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Premier League Odds - EPL Betting in Canada & Ontario


EPL betting sites between Ontario & the rest of Canada

England has had regulated online betting for a long time. In 2021, Canada changed the laws to allow single-event sports betting, but the creation of regulated markets is down to the provinces. In 2022, Ontario caught up to the UK when they launched their regulated market for online betting for people located within that province.  For the rest of Canada, nothing has changed as no other province has matched Ontario in this regard. This means that people in AB, BC, MB, SK, QC and elsewhere must play at the legal brands as operated by lottery corporations, or at innumerable offshore betting sites.  Many of the latter however, are highly disreputable. 

If you are in Ontario, above our EPL match odds, we display the top legal Ontario Interac betting sites. If you are outside Ontario, above the odds, we display the top "offshore" Interac betting sites for the rest of Canada.  All the brands that we recommend for "rest of Canada" are now licensed in Ontario, but you will play at their "offshore" betting platforms.

About our EPL Odds: Match odds above, futures on another page

Above, our odds feed displays the highest odds for 1X2 match results for upcoming English Premier League matches. SNBET also provides Premier League futures odds in case you are interested in knowing the potential return for a bet on the next EPL Champion. The odds that you see above for Premier League matches are the best of those that have been aggregated from several betting providers that operate in both the Canadian "grey market", as well as those in the legal Ontario market. As a result, our displayed odds as a whole, will look a lot better than those at any single betting provider.  How so? 

Most of the top sportsbooks for Canada and Ontario operate with a "sportsbook hold" or "odds margin" that sits anywhere from 4% to over 8% on top soccer leagues. This means that based on the odds set at any one sportsbook for the EPL, the given operator will keep 4% to over 8% of all monies bet on any single 1X2 betting market. 

However, when we calculate the implied odds margin or sportsbook hold associated with the aggregated best odds displayed above, we often find margins at 2% or 3%. Sometimes, we actually find negative odds margins. This means that you could actually be guaranteed a small profit if you placed your bets appropriately with the highest paying providers for each of the three 1X2 results. This is sometimes known as a "sure bet", where no matter the result of the match, you the bettor are guaranteed to profit.

If you just want to get an EPL bet down, you'll only require a single online sportsbook account. However, if you want to get the best price on your soccer bets in order to maximize your potential returns, you'll want to have accounts at several betting operators, and spend a little time on Premier League odds comparison.


1X2 Betting in English Premier League (EPL): Explained

1X2 betting is a widely popular betting market in the English Premier League (EPL), offering you the opportunity to predict the outcome of matches between teams competing in one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world.

When you participate in 1X2 betting in the EPL, you have three distinct options to choose from for each match:

  • "1" (Home Team Win): If you place a bet on the "1," you're predicting that the home team will secure a victory within the designated regular time (90 minutes plus injury time).
  • "X" (Draw): If you bet on the "X," you're anticipating that the match will conclude in a draw at the end of regular time.
  • "2" (Away Team Win): If you wager on the "2," you're indicating that the away team will emerge triumphant within the regular time.

The odds for each outcome are determined by bookmakers and can be presented in decimal, fractional, or American formats, depending on your preference and the bookmaker's practices. The odds reflect the perceived likelihood of each outcome based on factors such as team form, past performances, home-field advantage, and other relevant considerations.


About the Premier League

The Premier League, founded in 1992, is England's top-tier professional football league and one of the most prestigious leagues in the world. With its rich history and passionate fan culture, the Premier League has become a global phenomenon, attracting the best players and coaches from around the globe. The league is home to iconic clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea, each with their own storied traditions and fiercely loyal supporters. Known for its fast-paced and highly competitive style of play, the Premier League consistently delivers thrilling matches and intense rivalries. With its world-class stadiums, iconic moments, and global reach, the Premier League captures the hearts of millions of football fans, making it perhaps the most popular and captivating soccer league in the world.


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