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Legal Quebec Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks

If you are looking for legal sports betting options within the province of Quebec, know that there are only two fully legal options for you: Mise-o-jeu and Miseojeu+ from Loto-Quebec. Unfortunately, until 2021, Mise-o-jeu operated with a lack of single-event betting. Throughout its history and even today, it still has some of the worst odds values available. This has led many players to explore the so-called "grey market" of offshore sports betting sites. Thankfully, for many Quebecers, Loto-Quebec recently moved to add "Miseojeu+", a new online sportsbook platform that now allows single-event betting, but as important, also offers properly competitive odds value as a legal online betting option.

If you are a truly recreational player in Quebec, and you just need a place to wager online, Miseojeu+ is not only your one and only fully legal option, but it is a solid one at that. It uses a sportsbook platform that has versions of all the latest betting features like Same Game Parlays, which they call Same Game Combos (SGC) and an early cashout feature so you can secure partial wins or protect stake money when the option is made available to you, before your event has concluded. They also offer a steady flow of promotions to existing players. When you play with Miseojeu+, all proceeds stay in La Belle Province, so it should be everyone's first betting account within Quebec.

However, if you are the kind of player that likes to shop around for the best odds for your own unique betting ideas, you do still have the option to play in the so-called "grey market". If you do wish to explore these options, we can help with that, as there are so many poor and scam operators that you should look to avoid.


Why Loto-Quebec has a campaign against the "grey market" of online betting

For so long, Loto-Quebec was at a huge disadvantage in comparison to the "grey market" of offshore betting sites. Single-event betting only became legal within Canada for Canadian operators in 2021, once the federal government changed the laws. Furthermore, previous to the launch of Miseojeu+, the old-style Mise-o-jeu games played at lottery retailers used some of the worst possible odds values in the world of sports betting.  These characteristics, the lack of single-event betting and poor odds value are still strongly associated to the Mise-o-jeu brand.  It's a reputation that can be hard to shake, especially since the new online betting option of "Miseojeu+" essentially uses the same name.  Even though the Miseojeu+ odds and platform are great, Loto-Quebec needed an advertising campaign to communicate to Quebecers that things have really changed for the better.


Mise-o-jeu odds: Just how bad are they?

Wow. Incredibly bad. When we look to measure the competitiveness of betting odds across providers, we look for the odds and "odds margins" (or "sportsbook hold") that are used for the most popular betting markets in the most popular sports and leagues. Thus, across Canada, we want to look at the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA and top soccer leagues.

For the old-style Mise-o-jeu game, which is still available online and in-store, for the main four North American leagues, and the main 2-way betting markets, like the point spread (or handicap), moneyline (or game winner) or totals (or over/under), we tend to see odds that look like 1.75/1.75 when the odds are the same on both potential bets. This indicates an "odds margin" or "sportsbook hold" of over 14%, which is horrific.

When we look at the same betting markets across the new Miseojeu+ and reputable "grey market" betting sites, the odds will look like 1.90/1.90, which is an "odds margin" or "sportsbook hold" of just over 5%. The poor odds as associated with the old, but still available Mise-o-jeu betting game actually continue to taint the perception of the new Miseojeu+ online sportsbook.

Odds margin is the percent of all monies wagered on the given betting market that the sportsbook will keep as revenue, as determined by their odds. For example, given the above, the old Mise-o-jeu keeps about 14% of all stakes wagered on a given NFL point spread match-up, while Miseojeu+ and "grey market" bookies keep just 5%.  Don't make the mistake in thinking this is just a 9% difference.  The old Mise-o-jeu keeps 280% more than Miseojeu+ and reputable "grey market" betting sites. In other words, it is pretty insane that the old-style Mise-o-jeu has anyone still playing it. 

These margin levels mean that it is incredibly difficult for Mise-o-jeu players to stay in profit territory. Given how bad the Mise-o-jeu odds have been, and still are, you can see why getting people to move over to the new online brand of the same name, "Miseojeu+", required some communication work by Loto-Quebec, through lots of ads.

Note that even though Miseojeu+ uses the same essential odds margins as many "grey market" betting sites, the actual odds themselves for each unique bet can vary significantly from provider to provider.  In other words, you will never get the best odds for your bets if you always play at the same sportsbook, which is why those players that are concerned with price often have accounts with several operators, often in addition to Miseojeu+.


Does Miseojeu+ have new player bonus offers?

At the last check on the Miseojeu+ online platform, there were no bonus offers listed for new players. These kinds of offers are normally very prominent, so they are pretty hard to miss if they exist. We also went over to the "Promotions" page on their site also, but that page says that "there are currently no promotions underway." Perhaps this will change as we move to the new NHL and NFL seasons, when people normally start looking for new sports betting accounts in greater numbers. In the meanwhile, our recommended providers have Canada betting bonuses that also apply to new players in Quebec, all year round.


"Grey market" betting sites & Quebec: the concept explained

As we explained above, there is only one fully legal, fully online betting option in Quebec, which is Miseojeu+, as they are actually located and run within the province itself. However, there is nothing in Canadian or Quebec law that prevents people in Quebec (or other provinces outside Ontario) to participate in online betting at sites that are run in "off shore" jurisdictions, outside of Canada. 

The term "grey market" refers to this sort of "grey" area, or the lack of local laws that prohibit this sort of online gambling. These "grey market" betting sites are legally run in jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar or Kahnawake (which is actually Mohawk territory within Quebec itself) and serve an array of customers in international markets that have not yet moved to properly regulate online gambling in their given jurisdictions.

Quebec and Canada at-large have no way of prosecuting operators that exist in this way for serving customers in Quebec or the rest of Canada, since there is no legal framework from which they may act. Since these offshore operators cannot be punished, their Quebec-based customers are thus certainly also free from any legal consequences.


Quebec actually tried (and failed) to get ISPs to block "grey market" sites

The Quebec Government actually tried to force Internet service providers to block access to a list of "grey market" gambling and betting sites. However, this jurisdiction is a federal one, and thus the action was not put into practice, so these sports betting sites and online casinos remain very much accessible to people within Quebec.  This can be seen as both good and bad. Privacy advocates would argue that this is good and that all Quebecers should have the freedom to visit whatever websites they wish, especially since there is no federal legal framework that prevents such consumption.

The other side of the argument is two-fold: First, Loto-Quebec must deal with what they see as "illegal competition" from these "grey market" websites - hence their marketing campaign against them. Second, this leaves Quebecers open to possibly registering with, and losing money at a large number of highly disreputable operators. Since most of these operators have little oversight, there will be no recourse to regain any lost money to any such scam operator.

That's why we're here. We know that some Quebecers will look to play beyond Loto-Quebec and Miseojeu+. If you have not already got an account with them, they should be your first option. However, if you are looking for second or third operator accounts in order to shop and compare odds to get the best values for your bets and potential returns, we know the top brands at which you should be playing in Quebec: Betsafe, bet365, Betway, Betsson, Sports Interaction, ComeOn! & BetVictor.


Is French available at top Quebec betting sites?

Yes, French language versions are available at some of our top sites. Although your immediate landing page on their site may be in English, you can switch to French at bet365, Betway and Sports Interaction.  So if you have a strong preference to play in French, you have three incredible options here. At bet365 and Sports Interaction, scroll to the bottom of any page, and modify the language selector accordingly.  At Betway, find the language selector at the top of the page. 


Review the top "grey market" sportsbooks for Quebec

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Are all "grey market" betting sites for Quebec safe?

Absolutely not. We touch on this on our piece about avoiding scam betting sites. The reality is that there are thousands of "grey market" betting sites in operation that will accept players based in Quebec.  Many of these are bad actors, whose full goal is to extract all that they can from Canadian players, given how relatively wealthy the Canadian and Quebec markets are.  Other sites might not offer Canadian dollar accounts and payment methods that make moving money quick and economical.  Our entire goal with the development of SNBET was to protect Canadian bettors to help direct them to reputable and trustworthy sportsbook brands that have all the attributes of a service focused on the Canadian & Qubecois experience.

On this page, we've shown you the best "grey market" betting sites for players located in Quebec. Know that every single one of the brands that we recommend for Quebec have also gained their license to operate within the newly regulated market in Ontario. While you would play on the given brand's "grey market" site which is operated "offshore", you should certainly take comfort in knowing that the brands here have all been approved by a Canadian provincial gaming regulator.


Can people in Quebec play on the legal Ontario betting sites?

No, people located in Quebec cannot play at legal Ontario sportsbooks. While you probably heard that Ontario has recently opened their own market to licensed betting brands, which is the reason and source of all the ads you now see on English-Canadian TV networks, you need to be located there to play there. iGaming Ontario betting sites are only available to people that are physically located in that province.

You as a Quebecer could have an account at an iGO operator site, but to actually login and play, you need to be within the province itself.  Again, it is important to remind our readers that all of the "grey market" betting brands that we recommend for Quebec players have become licensed in Ontario. So while Quebecers would play on these brands' "offshore" websites, it may be heartening to know that you are playing with an operator that has received a stamp of approval from a provincial Canadian regulator. In the meanwhile, there may be hope on the horizon for more legal Quebec sports betting options, which we touch on below.


iGaming lobby group launches in Quebec in 2023 aiming for market regulation

In May 2023, a new lobbying organization called the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition announced its launch. This group was formed by some of the iGaming brands that only operate in fully legal iGaming jurisdictions, but also by some brands that operate both in "legal" markets and "grey" markets.  The QOGC hopes to influence those in Quebec's government and gaming regulators to consider developing a regulated market of legal operators, much like that in Ontario.  Until that point, the only truly legal Quebec betting sites are Mise-o-jeu and Miseojeu+.


Is FanDuel Sportsbook available in Quebec?


Is DraftKings Sportsbook available in Quebec?


Is BetRivers available in Quebec?


Is PointsBet available in Quebec?


Is theScore Bet available in Quebec?

It is not.

Is Caesars Sportsbook available in Quebec?

Also not.

Is Bally Bet available in Quebec?

Again, no, it is not.

Is BetMGM available in Quebec?

Unfortunately, again, the answer is "no." In Canada, these eight brands of FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, theScore Bet, PointsBet, BetRivers, Caesars Sportsbook, Bally Bet and BetMGM only currently operate within the newly regulated iGaming Ontario market. You would need to be physically located in Ontario to play at these sites or within their sportsbook or casino apps. They do not operate within the so-called "grey market" with "offshore" betting sites. They only operate within fully regulated local markets, like in Ontario and in various US states.

Is ESPN BET available in Quebec?

No. ESPN BET is actually the legal US legal sports betting entry for Penn Entertainment, whose only Canadian market entry is theScore Bet, which operates solely in Ontario. Penn does not have "grey market" operations, so in its current form, ESPN BET won't ever serve players located in Quebec.

Is Fanatics Sportsbook available in Quebec?

No. The large international apparel retailer's online sportsbook is only available in various US state markets where online betting is legal, and they have gained a local license. Fanatics Sportsbook is not even available within the legal Ontario market. There are no signs that they have any interest in opening an "offshore" sportsbook in a "grey market" jurisdiction that might otherwise be able to serve Quebec.

Is Unibet available in Quebec?

Unfortunately, not. Although they are a widely visible brand within the European football scene, and they serve the rest of Canada's "grey market", Unibet does not accept players in Quebec.


Review the best "offshore" betting sites for Quebec

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Which Quebec sportsbooks have QMJHL betting?

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League is not covered by most of our recommended, reputable offshore betting sites for two related reasons. Some avoid it because of the age of the players involved in the games. Some, since they are live in the legal Ontario market, have been mandated to remove it from their Ontario platforms. To ensure compliance, they have also removed it from their wider offerings. 

This can be frustrating, if you are a supporter of any of the 13 Quebec-based clubs, or you just want to place a bet on any game in the Q or even the Memorial Cup. You do need to be wary, as far more disreputable betting sites cover the QMJHL than reputable ones. Of the brands that we recommend for bettors in Quebec and the "rest of Canada" market segment, ComeOn! is the one brand that has QMJHL betting, along with betting on the OHL and WHL. ComeOn! can do this because they only offer their online casino within the legal Ontario market, so they did not have to remove it from their sportsbook platform.


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Does Loto-Quebec also offer online & live dealer casino games?

Yes. If you're reading this in Quebec, Loto-Quebec has an excellent online casino platform for you, and it should be your first option, given that all proceeds stay in Quebec. With casino games from the leading live dealer studio, Evolution Gaming, you will find all the options for which you could hope. If you prefer regular online slots or casino games, these are also available in a wide array. Loto-Quebec offers a great interface which highlights very large game tiles so users can always clearly see the games before entering them. 

With Loto-Quebec's online & live dealer casino, you should have all you need for an exciting online casino experience, but if you are looking for options from the "offshore" or "grey market", you should ensure that you only consider trustworthy options. If this is something you are considering, read about our top Interac online casinos for people in Canada, but outside Ontario.

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