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Stanley Cup Odds - NHL Futures Betting in Canada & Ontario


Stanley Cup betting between Ontario & the rest of Canada

Canada legalized single-event betting in June 2021. By April 2022, Ontario opened its market to licensed betting operators, but the rest of Canada is left to bet on the Stanley Cup at sites owned by various lottery corporations, or at "offshore" sites. The latter option leaves bettors outside Ontario open to a seemingly infinite list of dishonest online sportsbook operators.

If you are in Ontario, above, we display our top legal Ontario betting sites. If you are outside Ontario, above, we display the top "offshore" Canadian betting sites for the rest of the country. All the sportsbooks that we recommend for the rest of Canada are now& licensed in Ontario, but you would play on their "offshore", "grey market" platform.

If you're in Western Canada, we have write-ups on BC and Alberta. If you're in La Belle Province, we also have a write-up on Quebec.

About our Stanley Cup odds

Displayed above is an array of Stanley Cup winner odds as provided by our trusted source. These odds are specifically tailored to the most popular futures betting market in the NHL, where you can predict the eventual outright winner of the league. The NHL futures odds presented here are gathered from various reputable sources within the Canadian "grey market" and the legal betting landscape of Ontario. Our platform carefully selects and showcases the highest available odds for each team.

As a result, our presentation of NHL futures odds surpasses that of any single betting provider. If your objective is to place a bet on the outright winner of the NHL, having a single betting account will suffice. However, if you aim to secure the best possible odds and maximize your potential winnings, it may be advantageous to consider opening accounts with multiple operators and dedicating some time to compare NHL futures odds. In addition to futures betting, we also offer NHL odds and lines for individual games, ensuring a comprehensive betting experience for NHL enthusiasts.


Stanley Cup Odds: Exploring the Premier NHL Futures Betting Market

Stanley Cup odds represent one of the most coveted and captivating futures betting markets in the world of NHL betting. As the pinnacle event of the National Hockey League season, the Stanley Cup playoffs ignite the passion of fans and bettors, showcasing intense battles on the ice. In this guide, we will delve into the realm of Stanley Cup odds and unravel the nuances of this betting market.

Futures betting, often referred to as outright betting, revolves around predicting the outcome of a future event. In the context of the NHL, bettors have the opportunity to place wagers on which team will hoist the illustrious Stanley Cup before the playoffs even begin. Stanley Cup odds, assigned to each participating team, offer valuable insights into their perceived chances of securing the ultimate triumph.

Sportsbooks initially set the Stanley Cup odds, considering various factors such as regular-season performance, team depth, key player contributions, and coaching strategies. As the season progresses and teams navigate through the playoffs, the odds are continuously adjusted to reflect the changing dynamics and narratives of each team's journey toward the Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup odds can be presented in different formats, including decimal odds, fractional odds, or American odds. We use decimal odds above, but odds in the other main formats are available on our odds provider's site. 

Favorites and underdogs play a significant role in shaping Stanley Cup odds. Teams that have performed exceptionally well during the regular season or have a history of playoff success often enter the postseason as favorites, resulting in lower odds. Underdogs, on the other hand, may offer higher odds due to their perceived lower chances of winning the Stanley Cup.

Analyzing team statistics, player performance, coaching strategies, and injury reports can help bettors evaluate Stanley Cup odds and identify potential value bets. Identifying favorable odds that deviate from the perceived probabilities can be a rewarding strategy, enabling bettors to secure attractive payouts.

In conclusion, Stanley Cup odds epitomize the pinnacle of NHL futures betting, attracting passionate bettors who seek to engage with the heart-pounding action of the playoffs. By understanding the dynamics of this betting market, conducting thorough research, and staying informed about key factors that influence the odds, bettors can make well-informed decisions and enhance their chances of success. So, whether you're a devoted NHL fan or a betting enthusiast, Stanley Cup odds provide an exciting avenue to immerse yourself in the premier event of the NHL season and potentially earn substantial rewards.


How Stanley Cup odds vary between betting providers

In general, the sort of ranked order of teams from the shortest odds to the longest odds will be very similar across bookmakers.  However, the reality is that some brands have a heavy concentration of customers within the legal Ontario market, as well as those within the rest of Canada.  Thus, at these popular brands, you may sometimes notice that the odds for very popular teams, those based in various Canadian cities may see lower odds than might be available at betting brands that have less Canada-based customers.  So, if you want to get a bet down on the eventual winner of the Cup, you'll be able to at essentially all major betting sites within the Ontario and rest-of-Canada context, but the value you receive can really vary.  If you are betting in advance of the season itself, or even early in the going, you can find odds disparities in excess of 30% on various bets in terms of the potential payouts on offer.  It's great when you realize that this is the case and there is real value to be found in the market, but be careful where you look for that value, leading to our next topic.


Betting on Stanley Cup odds from Ontario or the rest of Canada: be careful where you play

If you are in Ontario, you now have a robust regulated market in iGaming Ontario, plus a top-notch online sportsbook from OLG in Proline+.  This gives you a ton of choice in providers.  Those as part of iGaming Ontario return 20% of revenues to Ontario, whereas Proline+ returns all proceeds to Ontario for reinvestment.  So if you are in Ontario, look for the iGaming Ontario logos to make sure you are playing at an official provider.

If you are in the so called "rest of Canada" market segment, things are more complicated in terms of identifying a reputable betting provider.  There are tons of brands out there just waiting to scam you.  Often, part of the scam to draw you in can be amazing looking odds.  We talk about some of the scam brands to avoid as a Canadian bettor.  However, to keep things super simple for our readers outside Ontario, know that all of the sportsbook brands that we recommend for you have actually gained their license to operate in Ontario.  While you would play on their "off shore" platforms, at least you know that you are with a company that has moved to be licensed and pay taxes in a Canadian provincial jurisdiction when given the opportunity.

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