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Top VIP & High Limit Sportsbooks  

VIP Online Sports Betting & Casinos in Canada

We've outlined our best online sportsbooks and casinos for Canada (outside Ontario) on other pages of SNBET. Here on this page, we apply a lens that is meant to highlight which of our recommended operators provide the best experience for VIPs, or people that intend to deposit and wager with relatively significant sums. Separately, we cover Ontario VIP online sports betting, since that is now a fully regulated local market, and treated apart from the "rest of Canada" market segment. Though there is some crossover of brands, the VIP gambling brands listed on this page for the "rest of Canada" are operated from "offshore" jurisdictions.

Why does this page matter to high net worth bettors in Canada? The reality is that people that wish to deposit $5,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 for the purposes of high stakes betting, may test the limits of gaming operators in two important ways: 1) The deposit limits for the given payment method, and 2) the win limits as defined in the sportsbook rules.

If you are playing at these elevated levels, your time is very valuable, so it is important to know that your operator of choice will be able to accept deposits at these levels on your preferred payment methods. Then, if you intend to bet with high stakes, it's important to know that you will get paid in full, since you are taking the gamble. You might be surprised at how low some operator win limits might be. You don't want to leave money on the table as a result of low win limits.  We outline the best operators in both respects and address key frequently asked questions that pertain specifically to VIP play across Canada.

If you are actually here to learn about and see the top VIP online casino providers for Canada, (especially for live dealer games) our ranking actually varies in a key way as compared to our VIP sportsbook list. Navigate directly to our VIP casino section on this page for more.


VIP sports bettors in Canada: why win limits really matter to high stakes players

Win limits can get pretty complicated, but we'll simplify things for you. First, know that the brands that we've highlighted here have the highest win limits that we have found among the reputable companies that serve Canada (outside Ontario).  Generally, sportsbooks set a win limit for how much a bettor may profit (above your stake) in a given day.  This limit may vary depending on what you are betting on.  Top soccer events and the most important betting markets tend to have the highest limits, since this is the most liquid, most bet upon sport. Just below top soccer events, the next highest limits tend to come for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and ATP events and their most popular betting markets. This is good news for our Canadian VIPs as these are our most bet upon events.

However, while our listed top VIP brands all have high limits, they do differ. Even if you don't sign up with our recommended brands, know that if you intend to bet with high stakes, you need to be aware of the win limits at your chosen provider, to ensure you get the full potential value of your bets should they win.

Sportsbooks will not warn you beforehand that you have made a bet, or are about to make a bet for which your potential profit is above their win limit. They will accept the action, then limit you after the fact.  Their terms are clear on this, so it is your responsibility to know this going in. Here's a plausible example where a VIP NFL bettor could lose out on a significant proportion of their winnings by ignoring the quoted win limits.

One of our recommended sportsbooks for Canada (in a general non-VIP sense) has a daily win limit that is very high for big-time soccer, but just $50,000 per day for NFL events. If you enjoy betting NFL parlays, the $50,000 limit could catch you out.  Imagine you were to lay $1,500 on six-leg parlay of point spreads. That potential win would be over $71,000 in profit.  However, the sportsbook will be fully within their rights to limit your win to the stated $50,000 maximum. (For context, our recommended VIP providers listed here here have daily NFL betting win limits that range from $1 million to $120,000.)  

Would you want to leave over $21,000 on the table as in this example wager above?  Of course not. This is why VIPs that may have very high potential wins should become familiar with the win limits that will apply to their play.  If you are going to take the risk with high stakes, make sure you are going to get paid in full. 


Best VIP Sportsbooks in Canada

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What are the daily win limits for our recommended VIP sportsbooks for Canada

Below, we provide the latest win limits from our recommended brands for the most popular sporting events for betting in Canada, correct as of August 5, 2023. Note that these figures may change and the full win limit details, tiers and structures could be more complex. Check the respective operators' betting rules or terms and conditions for full details.

bet365 daily win limits for the most popular markets are $4 million for top level soccer and $1 million within NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and tennis. Daily win limits will be lower for "lower level" leagues within these respective sports.  However, their limits are still higher than essentially every other sportsbook we have reviewed.

Betway daily win limits for Canada are approximately $850,000 for top soccer events and markets.  They are around $450,000 per day for top markets within the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and top tennis events.

BetVictor daily win limits for Canada are roughly $850,000 for top soccer events and markets.  They are around $170,000 per day for the most popular betting markets for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and top tennis events.

Betsafe and Betsson both have a simple daily win limit of $120,000, not tiered by sport or league.

Compare these values to what you find at other brands that are targeted at the "rest of Canada" market. If you might actually test these levels above, you might be shocked to see how low some of the maximum win limits have been set at other operators. Again, make sure you will get paid on a big win - know the win limits at your sportsbook of choice as a high stakes VIP bettor.


  High Limit Betting in Canada

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Which Canadian sportsbook & casino payment methods facilitate the largest deposits?

Players that are defined as VIPs in terms of online casino and sportsbook play need to move money in large amounts in a secure, swift and convenient manner.  However, the maximum amount that is allowed to be transacted by each respective payment method is not uniform across operators. For a given payment method, the maximum deposit allowed at one operator could be $50,000, while the maximum value at another operator for that same method is just $6,000. It's a bit of a hodgepodge in this way, but it's why you rely on SNBET for good answers. We'll start here in a general way, then broaden out below.

Credit and debit cards tend to allow for the largest deposits at most betting sites for Canada. Note however that credit card transactions are treated as "cash advances" toward all gaming sites from across Canada, which means they come with high interest and bank fees, even if you always pay your balance. So Visa or Mastercard debit cards are the more inexpensive option of the two. The other payment method which is not quite as widely available, but can allow for very high VIP payments once fully verified is called MuchBetter.  We know you'll have questions about other payment methods, we address them below.


What are the maximum deposits allowed via credit & debit cards at our recommended VIP brands?

The highest maximum deposit value we have found at top betting and casino brands for Canada appears to be $50,000 per deposit.  You may look to either bet365 or BetVictor for the highest possible credit and debit deposits.  Betway allows credit/debit card deposits as high as $15,000, and they have several other payment methods available at this level. Betsafe and Betsson allow credit/debit transactions as high as $10,000. The largest deposits to Betsafe and Betsson come via the next method that we outline, MuchBetter. (Correct as of August 5, 2023)


What is the maximum deposit level via MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is an e-wallet app solution, that can allow for very high deposits and withdrawals for players across Canada. Betsafe and Betsson support MuchBetter with maximum deposits as high as $60,000, which is the highest allowable single deposit value we have seen to date for Canada. Betway also supports MuchBetter, but they do not have a defined upper limit for transactions. If you are already set up with MuchBetter and verified to a VIP level, these three brands are great options for you.

If you are interested in using the MuchBetter app for transactions at this elevated level, know that once you register, you will need to submit a form that clarifies your source of funds. They just want to satisfy their anti-money laundering rules. This verification process can take a few days.  If you want to move money quickly, to and from your sportsbook for the purposes of high stakes betting in Canada, MuchBetter could be a great option for you, and well worth the setup process.


VIP Sportsbooks with MuchBetter

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How's Interac as a VIP sportsbook & casino payment solution in Canada?

Interac is perhaps the most popular method in Canada for payments to and from betting sites and online casinos. However, the situation can be hit-and-miss if you are a truly toward the top end of things as a VIP that is looking to transact larger amounts.  Only one of our recommended, reputable providers allow for Interac deposits at significant level for individual deposits: bet365 at $10,000 maximum. 

All the brands that we recommend on SNBET for players across Canada support various kinds of Interac-based payments, be they e-transfers, Interac Online or "Request for Payment".  However, most providers tend to have a maximum deposit value of around $2,500 to $3,000.  If you intend to make deposits in this region, you will be just fine at essentially every Canadian Interac online casino or sportsbook.  If you prefer larger single deposits, go with bet365.

The other important thing to consider for VIP payments via Interac is the 24-hour cap as set by your bank. Whether you want to proceed with larger single Interac deposits to bet365, or you hope to make several smaller Interac payments in a short period of time to other operators, know that your bank will have some level of 24-hour payment cap on your account. For most people, this 24-hour cap is set to $3,000. For people that may have demonstrated a higher level of spending, your bank may have already increased your level naturally to $10,000 per 24-hour period. You can request even higher 24-hour limits. Just know that if Interac is your preferred method, there are limits to be considered on both the sportsbook and casino operator side of things, and on your bank's side of things.


 VIP Sports Betting with Interac

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About Apple Pay as a VIP sportsbook & casino deposit method in Canada

Apple Pay is now a super-convenient way to make credit and debit card payments to gaming sites from Canada, but very few brands have added it as an option. If you like Apple Pay as a mobile payment method, know that as of August 5, 2023, both bet365 and Betway supported it for deposits, with maximum values of $10,000 and $50,000 respectively. Note that if you use your credit card as the base funding source, your transaction will be treated as a "cash advance" which will come with elevated interest and fees from your card provider from the moment of the transaction. Use debit as your base funding source if you can, in order to avoid these fees. 


Is Instadebit still available as a VIP sportsbook or casino deposit method in Canada?

Yes, Instadebit is still available in Canada as an online gambling payment method, but it has become less frequently offered across reputable brands in recent years. With Interac gaining wide popularity in several ways, plus other new e-wallet and bank debit solutions, several big sportsbook and casino brands for Canada have dropped Instadebit as a supported payment method. In fact, of our top-recommended VIP providers for Canada, only bet365 offers Instadebit as of August 5, 2023. Find maximum deposit values as high as $20,000 in a single transaction. So at least for bet365, Instadebit remains a solid VIP payment option in Canada.


Is iDebit a good VIP sportsbook & casino deposit method in Canada?

iDebit is still a widely available bank debit method for online gaming payments in Canada, but not for the highest value amounts. The maximum amount you may deposit via iDebit does tend to vary significantly between providers. As of August 5, 2023, Betway supported iDebit deposits up to $3,000.

Other betting brands that we've seen in the Canadian market (outside Ontario) can have lower limits, near the $2,000 region. So if iDebit is your preferred payment method and you are hoping to use it for larger deposits, do so at Betway.


  VIP Betting Sites with iDebit

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Is LuxonPay a good VIP sportsbook payment method from Canada?

LuxonPay is a mobile app that allows for instant payments in multiple currencies including CAD.  Fund this e-wallet with credit card, debit card or bank transfers. With their office actually registered in Calgary, Alberta, LuxonPay is supported by more and more and online sportsbooks and casinos.  At this moment however, in early August 2023, of our top recommended VIP options, only Betsafe and Betsson support LuxonPay, but they do so with a maximum deposit value of $10,000, which is a reasonable option.  To get to VIP-level limits with LuxonPay, you will need to fully verify your account with them so they fully understand your source of funds. This is for anti-money laundering purposes.


Is PayPal a good VIP deposit method for gambling sites in Canada?

No, PayPal is not available in Canada at all with regard to "grey market sportsbooks", otherwise known as "offshore betting sites". PayPal is only available as a payment method toward gambling sites that are fully licensed and regulated within the given market of focus.  So PayPal is available at some operators within the locally regulated market of Ontario, but since everyone else across Canada would play at brands with sites based in Gibraltar or Malta, PayPal is not available from Alberta, BC, Quebec or elsewhere in Canada for deposits to these sites. 

We know, it's confusing. Even though all the companies we recommend for the "rest of Canada" are licensed and legal in Ontario, those platforms are only for people located in Ontario itself. So if you play at any of our listed brands for Canada, you'll play on their "offshore" versions, hence why PayPal is not available for you there.  Even if it was available, where legal, the maximum PayPal deposit tends to be in the $5,000 to $7,000 region, so there are superior options for VIPs anyway. You're not really missing out, see the alternatives we list above.


Is Bitcoin or crypto a good VIP payment method at top Canadian betting sites?

For the most part, no.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not great methods for VIP customers at our recommended "Canadian betting sites". This is because nearly all of the most trusted sports betting brands simply do not accept them as a form of payment at all. Based in jurisdictions in Malta, Gibraltar & Kahnawake, these regimes have yet to allow for direct Bitcoin or crypto payments to their member operators.  There are workarounds, in that an e-wallet solution, like MuchBetter, described above, does accept various cryptocurrencies, which may then be converted to Canadian Dollars on their platform.  The CAD balance may then be used to make a deposit at the Canadian sportsbooks that support MuchBetter. 

Recently, there has been an influx of sportsbook operators that allow for direct wagering in units of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Most of them, we do not recommend, as they are based in jurisdictions that are not particularly robust in terms of regulations. If as a VIP betttor, you are interested in this particular angle, we do have a write-up about the situation surrounding crypto sports betting from Canada. Given all the very visible scam brands on the market, it's better to stay safe.


Is our Canadian VIP casino ranking the same as for VIP sportsbooks?

We've actually got a different ranked order for the top online and live dealer casino options for VIPs in Canada (outside Ontario). There are two key reasons for this. First and foremost, the issue of sportsbook win limits is not a factor with regard to casino play.  So if a high stakes sportsbook mentioned above has very high win limits, this should not really come into the equation when we specifically evaluate the casino aspect of their offering.

While bet365 has an amazing VIP sportsbook experience for Canada, and they have a great array of regular Random Number Generator-style slots and casino games, they do not offer any live dealer games to the "rest of Canada" market. Their live dealer casino studio simply does not serve the Canadian "grey market".

However, Betsafe does have live dealer games, and it is actually the number one ranked choice within our list of the best Interac online casinos for Canada as it is, let alone for VIPs. With Betsafe, you get the best online casino layout, a huge array of games, plus live dealer action with some seriously high stake limits, should you wish to test them as a VIP.  Betsafe allows for deposits as high as $60,000 via MuchBetter and as high as $10,000 via LuxonPay, and via Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. You may also deposit via Interac if you like, with limits per deposit of $2,500.

BetVictor also has an amazing casino experience for the "rest of Canada" market, which includes live dealer games. Allowing for credit and debit payments as high as $50,000, BetVictor is a solid VIP casino option. They also support Interac deposits worth up to $3,000 each.

If your chosen online casino brand only allows Interac deposits to a maximum value of $2,500 or $3,000 per transaction, but the 24-hour Interac payment maximum at your bank is set much higher, you should be able to make several deposits in a short space of time, up to your bank's maximum value. In other words, for example, at Betsafe, with their $2,500 maximum Interac payment, if you had a 24-hour Interac payment limit at your bank of $10,000, you should be able to make up to four (4) Interac payments of $2,500 to Betsafe, if you wanted to start with your bankroll at a more significant level.


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