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Proline Sportsbook Review 2024 - Is OLG Proline+ any good?

Many Ontario sports bettors know the Proline brand very well from the parlay-based wagering game that launched in the early 1990s, which required players to fill out tickets in-person at local lottery retailers.  Now that single-event sports betting has become legal in Canada, we can happily report that not only can you bet on single events online with "Proline+", the odds value that is now available from this OLG online sportsbook are as competitive as just about any brand within the iGaming Ontario ecosystem of legal betting operators.  We get into our Proline+ review, addressing their highly improved odds & all the key points that make Proline+, a solid option for Ontario players that can persist through a payment system that needs improving. We start with the number one reason you should play at Proline+: It's all about where you live.


Not just another sportsbook, with Proline+, unlike all other legal brands, all proceeds stay in Ontario

In a moment, we're going to explore all the great things about the Proline+ playing experience, including odds value, betting features & more. However, the reality is that there are now dozens of betting brands in the legal iGaming Ontario ecosystem of operators.  While the Proline+ experience sits right alongside the best legal Ontario sportsbooks, understand that all iGaming Ontario operator brands keep 80% of all gaming revenue, while the province itself through iGaming Ontario keeps just 20%. This revenue split is totally fair, and similar to other competitive jurisdictions in Europe that want to offer consumer choice in a regulated market, alongside their government-owned gaming brands.

Since the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) runs Proline+, you know that 100% of revenue that may be kept through your play stays in Ontario for reinvestment.  So if you want to have a great gaming experience, with peace of mind in knowing that all your money stays at home, there is literally no better option for online sports betting in Ontario than Proline+. 

But wait, you have concerns over whether or not Proline+ actually has a good sports betting experience, right?  Yeah, we understand.  The reputation they created through the old-school Proline game at lottery retailers may be something you need to overcome, but we can tell you that Proline+ isn't your dad's Proline game. Let's put your mind at ease, starting with their odds value proposition.


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How are the odds at OLG's Proline+ sportsbook? Have they improved?

Prior to the legalization of single-event wagering, the next most pressing problem with the traditional Proline game was their odds value proposition, which was seen as being uncompetitive.  Back in the day, the odds for the traditional Proline game were very low, but things have changed in a big way.  With the Proline Plus online sportsbook, you can completely forget about the notion of uncompetitive odds when it comes to the main betting markets for the so-called "big four" sports leagues. 


Proline+ has very competitive odds for NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB

For these most popular leagues, Proline+ has made a clear decision to skew toward offering significantly better-than-average odds value in terms of the "odds margin" or "sportsbook hold" they integrate into their odds.  Let's start with the betting markets that matter the most for these top leagues in the province: the "money line" (game or match winner), "point spread" or main handicap market like "run line" or "puck line", and the main "totals" or "over/under" market.  Proline+ uses a "hold" or "margin" on these betting markets of just over 4%.

Compare this to most other legal Ontario sportsbooks that use a "margin" or "hold" on these markets just above 5%.  When it comes to odds value, don't think of this as a mere 1% difference between Proline Plus and the other sportsbooks, because it is actually a 20% price difference on average.  In other words, of all the money bet on a given betting market, Proline+ uses odds that keep 20% less money for their own revenue, compared to the vast majority of legal Ontario sportsbooks.  

This is a huge difference in odds value when you as a bettor are aiming to stay in profit over a long period.  With Proline+, your odds will tend to be higher than average, more often, which means higher payouts when you win.  So if these main four leagues of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB will make up the vast majority of your betting, very honestly, whether you are a recreational bettor or one that really shops for the best odds, Proline+ is really a must-have sportsbook in Ontario.


What about the Proline Plus odds value on futures markets?

When it comes to popular outright winner or "futures" markets, for the same four popular leagues, again the odds remain very competitive at Proline Plus.  We conducted this review in early May of 2023 while the Maple Leafs were a game down in the second round of the playoffs.  Odds for Toronto to win the Cup at Proline+ at that moment were 6.00 or +500.  When we scanned the other top brands that we recommend in Ontario at the same time, the odds on the Leafs were all very, very close together.  In other words, even for the most popular "outright" market for the NHL, and the potential result on the biggest "public team" in the province, Proline+ had competitive odds, which is what you want to see.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to wager on the so-called "big four" leagues for the majority of your play, Proline+ cannot be lambasted for poor odds value any more.  In fact, when you as a bettor are most concerned with these all important leagues - Proline+ is actually in the top tier for competitive odds margins in the province. Period.


Does Proline+ sportsbook also have highly competitive odds for other leagues & sports?

Proline+ has clearly made the choice to ensure they offer superior value for CFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL betting, as the latter four leagues make up the vast majority of wagers in the province.  It does appear that Proline+ compensates for this by looking to use a higher "odds margin", offering lower odds on events outside these most popular leagues.  So while your main wagering action will get great value on the four most important leagues for Ontario, if you dabble here and there in tennis, soccer, UFC or other sports, you can expect to see lower odds relative to some other brands, as a result of this higher "sportsbook hold".

For example, for top soccer leagues like the Premier League or Serie A, among many others, 1X2 match result odds margins at Proline+ tend to be in the 9% range. For soccer, this is a higher "sportsbook hold" than most other brands in the Ontario market, which tend to use a margin in the 5% to 6% range, though you can find some that have margins near 3%. 

So what does this mean for you in practical terms?  If you are like most bettors in Ontario, and the "big four" of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB are your most important leagues for betting, the excellent value on offer at Proline+ on these four leagues more than makes up for the lower odds value you'll get if you dabble in a bit of soccer, tennis or UFC.

However, if you are in the minority, and you don't really want to bet on these popular North American events at all and your wagering preferences could be classed as more "international" or perhaps "European", the odds value will generally be better with some of recommended iGaming Ontario betting sites.  Don't get us wrong, Proline+ will cover European and international events with a wide array of betting markets, you just won't see the same odds value proposition that you'll get with their MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL odds.  


How is the Proline+ Ontario online sportsbook platform?

Proline+ comes to Ontarians on one of the quicker online sportsbook platforms available in the world today, which belongs to European firm, FDJ Gaming Solutions. FDJ provides their betting platforms to brands like SkyBet in the UK, PMU.fr in France and the online sports betting operations for government-run betting brands in Quebec, Norway and Finland among many others.

With this platform, Ontario Proline+ players get access to a super-quick and well-laid out website that is available for use from your computer, tablet or mobile, as well as mobile apps.  There is essentially no lag time as you click or tap around the site.  In this sense, we find the performance of Proline+ to be in the top tier of providers in Ontario.  From your computer, we love that it uses a responsive web design in order to use all of your display real estate.  There is no dead space with Proline+, unlike many other brands in the province.

In terms of the available betting markets, you will find a wide array for all the most popular leagues and events within the Ontario context.  This includes a solid array of player props, so you can bet on the performance of various players in each game.  We found these widely offered for the NBA and top soccer events.


Does the Proline+ online sportsbook offer live in-play betting?

Yes. Proline+ makes it super easy to find events that you may bet upon in the moment.  As you access their platform, in the main upper navigation, you can find the "Live Betting" tab.  Click or tap this to open a page that has all the ongoing events of the moment, across all sports.  If you want to see the live events for a particular league or sport, you simply navigate to that league as normal and Proline+ provides you with two obvious tabs "Live" and "Upcoming".  Simply toggle between these tabs to find your in-play betting options, as well as those for upcoming pre-match betting.


Does Proline+ sportsbook have an early cash out feature?

Yes, Proline+ supports "cash out" for many betting markets on important sports and leagues so that you may secure a partial win or protect stake money before your event has reached its natural end.  Proline+ indicates the potential availability of the cash out functionality with a symbol that looks like a little dollar bill.  When this little icon is shown next to a given set of betting markets, you know that cash out may be available for those markets.  To find your potential cash out offers, simply navigate to your "Open Bets".  If cash out is available, you will see that the "cash out" button is active, along with the current available amount.  Simply tap or click that button to request the cash out.  As with all these kinds of features, having a cash out value available is not always guaranteed.


Does Proline+ sportsbook have same game parlays?

Yes, they do, but perhaps not in the way you might expect.  With Proline+, each of the main sporting events on their platform will have several pre-made same game parlays available.  Bettors simply find the "Same Game Parlays" market header within the given sporting event screen that has all the related markets.  Scan the pre-made SGPs and then choose the "Yes" bet with the indicated odds, if you'd like to add it to your bet slip.  Proline+ does not have the sort of "Bet Builder" same game parlays which may be available at some legal Ontario sportsbooks, that may allow for a more customizable SGP. 


Does Proline+ sportsbook accept Interac?  Proline+ payment methods

We are almost there. Interac e-Transfers are coming to Proline+ online sportsbook in Ontario. This is the one area of their platform they really need to expand and make more intuitive. If you are a Proline+ player and you look to deposit on their website, they forward you from the Proline+ interface, with the charcoal and green, to the OLG main sort of theme, which is not a particularly smooth customer journey.

Interac should arrive to Proline+ in advance of the NFL season kickoff.  They currently support Visa and Mastercard debit and credit transactions.  However, try to avoid credit card payments to any gaming site in Ontario if you can, since they are defined as "cash advances", which come with high interest from the moment of the transaction, plus flat fees near $5 from your bank.  When you use your debit card, your fees will be either completely free, or likely little more than a dollar at your bank, which is far more economical than using your credit card.  Keep your money for your play, not interest and fees - avoid using credit card for deposits. 

When it comes to withdrawals, Proline+ pays direct to your bank account. So once you register your Proline+ OLG account, look to set up your bank account well in advance of your first withdrawal, so you can be ready to go when you actually want to take out your cash.


Can you play slots, online casino & live dealer games at Proline+?

Essentially, yes.  Proline+ is actually the online sportsbook gaming vertical under the olg-dot-ca website.  When you move to register with the Proline+ online sportsbook, you actually do so by creating your OLG online gaming account. 

With this one account, you get access to Proline+, but also to the OLG Casino, which gives you access to their online slots & casino games, plus their wide array of live dealer games where a real person runs your Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat game on-camera from their gaming studio.  If you're curious about the OLG Casino experience, we've got a full OLG online casino review for you. Note that when you play at OLG Casino, while it will be under the same username and profile, you will have separate casino and sportsbook account balances, which get funded separately. OLG Casino and Proline+ do not use a "one-wallet" system.


Is Proline Pools also available to play online?

Yes, it is.  Proline Pools is a game where players choose selections for all potential outcomes on a given day, within a given league, like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or the EPL.  The players with the most correct predictions split the "prize pool", hence the name: Proline Pools.  If you enjoyed the offline version of Proline Pools, or you just like the idea of this sort of game, know that you can play Proline Pools online within your OLG account. When you are on the Proline+ website, right next to the Proline+ logo, you will see a link for "Pools".  Simply navigate there and create your Pools betslip just as if it were a normal kind of bet, making your selections then confirming your stake amount.  Remember, with a single OLG online account, you can play at Proline+ sportsbook, Proline Pools, the OLG online casino, or buy lottery products.


Proline+ bottom line: a solid online sportsbook option for Ontario bettors

Proline+ has done a nice job to provide Ontario players with a far better platform and value offering than they would be used to compared to the traditional Proline game.  Not only does Proline+ now provide good odds value, they actually provide great odds value on the sports that Ontarians wager on the most.  By using a significantly lower "odds margin" or "sportsbook hold" compared to the top legal iGaming Ontario operators, Proline+ often has some of the highest available odds for NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB betting, which makes for higher payouts if you win. 

With an excellent overall betting platform across devices, you no longer have to sacrifice the quality of your sports betting experience when you consciously choose the option that reinvests all proceeds back into Ontario.  Now, you get the best of both worlds.  Even if you just want a solid sportsbook experience with great odds value and you are unconcerned with where your gaming proceeds might land, Proline+ on its own merits should be among the top few brands you consider. 

When we weigh the fact that Proline+ is the only legal online sportsbook that returns all proceeds from play for reinvestment in the Province, you can understand why we at SNBET have ranked them one of our recommended sportsbook options for sports bettors in Ontario. Be sure to persist forward if you encounter issues with making deposits.