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Safe Crypto & Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites for Canada 2024

Finding a reputable sports betting site from Canada is hard enough. There are so many scam operators to avoid. If you want one that offers direct betting in a cryptocurrency, it gets even harder. The anonymous nature of blockchain technology leaves players vulnerable to the worst of bad actors. Sadly, none of our top "grey market" Canadian Dollar sportsbooks work with crypto in this way. Who do we recommend for direct betting in units of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or USDT? It can only be 10Bet. If you actually just want to use your crypto for exchange toward CAD in an e-wallet that will work with top betting brands, you can read about our recommended sportsbooks that accept MuchBetter.


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Why is 10Bet our choice as the best, safest crypto sportsbook for players Canada? 

First, their longevity. Online since 2003, they were among the first brands to ever accept online sports wagers - period. You always want to play with brands that you know have been around for a long time, even when you just want a regular fiat currency sportsbook. When you want the added component of cryptocurrencies, trust and demonstrated longevity is even more crucial.

Second, 10Bet is a brand that has sought licenses in several locally regulated markets. They operate locally as regular (non-crypto) online bookmakers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden. If you can satisfy the local regulators in these countries as an operator, you've achieved something pretty difficult. None of the most known "crypto betting sites" in the world have achieved this. All the rest remain purely in the so-called "grey market", based in offshore, international online gaming jurisdictions. Other crypto betting brands don't seek local licenses.

Third, 10Bet.com's international site is regulated from the Isle of Man, not Curaçao. This means that 10Bet operates in a jurisdiction where the bar for regulatory oversight, compliance and the cost of license is far higher than most other popular crypto operators, that prefer the lax oversight and lower cost of the Curaçao jurisdiction.  What does this mean in real terms that you might appreciate? When you play at 10Bet, as regulated from the Isle of Man, your crypto funds are actually required to be segregated in your player account.  This may not be the case with crypto sports betting sites that operate from Curaçao.


What is 10Bet's history in Canada?

Prior to the legal changes to single-event betting in Canada in 2021, 10Bet served all of Canada from their "grey market" jurisdiction of Malta. They did so with Canadian Dollar accounts and payment methods, on a betting platform that became the backbone of the company that would become DraftKings Sportsbook. They also had a brand partnership deal with the biggest soccer club in Italy, in order to attract their international fans, including many in Canada. 

While 10Bet initially thought they might enter the market of legal Ontario sportsbooks, they quickly recognized that the market would become saturated (which it has). They wanted to use their brand in a more unique way, and crypto was the angle that they wanted to pursue, which was not yet going to be available in Ontario.  As a top tier operator in terms of regulatory compliance (we know how strict they are), they knew there was a gap in the market, given most crypto sportsbooks are not upper echelon operators in this way.

Thus, 10Bet closed their Malta operation, since their crypto angle would not be welcome there. As part of the process, they stopped serving the "rest of Canada" market, as they moved to start operations from the Isle of Man gaming jurisdiction, where their direct crypto betting operation was welcomed. So now, Canadians (outside Ontario) can return to play at 10Bet, not as the CAD sportsbook that it was, but as the premier crypto sports betting option.


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What account cryptocurrencies are supported at 10Bet?

Customers at 10Bet may have betting accounts based in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Tether (USDT). They also support traditional currency accounts in USD or EUR. Customers only get to have one of these however. 10Bet is not an exchange service or a kind of e-wallet. When you register, you select one of the above, and you will not be able to change your selection afterwards.


Do crypto sports betting sites allow you to stay anonymous, with no KYC or verification?

Not the reputable ones. The reputable ones, like 10Bet must still adhere to "Know Your Customer" or "KYC" protocols with regard to Anti-money laundering requirements. So even though you might like the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, expect that you will need to fully and transparently verify your account by providing identity documents, plus a utility or bank statement which has the same postal address as your ID. Note that you can get started playing before your account is fully verified, but it will need to be verified before you will be able to withdraw any value of crypto out of your 10Bet account. 

Scam sites don't bother with this, because they exist in lax jurisdictions, and in the end, they know they are going to make money from your natural losses, or when they inevitably work their scam and just keep your balance. If you end up with a big winning wager or win streak at a scammy crypto betting site that does not verify, do you really think you are actually going to get paid?  (*chuckles*) Chances are, they are based in Russia. When you are sending your hard earned capital, be it in crypto or Canadian Dollars, you want to know you are getting paid back if you want to withdraw funds.

If you are worried about staying anonymous, just don't even bother. You will either get scammed by a terrible operator, or you will get frustrated by a good operator that is following financial oversight regulations. Don't expect to get it both ways.  Looking for a "reputable sportsbook that does not verify identity" is a contradiction in terms. Reputable sportsbooks verify - period.


Are crypto betting sites idiot-proof with regard to deposits?

We don't mean to sound rude, but we do want to catch your attention, so you don't waste your crypto. The one thing with crypto is that if you don't know exactly what you're doing, you could make a mistake that sends your crypto to the wrong place, losing its value completely, forever, with no recourse. It is possible to send certain kinds of crypto to an address on the wrong network. When sending your crypto anywhere, check and double check that you are sending via the correct and specified network. (Tether for example may be sent over several networks. Make sure you are on the same page with 10Bet or your chosen crypto sportsbook when making deposits.)


What if you don't have a balance of crypto for your deposit, can you still play at 10Bet?

Yes. If your own amount of BTC, ETH, LTC or USDT is low, and you wish to buy a balance of crypto, you may do so from the 10Bet cashier area once you are signed in.  10Bet has partnered with MoonPay so that you may use your Visa or Mastercard to buy a balance in these crypto currencies.  Be aware of any credit card charges that can be associated with such purchases on your particular card. If you were using these cards to make a straight deposit at a traditional betting site from Canada, you would be paying "cash advance" interest and charges.

We can't say if this is the case with MoonPay, buy keep watch on your card statement for the potential associated fees that could come. It may be best to simply buy a balance of cryptocurrency from your preferred crypto exchange and then transfer them directly to your 10Bet account, rather than making a purchase of crypto at 10Bet with your credit card.


Does bet365 accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or other cryptocurrencies from players in Canada?

No. While bet365 does serve the "rest of Canada" market from their Gibraltar-based site, they do not offer a route to deposit or convert cryptocurrency, nor do they offer direct betting via crypto like BTC, ETH or others.


Does Betsafe support Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto accounts for Canadian customers?

No. Betsafe Canada does not offer direct betting accounts in any manner of cryptocurrency. Betsafe does however support the MuchBetter e-wallet app, which may accept and convert cryptocurrency deposits toward an amount of Canadian Dollars, which then may be transferred to your CAD Betsafe account.


Does Betway offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether or other crypto betting accounts from Canada?

No. Betway Canada does not offer direct betting via any cryptocurrency. Betway offers CAD accounts. However, Betway does support the MuchBetter e-wallet. The MuchBetter e-wallet app may accept crypto deposits toward an exchanged value of Canadian Dollars, which may be sent toward your Betway account.


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       Bet in BTC, ETH, LTC & USDT

Does Unibet offer Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto accounts from bettors in Canada?

No, while Unibet supports CAD accounts, they do not offer betting accounts in BTC, ETH, USDT or LTC.


Does BetVictor accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano or other crypto from Canadian players?

No. While BetVictor does serve Canada, they do not support crypto deposits in any form, from Canada or elsewhere. They also do not appear to support banking methods that might convert a value of crypto toward a CAD balance.


Does FanDuel accept Bitcoin or Ethereum deposits in Canada?

No. Firstly, FanDuel Sportsbook only serves the legal Ontario sports betting market, not the "rest of Canada" from the "grey market", as they do not operate an offshore website. Secondly, FanDuel Sportsbook only supports CAD accounts, with banking methods like Interac, PayPal, credit and debit cards.


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       Bet in BTC, ETH, LTC & USDT

Do we recommend Stake.com for crypto betting from Canada?

Started in 2017, Stake-dot-com has become a prominently known online betting brand though its major sporting sponsorship investments. It is purely a crypto sportsbook and casino. They do not offer fiat currency player accounts. Owned by a company in Australia, but operated from the lax jurisdiction of Curaçao, Stake suffered a major security breach in September of 2023.  As a result of the hacking incident, the company reportedly lost an amount of cryptocurrencies worth $41 million.  

Such an incident could probably happen to any company in the space (crypto gambling operators), but the reality is that it happened to Stake, though customer accounts reportedly remained intact and unharmed.  We have a full Stake.com review. We neither recommend, nor warn against Stake.com.  You could say we are essentially neutral on them, though you can play there from Canada, outside Ontario.

However, the reality is that we prefer sportsbook and casino brands that have demonstrated significant longevity and that operate from jurisdictions other than Curaçao. These are the main reasons we recommend 10Bet for those interested in a crypto sportsbook from Canada (outside Ontario), as they were established over 20 years ago and operate from the superior Isle of Man gaming jurisdiction.


Are crypto sports betting brands BC.GAME, CloudBet, DuelBits & Thunderpick recommended?

We only recommend 10Bet. They operate from a far superior gaming jurisdiction compared to essentially every other betting site that offers direct accounts in crypto. BC.Game, CloudBet, DuelBits and Thunderpick, as with most crypto sportsbooks, are operated from Curaçao.  While these relatively prominent or visible names in the crypto online gambling space are widely recommended by essentially all (terrible) crypto sportsbook review sites, the same issues seem to crop up when we research customer issues with these brands. 

They are the same as those that come with any relatively young online gambling company: issues over withdrawals, issues on ID verification, and issues with the site functionality itself, among others.  If you truly want to try these crypto betting brands, start small, and ensure you are willing to go through the full "KYC" or "Know Your Customer" process of uploading your identity documents. It may take more time than you expect it to with these brands.


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       Bet in BTC, ETH, LTC & USDT

What crypto betting brands are scams to avoid from Canada?

Honestly, there are too many to name.  Many brands aren't even operated from a known igaming jurisdiction - not even from Curaçao. Many of them boast about having no identify verification checks, like that should be seen as a positive trait.  Sorry, if you fall for that and actually send your crypto to anyone that promises THAT, maybe you deserve to have your crypto balances confiscated by a scammer.

You cannot expect to bet online anywhere in a legit way, and remain anonymous.  You just can't. If a brand is promising this, you will never see your funds again - period.  Here are just some of the crypto sportsbook brands that in our opinion, we would recommend that you avoid:

DitoBet, Mega Dice, Lucky Block, BetPanda, Wild.io, HeyBets, Vave, BetPlay, CryptoBetSports, MyStake, Mbit, BetFury, FairSpin, Crashino, Kineko, Wazamba, Celsius Casino, CoinPlay, BitcoinPlayCasino, CasinoBit, TrustDice, StarBets Casino, JackBit, SportBet.One, FortuneJack, 20Bets, 1xBIT among many, many others.