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SNBET Apps: Ontario & Canadian sports betting apps & their drawbacks

Mobile sports betting apps can be a convenient way to access your online sports betting provider while you're on the go, or even as your preferred way to bet at home as you watch your event of interest.  However, you should note that all mobile apps come with serious drawbacks in the form increased risks to your data privacy, as compared to simply using a online sportsbook that offers a great mobile betting site.


Some sportsbooks do not offer mobile betting sites, forcing app usage instead

You might be surprised to hear that many of the brands that will be entering the Ontario legal market will not offer a mobile betting site.  FanDuel, DraftKings & PointsBet may only offer betting apps for mobile users, because in addition to the opportunity to earn money as a gaming company, they want to profit from access to your valuable data that only comes through a mobile app, not by offering a mobile betting site. 


Mobile betting app bonuses are the smallest ones available

Note that in many cases, when you register your account directly through the apps in the iOS or Android app stores, the bonus offers that are available are the standard, basic ones.  These app store offers are worth less than the exclusive bonus offers that SNBET has for you from the same providers.  You will get more potential value if you register through our sign-up bonuses, then download the app to your device later if you really want to use it.  Once you have an account at any of these providers, the account login credentials will work for both the website and the app - they are one and the same.


  App Store Bonuses

Bonuses in app stores are often the basic ones, which are worth less than our SNBET bonuses. Start with a higher offer here. Your account will work on both the respective brand's app & betting site.


Want more private mobile betting?: use a mobile betting site in a private browser session, not an app

Like any mobile app, sports betting apps may be able to tap into other aspects of data on your mobile device that have nothing to do with sports betting, as this data is valuable to the operators.  Their access to this part of your data will be outlined within the terms and conditions of their betting app. 

If you bet from your mobile device through a web browser, especially in an 'Incognito' or 'Private' browser session, you will have far more privacy compared to these apps and you will enjoy essentially the same betting functionality.  This will ensure that your data and activity is not tracked anywhere close to the level that it would be if you used a mobile sports betting app.


What is the only potential benefit to a mobile betting app?

The only small benefit to a betting app over the equivalent mobile website is that you may not need to login every time you open the app, whereas you may need to login every so often when playing through a mobile browser.  However, with various operators, as part of their safer gambling policies, some apps are now also requiring the occasional re-login.  So even this tiny benefit is now being lessened toward parity with mobile websites


Ideally, your sportsbook offers you a choice: mobile app or mobile site

If you are the type of person that does not care about data privacy, this is not an issue for you.  If you do care about your data privacy, you should certainly look to choose a sportsbook provider that at least offers you the option to use a mobile betting site or their app. So beware the of the brands that we do not recommend.  They may very well force you to use a mobile app. 

Since our top betting sites for Canada and Ontario are all fully optimised for mobile browser use, there is really no need for a dedicated app. Not every sportsbook brand even offers a betting app, given development costs and the fact that app stores may not be allowed to offer them for use in every country.  Sports Interaction for example does not offer an app for sports betting, though they do have one for their online poker room.  Of our top recommended providers, Android and iOS betting apps are available from Betsafe, Betway, bet365 & ComeOn! for use in Canada.


Betting app drawbacks beyond privacy concerns & lower bonus offers: no withdrawal functionality

Note that within some of these apps you will be able to make sportsbook deposits by Interac and other various CAD payment methods, but there may be limited functionality with regard to account withdrawals or other administrative account settings.  Oftentimes these aspects must be managed or requested from the betting website cashier page or settings area as accessed from a laptop or desktop computer in a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari, not via the app or the mobile site.  


Canadian & Ontario betting apps: given the privacy concerns, are they right for you?

In the end, you need to weigh the balance of all these concerns & drawbacks versus a slight increase in convenience that you might gain in having an app directly on your mobile device.  The choice is yours, but we would only recommend the betting apps as offered by legal Ontario betting sites or our recommended betting sites for Canadians (outside of Ontario) as they are all reputable providers that offer CAD accounts, which are things you should not take for granted.


Beware of non-CAD sports betting apps

As we outlined above, betting through a mobile browser is actually superior to mobile betting apps in many ways. However, if you insist upon looking through your app store for a sportsbook app, make sure that you are going to play with a provider that offers Canadian Dollar betting accounts so that you may avoid hidden exchange fees that will otherwise occur as part of every transaction.

An example of this comes to you from 888sport. While they are a reputable iGaming company, part of their business model is to earn revenue on currency exchange. Though they serve many international markets including Canada, they only offer accounts in USD, EUR and GBP. Any CAD deposits that you make will be exchanged into the currency balance that you choose when you sign up. If you look at their registration page, they simply note a dollar sign - not USD or US$.

Thus it is is understandable that players in Canada might incorrectly assume that this refers to Canadian Dollars.  Don't make this mistake, as it will cost you 3% to 5% of the value of every transaction through conversion costs.  When you register at any betting site or mobile app, do not assume that a plain '$' represents CAD unless you are absolutely certain that the provider is essentially dedicated to Canada as a fully Canadian brand (like Sports Interaction for example). 

Example of an 888sport ad served to Canadians in the iOS app store when searching for 'sportsbook' apps - but Canadian Dollar accounts are not available.