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1XBET Canada & Ontario Review 2024: Is 1XBET legit or a scam?

Founded in 2007, Russia-based 1XBET has used cold hard cash to get its brand plastered everywhere it can, from the main betting sponsor of FC Barcelona, to one of the main partners of the entire Italian Serie A.  They also pay lots of fees to affiliate marketers to get top positions on international 'sportsbook review' sites. Their parent company has also outright purchased "sportsbook review sites" in order to ensure they are ranked at the top.  Are they a scam?  Are they safe? Search Google yourself for "1XBET refuses to pay" or "1XBET cancels winnings".  They are a scam site for sure. 


Will 1XBET be a legal Ontario betting site?

There is zero chance that 1XBET applies to become one of the available legal Ontario betting sites after the market launch date of April 4, 2022.  They will continue to operate and accept Canadian customers from the "grey market" jurisdiction of Curacao. While top formerly "grey market" brands now serve Ontario legally, 1XBET will not take this step. Hence in Ontario, they will be considered a "black market" operator until they refuse to accept Ontario-based players. They have no interest in being regulated when given the opportunity.


1XBET Grade

• Reputation for canceling winnings.

• EPL 'partners' back out of deals.

• Big brand partnerships & high odds mean nothing if they will never pay out if you win more than you lose.

• Awful desktop interface.

• No license in Ontario.


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Three EPL clubs back out of 1XBET deals

Why is 1XBET a questionable sports betting and iCasino operator?  How do we know that you should avoid them?  In September 2019, Premier League clubs Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool all terminated deals that were only recently signed with 1XBET, after some terrible allegations arose about the company.  We are not sure why FC Barcelona and the Italian Serie A continued in their deals given the controversy.  It is notable that the Italian gaming framework does not allow for gaming ads of operators that serve Italy. This partnership on the Serie A is for external markets as 1XBET does not serve Italy itself.


1XBET odds are the attraction into the scam

If you visit 1XBET, you will notice that the odds look amazing.  For example, on an NBA or NFL point spread market you will often see odds that look like 1.97/1.97 or -103/-103.  These are odds margins of just 1.5%. No bookmaker works with odds like that, for a good reason. Most sportsbooks would have odds margins near 5% on these markets, which look like 1.90/1.90 or -110/-110. It would be nearly impossible to actually operate in a legitimate way at 1.5% margin, and still make a profit.  But there's the rub, they don't operate in a legitimate way.

If like most players you just lose your bets, they win. Easy, no questions are ever asked - the "great odds" don't matter.  However, if you actually win - forget about it.  You are never going to get paid. Sure, they might pay out on something small if they compare it to your overall spend, which is much larger than your withdrawal request. However, if you score a big win on something way above your spend level with them up to that point - you will never see any of that money. They will cancel your winnings, point to their terms and conditions about their right to basically do what they like, or claim that they suspect suspicious activity. Boom - money gone.



1XBET betting platform from your laptop/desktop

The 1XBET desktop site is a RAM hog.  It is slow and makes your computer work way too hard.  There are way too many markets. The site loads in pieces, so you might go to click something, but as you click, the link you wanted moves out of the way for something else that pops on screen in its place.  It's an awful desktop site in every respect that uses far too many "mouse-over" aspects where you need to spawn a list of links or another menu. Just an awful platform from your laptop or desktop.


1XBET Canada mobile betting platform

We would never recommend that you play with 1XBET.  From a pure mobile betting platform perspective, their mobile site is much better than their desktop version.  It works much quicker than their desktop site as it has to avoid the mouse-over design aspect, given that mobile sites require a touchscreen design, where "mouse-over" cannot exist.  While their mobile site is much better, all the other problems with their offering remain intact.


1XBET bonus offer for Canada

Given the horrific stories about 1XBET in getting any significant value back out of them, do we really care to explore the terms of their bonus offer?  Not really, no.  Their bonus terms give them carte blanche to void the offer.  Enough said.  Read about our Canadian sportsbook bonuses from new customer offers from legitimate operators.


Does 1XBET offer CAD accounts?

Yes. 1XBET has a strategy to offer accounts in nearly every national currency, so of course they offer Canadian Dollar accounts. They know that people want to play in their local currency, and this is how they look to attract not only customers in Canada, but from a long list of African and Asian countries as well.  While they offer accounts in CAD, this should not distract you from understanding that they are not a reputable betting site for Canadians.


What are the 1XBET payment methods for Canada?

1XBET purports to accept credit cards, Interac e-transfers as payment methods and various cryptocurrencies from Canada. They do not support popular bank debit methods like Instadebit or iDebit, and they certainly do not support Apple Pay. We would suggest you keep your money, or find a trustworthy betting site that will actually pay out if you win big.


Does 1XBET support cryptocurrencies from Canada?

Yes. While your betting account would still be in CAD or another fiat currency at 1XBET, they do accept deposits and process withdrawals via various kinds of cryptocurrencies, exchanged against the value of your balance.  While they process such payments in a smooth manner this is always solely to their long-term net gain over their customers. If you win big in some manner, whether via sports betting or casino games, they will find a way to keep your balance. They do not allow for large net winners at 1XBET. Find safe crypto sports betting sites for Canada on our write-up on the topic.


1XBET esports betting

1XBET has used some of their considerable marketing budget to create brand awareness in the world of esports, with partnerships with NAVI, Cascade Esports, Pro100, CIS Esports League and HellRaisers Esports.  If these esports partnerships have gained awareness for you in Canada, and you are wondering if you should try them out, we think we've talked enough about them above and below to show you otherwise.  Several of these esports properties and their leaders have had to answer questions in the media as to why they continued their deals with 1XBET given the associated controversies.  As they will continue to operate from Curacao for their sportsbook, they will not look to become a legal Ontario esports betting provider.  We also cover 1XBET in our Canada esports betting write-up.


1XBET alternative kinds of iGaming for Canada

Besides sports betting, 1XBET also offers bingo, lottery, RNG casino games and live dealer casino games. However, 1XBET will not be counted among those providers that are licensed Ontario online casinos, as they operate only from Curacao.  All our recommended & legal Ontario providers will offer an iCasino gaming vertical.  Given the well-earned reputation that 1XBET has for being a provider that you cannot trust, no matter where you live in Canada and how they might tempt you to join, avoid them.


1XBET bottom line for Canadians: unsafe - avoid, avoid, avoid

Sorry, are you still reading?  How have you not already clicked 'back' or moved on to read a review of our recommended betting sites for Canada, which only includes trustworthy operators?  Now's the time.  Avoid 1XBET, they are not a safe online sports betting option.  Don't be swayed by the odds you see there, or the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A logo placements.  They don't matter, because you are not going to win anything from them.  


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