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Saudi Pro League Odds for Betting in Canada & Ontario


Saudi Pro League betting: Ontario vs the rest of Canada

The Saudi Pro League has recently shot to prominence. If you are looking for the top coverage of this growing league so that you can bet on the teams that now employ several superstars in the game, to help you, above our Saudi Pro League odds, we show you our top-rated legal Ontario sportsbooks, all of which have excellent soccer coverage in general.

However, if you are located outside Ontario, it can be much harder to find reputable operators that you can count on. If you are located outside Ontario, above the odds, we show you our top-ranked "grey market" betting sites that serve the rest of Canada. All the brands that we recommend for the "rest of Canada" are licensed in Ontario, which should help demonstrate their level of operational reputation. However, you should note that you will play on their "offshore" versions. Learn about each of these brands within our reviews of the top Canadian betting sites so you can feel comfortable as you get started. They all offer CAD accounts & payment methods.

About our Saudi Pro League odds

Peruse our odds feed to discover the highest available odds values for the next matches and the 1X2 match result market of the Saudi Pro League. Our odds come from a feed that compiles data from curated selection of online sportsbooks that operate within both the Canadian "grey market" as well as the fully legal and regulated Ontario market. With this odds aggregation, SNBET gives you a significant advantage compared to relying on the odds from a single sportsbook - as you can immediately see the highest odds value for your bet of interest in the market.

In Canada and Ontario, many betting sites operate with an "odds margin" or "sportsbook hold" that tends to range from 4% to over 8% for popular soccer leagues. This percentage indicates the amount of all total wagers that the bookmaker expects to retain on any given set of 1X2 betting markets for a given match.

However, our aggregated odds present a different picture. When we analyze the implied odds margin or sportsbook hold associated with the combined best odds as displayed above, we can often discover margins as low as 2% or 3%. In some cases, we may even find negative odds margins, which can create exciting opportunities for bettors. These opportunities, often referred to as "sure bets," can guarantee a profit for bettors, regardless of the match outcome, as long as the wager amounts are laid appropriately.

If you're looking to maximize your potential returns on the Saudi Pro League or any other, it may be worth considering having betting accounts with several operators. Engaging in Saudi Pro Leage odds comparison enables you to secure more favourable pricing and allows you to optimize your betting strategy.


1X2 Betting in the Saudi Pro League: Explained

1X2 betting is the most common wagering market within the Saudi Pro League, the top professional football league in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It allows you to predict the outcomes of matches between teams competing at the highest level of Saudi club football.

When you engage in 1X2 betting in the Pro League, you have three distinct options to choose from for each match:

  • "1" (Home Team Win): By selecting "1," you are expressing your belief that the home team will secure a victory within the designated regular time (90 minutes plus injury time).
  • "X" (Draw): If you opt for "X," you anticipate that the match will conclude in a draw at the end of regular time.
  • "2" (Away Team Win): By choosing "2," you are indicating your expectation that the away team will emerge triumphant within the regular time.

It's important to note that the odds for each outcome are determined by online sportsbooks. These odds are influenced by various factors, including team form, past performances, player strengths, injuries, and other pertinent information, including how the bookies must manage their own liabilities for the wagers they have accepted on the match. This is what can create variations in odds between different betting providers.

Online bookmakers look to strike a balance by setting odds that attract bets on all possible outcomes while ensuring they can cover potential payouts and maintain a profit margin. They consider market demand, expert analysis, market fluctuations, and competitor odds. Additionally, bookmakers manage their liabilities by adjusting the odds to reflect the probabilities and attract bets on less popular outcomes, thereby balancing their exposure.

As a bettor, if you are concerned with value of your potential return, it may be crucial to compare odds from different betting providers in order to find the best odds. Understanding that bookies manage their own liabilities empowers you to make informed decisions and take advantage of favourable odds when placing your bets on the Saudi Pro League.


About the Saudi Pro League: 2023 is the dawn of a new era

Sometimes mistakenly called the "Saudi Premier League", although the Saudi Pro League was founded in 1976, it has recently shot to wider, global prominence. In 2023, it can be argued that the first significant signal of intent was when the Saudi Pro League, completed the signing of global soccer icon, when Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Al-Nassr FC, for a reported overall annual salary near US$200 million.  This was just the start.

After the 2022/23 season ended and the summer transfer window opened, several Saudi Pro League clubs moved to sign numerous soccer stars, many of which are still in the prime of their careers.  Al-Hilal SFC signed Portuguese midfielder Ruben Neves from Wolverhamption of the Premier League. Saudi Pro League clubs also moved to sign two Chelsea FC players in Edouard Mendy and Kalidou Koulibaly.  Liverpool FC's legendary former midfielder, Steven Gerrard, signed to manage Al-Ettifaq FC. Al-Nassr also added Senegal's Sadio Mané from Bayern Munich.  Many more Premier League and top tier players are sure to follow.

The exodus is not limited to signings from England's top-flight division. Al-Hilal also signed Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic for a transfer fee in the region of €40 million from Italy's Serie A. These are not merely free agent signings. Given that the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) has taken control of four Pro League clubs, we can expect this level of player acquisition to continue well beyond 2023.

There is now a new soccer league for the giants of Europe to contend with.