to play more securely, via an Internet browser if they wish. Options. We like operators that provide options.

However, we understand that our desire to see consumer options in this regard is not a desire that is shared by all. We know that many potential players in Ontario simply don't think that they need to be concerned about their mobile data being harvested and/or sold, especially if it might lead to a heavily personalized or convenient experience. So when 'theScore Bet' launches in Ontario, while we likely won't be able to recommend it given our self-imposed review criteria, we will proceed with a full review of their app's interface, odds values, betting market coverage, esports coverage and more, to see how these aspects of their Ontario sports betting app stack up to the competition.