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Super Bowl Odds - NFL Futures Betting in Canada & Ontario


Super Bowl betting between Ontario & the rest of Canada

Canadian Parliament decriminalized single-event betting in 2021. Soon after, Ontario opened its market to regulated betting operators, while the rest of Canada is left to bet on the Super Bowl at sites owned by local lottery corporations, or at "offshore" sites. The latter option leaves bettors outside Ontario open to countless disreputable online sportsbooks.

If you are in Ontario, above the Super Bowl odds, we show you the top legal Ontario betting sites. If you are outside Ontario, above the odds, we show you the top "grey market" betting sites for the rest of Canada. All the brands that we recommend for the rest of Canada have moved to become licensed in Ontario, but you'll be playing on their "offshore" sites. Look for our Canadian sportsbook reviews to learn more.

About our Super Bowl odds

Above, the feed from our odds provider is designed to showcase the highest odds available for the most popular futures betting market in the NFL. These Super Bowl outright winner odds are sourced from various providers within the Canadian "grey market" and Ontario "legal market" landscape. After the feed aggregates the odds for all the given teams to win outright, it then only displays the highest available odds figure.

Consequently, our presentation of these odds is far superior compared to any single betting provider. If your goal is simply to place a Super Bowl bet, having one betting account is sufficient. However, if you aim to secure the best price for your wagers in order to maximize potential winnings, it may be advantageous to have accounts with multiple operators and dedicate some time to comparing Super Bowl odds. Note that we also provide NFL odds & lines for individual games as well.


Super Bowl Odds: The Most Popular NFL Futures Betting Market

Super Bowl odds represent one of the most popular and highly anticipated futures betting markets in the realm of NFL betting. As the pinnacle event of the National Football League season, the Super Bowl captivates fans and bettors alike with its thrilling matchups and high-stakes competition. In this guide, we will delve into the world of Super Bowl odds and unravel the intricacies of this captivating betting market.

Futures betting, also known as outright (or outright winner) betting, revolves around predicting the outcome of a future event. In the case of the Super Bowl, bettors have the opportunity to place wagers on which team will emerge victorious in the championship game well before it takes place. Super Bowl odds, assigned to each participating team, offer insights into their perceived chances of lifting the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

These odds are initially set by sportsbooks and continually adjusted throughout the season based on various factors. Team performance, key player injuries, coaching strategies, and even the betting market's sentiment all influence the movement of Super Bowl odds. As the season progresses, the odds reflect the evolving narratives and strengths of the teams, providing bettors with updated information to inform their betting decisions.

Super Bowl odds are presented in different formats, including decimal odds, fractional odds, or American odds, above, we use decimal odds. If you prefer American or fractional formats, please see our odds providers site above, as they use all three formats on their site.

When considering Super Bowl odds, it's important to remember that favorites and underdogs can significantly influence the odds. Teams with strong regular-season performances and star players may enter the playoffs as favorites, while others may be viewed as underdogs. Consequently, the odds associated with favorites tend to be lower, reflecting a higher degree of expected success, while underdogs offer the potential for larger payouts due to their perceived lower chances of winning.

Bettors can leverage their knowledge of team performance, statistical analysis, injury reports, and expert insights to evaluate Super Bowl odds and identify potential value bets. Finding favorable odds that deviate from the perceived probabilities can be an effective strategy for securing profitable outcomes.


Super Bowl odds variance

When you are looking to bet on the Super Bowl winner, the odds can really vary between providers, especially if the game is several months away.  This is because to a large degree, the given operator's odds reflect the action that they themselves have taken in.  If a given operator has a disproportional number of fans of a given team, this can certainly provide a reason that they may have low odds on that team to win relative to the rest of the market.

For example, especially for brands with a lot of Ontario-based players, you may find that their odds for Buffalo to win the Super Bowl always tend to be a little lower than other operators.  They take so many wagers from Buffalo fans in their customer base that they need to manage their liabilities, so they move to offer lower odds for subsequent bets, yielding a lower payout.  This leads to our next issue of Super Bowl futures betting.


Finding the right sportsbook for Super Bowl futures betting from Ontario and the rest of Canada

Whether you are looking for higher Super Bowl odds as compared to your current provider, or you are looking for a betting site for the first time so you can bet on the game, know that there is another level of criteria that you should consider, beyond Super Bowl odds.  If you are in Ontario, there is now a fully legal and regulated market.  iGaming Ontario betting sites are the official providers that serve the province.  These brands share 20% of revenues with the province and submit to regulation and Responsible Gaming mandates. We list the best of these Ontario brands on our site, in our opinion. If in Ontario, always look for the "iGaming Ontario" logo for official brands.

However, if you live outside of Ontario, the situation is a tougher, more complicated one.  While you may have online betting solutions with your local lottery provider, many people look beyond these options to "off shore" betting sites that exist in the so-called "grey market".  There are a lot of issues with this for you as a consumer, as there are just so many bad actors in the online betting space.  To keep things super simple for our audience, know that we only recommend betting brands for the "rest of Canada" market segment that are also fully licensed in Ontario.  So while you would play on a separate "off shore" platform from the one used by people in Ontario, you know you are playing with a brand operator that looked to be licensed, regulated and taxed in a Canadian provincial jurisdiction, when given the chance.

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Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Visit ConnexOntario.ca for help. Eligible iGames conducted & managed by iGO are only available to those physically present in Ontario.