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2026 FIFA World Cup Odds - Futures in Canada & Ontario


FIFA World Cup futures betting: Ontario vs the rest of Canada

With Canada qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, soccer popularity in the country has never been hotter. While single-event betting became legal in 2021, by 2022, only the province of Ontario moved to regulate a market of online betting providers within its borders. For all other provinces, the only legal online betting options remained with the various lottery-owned brands across the country. However, the very large "grey market" remains very much an option for all players outside Ontario, and unfortunately, many operators are risky in many respects.

We can help. If you are located in Ontario, above our FIFA World Cup futures odds, we display our top-ranked legal Ontario sportsbooks. If you are outside Ontario, above the odds, we display our top-ranked "grey market" betting sites for Canada. All the brands that we recommend for the "rest of Canada" are licensed in Ontario, or were, just understand that you will play on their "offshore" sites.

About our FIFA World Cup odds

Above, we display some of the highest odds for the next national team to lift the World Cup trophy as the outright winners, from sportsbooks that serve Canada's "grey market" and the legal Ontario market. Our odds provider aggregates odds from these sportsbooks then pushes to display only the highest odds for each team to win outright.

As a result, our presentation of World Cup soccer futures odds surpasses that of any lone betting provider. If your objective is simply to place a bet on the outright winner of the next FIFA World Cup, be it on Brazil, France, England, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Canada, or another nation, having a single betting account will be all you need. However, if you aim to secure the best possible odds and maximize your potential winnings, you may want to consider having accounts with several operators and dedicating some time to compare World Cup odds. In addition to futures betting, we also show you the top International soccer odds for matches in the World Cup and all other major international soccer events on the calendar.


FIFA World Cup Odds: Outright Winner Futures Betting Explained

The FIFA World Cup is the pinnacle of international football, bringing together teams from around the globe to compete for the prestigious title. As a football enthusiast or bettor, you have the opportunity to engage in outright winner futures betting, a popular betting market that allows you to predict the team that will emerge as the champion of the FIFA World Cup.

Outright winner betting, also known as futures betting, is a long-term bet where you place a wager on the team you believe will win the FIFA World Cup. This bet is typically made well in advance of the tournament, allowing you to take advantage of favorable odds before the event begins or during the early stages.

When participating in FIFA World Cup outright winner betting, you will come across a list of national teams, each accompanied by their respective odds. These odds reflect the likelihood or perceived chances of each team winning the coveted World Cup trophy. Teams with a strong history in the tournament, talented players, and consistent performances in international competitions will generally have lower odds, while underdog teams will have higher odds.

For example, let's consider Team A listed with odds of 8.00 to win the FIFA World Cup. If you place a $100 bet on Team A and they go on to win the tournament, you would receive a payout of $800, which includes your initial stake and the winnings. If you prefer American format, see our odds provider's website, where you can switch between the three main odds formats.

It's important to note that outright winner odds can change as the tournament progresses. Factors such as team form, player injuries, tactical strategies, and performance in the group stages and knockout rounds can influence the odds. Bookmakers continuously adjust the odds based on these factors and the betting market demand.

When analyzing FIFA World Cup outright winner betting, conducting thorough research and analysis is crucial. Consider factors such as teams' recent form, previous World Cup performances, key players, tactical strengths, and weaknesses. Understanding the teams' styles of play, their ability to perform under pressure, and any historical rivalries can help you make informed betting decisions.

To enhance your experience in FIFA World Cup outright winner betting, it's advisable to compare the odds offered by different betting sites. This allows you to identify the best value and potentially maximize your returns. Choose reputable and trusted betting platforms that provide a secure betting environment while offering competitive odds for FIFA World Cup outright winner betting.

Participating in FIFA World Cup outright winner betting adds an extra level of excitement and anticipation to the tournament. Whether you support a specific team, follow their journey closely, or analyze the overall field's dynamics, it's important to bet responsibly, set a budget, and understand the risks involved.

In summary, outright winner futures betting in the FIFA World Cup allows you to predict the team that will be crowned as the world champion. By understanding the odds, conducting thorough research, and staying updated with team performances and tournament developments, you can make informed betting decisions and potentially find value in the FIFA World Cup outright winner market.


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