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Best Betting Sites in Canada in 2024

With no local online gaming regulations outside Ontario, Canadians outside that province remain some of the most sought-after online sports betting customers in the world. That's why there's an array of "international" betting brands vying for your attention within various sporting broadcasts & across sportsbook review sites. The vast majority are brands that should be avoided due to poor platforms, lack of CAD accounts, or the fact they may be out-and-out scammers. Then there are the highly visible US & Ontario brands that won't serve Canada's "grey market". Feeling frustrated or confused? SNBET.ca only lists betting sites for the rest of Canada from premier operators that are also licensed in the Ontario market (or have been), offer top sportsbook platforms, CAD accounts and payment methods like Interac.


#1 Betting Site in Canada: bet365

bet365 has over 90 million customers around the world and is by far, the "grey market" betting site that has the most players in Canada - bar none. With their own bespoke tech stack since before 3G mobile networks were a thing, bet365 has the quickest, most intuitive betting platform on all devices, which works more smoothly than anything we've reviewed. Bet acceptance is instantaneous and they have the best versions of all the features that many bettors want to have. 

bet365's in-play betting is unrivaled. Their early cashout feature is more customizable and is available on more bets than any other brand. Their Same Game Parlay works on all the leagues that Canadians love the most, not just soccer matches, as is the case at several sportsbooks. With their scale, being a top provider in markets around the world, bet365 has amazing coverage of essentially every sport that matters around the globe. This extends to Canada, as bet365 even covers curling events, the NLL and the PWHL. Read our bet365 Canada review for more.


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#2 Betting Site in Canada: Betway

Betway is one of the most visible sports betting brands within the Canadian sports landscape, as their brand has been prominent within both NHL and NBA venues for many years. If you watch the EPL, they are even more prominent, as official betting partner of Arsenal, as well as long-time kit sponsor for West Ham United. A solid sportsbook platform across sports, if you are particularly into top soccer, Betway is a superior option.

Beyond this, Betway offers customers across Canada an incredible online and live dealer casino experience to go along with their top-tier sportsbook. How? You may not know it, but as part of NYSE-listed "Super Group", their sibling brands include Jackpot City and Spin Casino, which are the biggest casino-only gaming brands in Canada and Ontario markets. So if you want essentially the same array slots, casino & live dealer games to go with your sportsbook, Betway is about as good as it gets. Read our Betway Canada review for more.


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#3 Canadian Betting Site: Sports Interaction

You might notice that we actually call Sports Interaction a "Canadian Betting Site." SIA was born in Canada before being acquired by global online betting giant, Entain. While they are now owned by Entain and licensed in Ontario, for the rest of Canada, SIA remains regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, based on sovereign Mohawk Territory just outside Montreal. Perhaps oddly, Sports Interaction is an "offshore" sportsbook that is actually within Canada, that can serve its "grey market". If this sounds like a story and structure you can get behind, the good news is that Entain has a nice sportsbook platform.

Note that they now only offer Decimal odds format on site, not American odds. So if you are dyed-in-the-wool -110/-110 on your NFL Sunday afternoon sides, you won't get it at SIA in the way that you used to on their old platform. On the positive side, you do get broader sports and league coverage than before, and their Same Game Parlays are available across all the top leagues, not just soccer. Beyond that, the Sports Interaction slots, casino and live dealer experience has been enhanced to offer a wider array of games and options. Read our Sports Interaction Canada review.


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#4 Betting Site in Canada: Unibet

Widely visible within European soccer advertisements and sponsorship deals, Unibet was one of the first licensed Ontario betting sites. Prior to that market's launch, they already had customers from their time in Canada's "grey market". However, in 2023, their parent company was undergoing changes as new board members looked to engineer a sale. As part of that strategic review, the decision was made to leave all regulated North American markets, so they left the legal Ontario market and all US states in early 2024. 

However, the rest of Canada, except Quebec, may still play on Unibet's international site, based in Malta. On the tremendous Kambi sportsbook platform, which still serves Ontario and US brands, Unibet provides just about all the sports coverage and betting features that Canadian bettors would want to see. A very good option for most Canadian bettors. Read our Unibet Canada review for more.


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#5 Betting Site in Canada: Betsafe

Betsafe is the Canada-focused brand from Swedish online gaming operator, Betsson AB.  It is licensed for play within the Ontario market, but also open to the rest of Canada from their international gaming jurisdiction. With a new and super-slick sportsbook platform, players across the country get one of the best gaming options you could select, which includes an excellent online & live dealer casino platform. This is not always a given.

On the sports betting side, Betsafe provides some really competitive odds on the events that Canadians love the most. Their platform also comes fully-featured with Same Game Parlays and early cashout features that are available across sports, not just soccer. Their dedicated version for Canada ensures all the events and terminologies that are most applicable in Canada are those used on site. Read our Betsafe Canada review for more.


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#6 Betting Site in Canada: Betsson

Related to Betsafe just above, Betsson, as the name would suggest, is the main gaming brand from Betsson AB. The Betsson brand is used in markets across Europe and Latin America, where soccer is king. That's where Betsson AB has invested the largest chunk of their marketing spend of late, including to become the shirt sponsor for Boca Juniors in Argentina, and a new deal announced to become the shirt sponsor for Italian giants, Inter Milan from 2024/25.

From a Canadian player perspective, you get the same essential platform as with Betsafe above, with all the same odds, features and CAD payment methods. The differences comes in that more internationally popular events are pushed to the home page, international rather than "Canadian" sporting terms are used and the colour-scheme is orange, rather than black and red. Note that if you visit Betsson, since they do not have a Canada-focused version like with Betsafe, their new player offers are displayed in Euros, but CAD accounts and offers are available. Read our Betsson Canada review for more.


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#7 Sports Betting Site in Canada: ComeOn!

ComeOn! has been serving Canada's "grey market" for online gambling for a long time. Licensed in Ontario with their online and live dealer casino offering, but not their sportsbook, this allows ComeOn! to remain unique in some of their sports betting coverage. In not offering sports betting in Ontario, they have been able to maintain their coverage of OHL, WHL and QMJHL events on their wider platform. Betting on the CHL has been removed by all brands that have entered the legal Ontario market with their sportsbooks. So if you are looking for an online sportsbook with solid overall sports coverage, plus CHL betting, ComeOn! is your most reputable option. Read our ComeOn! Canada review for more.


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#8 Sports Betting Site in Canada: BetVictor

BetVictor is a solid sports betting option for many in Canada. Their platform is particularly suited to soccer fans, where their Bet Builder can be put to use for fans of Same Game Parlays. They're from the UK after all, and it's where the vast majority of their marketing spend has taken place. While it's obvious that we have other brands rated above BetVictor here, if you are a player that enjoys scanning the market for good value with lots of potentially interesting betting markets, BetVictor provides an important array of them across sports. Not every betting site offers every kind of market and we have always found that BetVictor has top-tier offerings in this respect. So if you are looking to round out your stable of sportsbooks, BetVictor could be an important option for you. Read our BetVictor Canada review for more.


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Canadian Dollar betting accounts are not a given

As you look for a new online sportsbook from Canada, don't assume that your new provider will offer Canadian Dollar accounts. Many betting sites, especially those that illegally serve US states which have yet to locally regulate, will also serve players in Canada. Some of these brands can be found advertised during boxing events or even esports events. You might also find them on other "sportsbook review" sites. If you look to play at these sportsbooks, your account will actually be in USD, not CAD. This means that you'll pay a significant currency exchange premium to buy USD for your deposit. Then when you withdraw funds, you'll lose the value of your USD at a similar premium as you convert back to CAD. Be vigilant. There is no need to pay big FX fees to play in a currency other than CAD from Canada.


CAD payment methods like Interac & debit are key

Hand-in-hand with ensuring your betting provider offers CAD accounts, is the need for solid CAD payment options. Interac has become one of the most important, most widely offered methods for this. There are several ways that you can make your Interac deposit, whether through an e-transfer, through their online utility, or through an Interac "payment request" as sent to you by your betting site of choice.

If you don't use Interac, it is best to use other debit or bank transfer methods in order to save on fees. In particular, avoid the use of credit cards at any gambling site from Canada. Credit card deposits to gambling sites in Canada are seen as "cash advances" by your card company, and this comes with huge interest rate charges from the moment of the transaction, even if you always pay off your monthly balance. We outline all the key Canadian sportsbook payment method questions for your convenience.


Which betting sites in Canada have the best Same Game Parlays or SGPs?

Same Game Parlays or SGPs have become all the rage within the last few years. Like the name implies, SGPs allow for bettors to build a parlay or combination wager that is made up of outcomes relating to the same sporting event. This feature requires more advanced technology, since many of the markets upon which you might wager in the same event are correlated, meaning a higher risk for the bookie. Even a few years ago, if you tried to combine prop bets with match results, handicaps or totals from the same game, your bet slip would say that the parlay bet was not allowed.

Now, Same Game Parlay features do the work behind the scenes to calculate the odds your betting site can offer given the advanced risk correlations for your custom-built SGP. As you can imagine, there is a lot going on that you cannot see, but from the perspective of the bettors, what you need to understand is that brand to brand, Same Game Parlays are different. The biggest difference is the availability of SGPs by sport. Oftentimes, customizable Same Game Parlays are only available on top soccer or basketball events. 

This is less than ideal for Canadian sports bettors usually also want the ability to build SGPs for NFL, NHL and MLB games. So if Same Game Parlays are important to you, and you want full coverage for your SGPs, in order, the best can be found at bet365, Betsafe, Betsson, Sports Interaction and Unibet. While SGPs are available at our other recommended brands, they do not fully cover these other key leagues. Or if they do, their version of this relatively new feature is just not at the level of the brands we just named.


Betting sites for Canada with best Same Game Parlays or SGPs

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Canadian betting site bonus offers

If you're a new customer and have not previously signed up with any of these brands, when you click or tap to visit, you will be shown the available new player incentive offer. Due to some internal brand rules, we can't always show you the details of these offers, but the offers are there if you visit. Whether it's a "bet credit" or a "deposit bonus" or a "free bet", there are always terms and conditions that will govern your offer.  To the degree we can share them, we compare an discuss the matter for our recommended brands on our Canadian betting site bonuses page.


Can Canadians outside Ontario play on legal Ontario sportsbooks?

No. Only people that are physically located in Ontario can play on legal Ontario betting sites. It might seem odd, but several of the exact same brands serve both the legal Ontario market, as well as the "rest of Canada" market as served from their "offshore" jurisdictions. From brands that currently serve both markets, those that we recommend include bet365, Betway, Betsafe, ComeOn! and BetVictor. Betsson itself as a brand is not live in Ontario, but Betsafe is a sibling brand from the same company. Unibet used to be live in Ontario, but they have left all their regulated North American markets. Brands like FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM and theScore Bet are not available outside Ontario.


CHL, NLL, PWHL & curling event betting coverage

All our recomended betting sites for Canada cover the most popular sports, including the CFL. However, coverage of the CHL leagues, NLL and curling events are not covered by most brands for one reason or another. Below, we highlight where you can find coverage of these key events for many Canadian sports fans. If you're interested in PWHL betting, we have a page dedicated to betting on women's sports from Canada.


Which sportsbooks for Canada offer CHL betting (OHL, WHL & QMJHL) ?

Due to the age of the players involved and some of the rules in the Ontario gaming regime, brands that have a foot in both Ontario and the "rest of Canada" markets have removed OHL, WHL and QMJHL betting from their platforms. Thus, there is only one reputable betting site that we recommend which also has CHL betting, it's ComeOn!.  Although they are licensed in Ontario, they only offer their casino platform there, so they did not need to remove these CHL events from their wider platform. So if you're looking for a solid betting brand with OHL, WHL or QMJHL coverage, you have one good option.


Which betting sites for Canada cover NLL lacrosse?

Again, not all betting brands cover the NLL, as lacrosse is seen as too much of niche sport by many international operators.  However, several of our providers focus specifically on Canada and US markets where lacrosse has its main audience. So while NLL and lacrosse remains perhaps a niche sport and league, it remains a must-offer for several operators. The betting sites for Canadians, outside Ontario, with the best NLL lacrosse coverage are bet365, Betsafe, Betsson, Sports Interaction and Unibet.


Which betting sites for Canada cover curling events?

Curling event betting coverage is indeed rare, given so few parts of the world care about this winter sport. However, since bet365 and Sports Interaction are so focused on the Canadian market, we can happily report that they both cover curling. bet365 even featured curling in their latest international ad campaign, so you know they offer it.


Which betting sites for Canada offer the best coverage of internationally popular sports?

Your average sports fan in Canada has certain sporting tastes, usually with a focus on the so-called "big 4" sports across the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA. Then, soccer, tennis, golf, combat sports and motor sports have their place with a large section of sports fans and bettors. Internationally popular sports like, rugby, cricket and cycling are considered much more niche within Canada. Given this, it can be tougher to know where people in Canada can find good rugby, cricket or cycling betting. This is especially the case with cricket betting, since immigration flows into Canada are largely coming from regions of the world where cricket is king. If these particular sports are going to be an important part of your betting experience, bet365 will provide premier coverage compared to just about everyone else.


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