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Canadian sports betting news at SNBET: single-event sports betting

Several attempts have been made within Canada to change the legal situation with regard to single-event sports betting.  The last attempt of this was in 2015 when bill C-290 failed to pass through the Senate with an election looming.  Through 2020, this failure to allow for legal single-event betting has ensured a huge leakage of money toward the black market and off-shore betting options for Canadians.  

However, in 2018 there was a sea-change afoot.  The source of this change came when the US Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that effectively banned sports betting.  The figurative door was opened for individual US states to legalize, regulate and tax sports betting for its citizens.  To date, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Michigan, Iowa and Tennessee all have legal online sports betting options available.

As these states have legalized online and mobile sports betting providers and other states look to do the same, North American sports leagues like the National Football League that were once vehemently against sports betting, were now onside.  The leagues were made partners in the betting and gaming industry through league and team marketing partnerships.  

As Canada’s largest trading partner and most important ally, the US with these two important changes has shown Canada a way forward to make changes to how it regulates sports betting and gaming.  Conservative Senators and Members of Parliament that were once against the legalization of this vice, can now be shown the example of their nearest and dearest neighbour to the south.  

No longer can conservative viewpoints found in 2015 be thought of as reasonable, such as that of Senator Vern White.  In 2015, as the Senate failed to pass Bill C-290 the Conservative Senator White, was quoted by the CBC about his opposition to the BIll: "If we followed the line of thinking of (MP) Brian Masse (thinking that sports betting is a windfall for organized crime), we would legalize cocaine and heroin, too.  Organized crime is doing it, so why don't we do it too?"

These days are likely over, even for Canadian conservatives, thanks to the changes in the US. Canada now has no excuse for lagging behind every other developed nation that has regulated and taxed sports betting and gaming in order to create a vast stream of income for the public good, while simultaneously working to increase the safety of available gaming platforms so that people with problem gambling issues can be both helped and protected.  

As such, we expect many developments over the coming months and SNBET expects to bring you the most significant developments on this our page for single-event sports betting news.


Single-event sports betting news update Nov 26, 2020

For many reasons, the Canadian Federal Government will be tabling legislation to make single-event sports betting legal.  This means that your options for sports betting within each province may be about to change for the better with far more choice from local and legal providers.

Take the example of Score Media & Gaming, which is a Canadian public company located in Toronto and is traded on the TSX under the symbol SCR.  TheScore divested its traditional media channels but kept a focus on mobile with an eye toward a future in sports betting through its industry-leading sports news and information app.

TheScore is already a licensed sportsbook provider in New Jersey, Indiana and Colorado with their “theScore |  Bet” mobile app.  As illustrated by their CEO on Twitter, theScore will likely look to serve the Canadian provinces as the new regulatory frameworks for sports betting providers take shape in 2021.