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First published in 2020, SNBET.ca (SportNation Bet Canada) provides consumer information for those interested in learning about the landscape for online sports betting in Canada, the providers that serve it and those that might best be avoided.  We do this by succinctly outlining the most prevalent current Canadian online sports betting scams, issues with regard to sportsbook payments from Canada and issues with regard to Canadian sports betting sign up bonuses.


Who the heck are we and why do we do this? 

We've been in the business of marketing online sports betting for a long time, with knowledge of many international markets.  However, as proud Canadians ourselves, we became tired of the dishonest ways that "grey market" online sports betting providers and their betting apps were being marketed towards Canadians.  We wanted to shine a light on the matter so that new players that are dead set on using a "grey market" or "offshore" online sportsbook can move forward with the best possible information.

SNBET also covers the latest Canadian sports betting news including the decriminalization of single-event betting in Canada, what's next for Canada's emerging online gaming industry after passing Bill C-218, why the state-by-state regulation of betting as found in the USA is not the best approach for Canada to follow and the important updates on the Ontario iGaming market.  For all the latest important news updates during this interesting time for gaming and betting in Canada, follow SNBET on Twitter .


Transparency note:

Please note that SNBET is compensated by its recommended betting sites, but we truly believe that these are excellent, reputable providers for the online sports bettor in Canada, as outlined in our Canadian betting site reviews.  All our recommended betting sites offer Canadian dollar accounts, support several CAD payment methods, have been in business for a very long time and are run by very large and stable companies.

All of our recommended CAD sportsbook (and casino) brands that serve Canada (excluding Ontario) from their "offshore" jurisdictions, have gained their Ontario licenses from the AGCO, so they may become fully legal Ontario sportsbooks and/or casino providers.  They have all demonstrated their desire to operate in a fully legal capacity where allowed to do so, sharing revenues with government and instituting locally-mandated player protections.   

Note that we only "work with" the brands that we actually recommend as top betting providers.  Most every other "sportsbook review site" that you can find will "work with" and "recommend" any and every "grey market" or legal Ontario operator, as essentially every operator has an affiliate marketing program.  This is not our approach.  At SNBET, you will actually find that several of our operator reviews are not particularly positive, as we use our research & opinions to highlight brands that you may wish to avoid for one reason or another.


Why are we so insistent upon a market approach to betting & gaming?

As the provincial legal frameworks for sports betting develop across Canada, we will continue to advocate for locally regulated and taxed market approaches that offer significant consumer choice and protections. In the current systems outside Ontario, with the provinces' pseudo-monopolies, zero "grey market" or "offshore" gaming revenue is returned to provinces for local reinvestment and harm reduction support through taxes.  In the end, know that when we advocate for a market approach that is properly regulated and taxed, we at SNBET are actually advocating to be taxed ourselves, and in a significant fashion, as the bulk of revenue due to affiliate marketers like us come after gaming taxes or revenue share percentages have been deducted.


Got a question about online sports betting in Canada or Ontario?  Got news or a correction?  

Contact us on Twitter @SNBET_ca.