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Top Canada betting sites for women's sports (outside Ontario) 2024: bet365 & Betsafe

If you are in Canada, and are looking for the online sportsbooks that cover women's sports best, we've got your back.  When it comes to betting on women's sports, even the top brands for Canada can have somewhat limited coverage in this respect.  Thus, we've gone over our list of recommended Canadian betting sites to see how they cover this subset of sports betting, and we've pared our list down to two amazing brands that have in our opinion, by far, the best betting coverage of women's sports.

Boiling it all down, there are two important things to understand before you move further.  First, where you are; in Ontario, or in any other part of Canada?  Ontario now has a fully regulated local market of betting operators.  Legal Ontario betting sites and apps can only serve people that are located in that province. So if you are in Ontario, we'll soon have a page that deals with finding the best Ontario sportsbooks for women's sports. For those of you in Canada, but outside Ontario, we've created this page so that you can find which of our recommended betting sites offer the best coverage of women's sports. 

The second important point to consider is how we came to the decision to highlight and recommend these two particular brands, Betsafe and bet365 to you.  The reality is that betting coverage of women's sports varies widely - even among the world's biggest sports betting brands.  In this respect, we need to consider a given sportsbook's coverage within a given women's sport or league event, and their breadth of coverage across all women's sports & leagues.

For example, most online sportsbooks cover WTA tennis events, but the best sportsbooks provide deep coverage with live, in-play betting, plus lots of betting markets (ways to bet) on all the things that happen within each match or within a tournament in general.  Lesser sportsbooks will have a very limited selection of available betting markets, and perhaps even lower odds values for whatever is offered.  That's the betting coverage within the given women's sporting event.

But there is also the issue of the breadth of coverage to consider across women's sports and leagues.  For example, if you are into women's basketball, there can be a great variation over which leagues are covered at all, even from leading sportsbook brands.  While the WNBA might be covered to varying degrees by essentially all sportsbooks, if you want to get coverage of the top European women's basketball leagues or US college women's hoops, certain sportsbooks, even bigger ones, may just not cover them.  Or if they do, they may do so with minimal event coverage, or poorer odds value.

Both Betsafe and bet365 have deep coverage within the given women's sports leagues, but they also have leading coverage across all the leagues and competitions - not just the "major" ones.  We touch on some of the key sports below, so you can see how they might cover your favourite women's sports for Canadians (outside Ontario).


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How do you find the women's events at these betting sites or apps? 

Simple.  Each given women's league is right alongside all the given men's leagues or events as categorized within the given sport, and then within the given country where the league tends to take place.  In other words, "women's sports" do not get their own category.  (Simply navigate to the sport of interest, then the country.)  If in doubt, both Betsafe and bet365 provide search utilities so you may enter your terms of interest, and then navigate directly to the available events.


Betsafe & bet365 coverage of women's hockey (International)

When it's time for the Winter Olympics or even time for the IIHF World Women's Hockey Championships, you will be able to find coverage of these women's hockey games on Betsafe and bet365, so you can bet on Team Canada, Team USA, Team Sweden or whatever team you wish to back with your bet.  You may also even find "outright winner" markets for the national team that might take home the gold medal.  Most betting providers won't cover these events, and it's one of the main reasons we highlight these two betting brands to fans of women's International hockey in Canada. Pro women's hockey is a bit different.


Can you bet on the PWHL in Canada?

Yes. The PWHL, or Professional Women's Hockey League is so new, that at the time of launch, the clubs did not even have logos. When you want to bet on any sport in a manner beyond the most basic match result-related markets, you need good data from the leagues or league data partners.  Sportsbook companies need this data so they can reliably offer betting markets to their customers. This PWHL game data likely won't come for a while, since the league is so new. So it will be some time before really in-depth PWHL betting will become available.  However, in early 2024, we can confirm that bet365 offers PWHL betting markets for both Ontario and the "rest of Canada". These include the Moneyline, Totals Goals and Puckline or "Spread" markets. So yes, you can bet on the PWHL from Canada or Ontario.


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Betsafe & bet365 coverage of women's soccer, WSL & NWSL

This is where these companies really shine above their competition.  Betsafe is part of a Swedish gaming corporation.  Sweden has a great women's soccer program.  Given the enthusiasm for the women's soccer program there, there is related enthusiasm to cover all the women's soccer leagues in which their young Swedish ladies compete professionally.  This is the same for bet365, which is the biggest betting brand on the planet, which is headquartered out of the UK, and you know how big soccer is there, as England is home to the WSL.

Thus with both of these betting brands, Canadian bettors can find excellent coverage of the Women's Super League in England, the Primera in Spain, the German Bundesliga Women, France Division 1 Women, the NWSL (National Women's Soccer League) in the US, among numerous other top level soccer leagues in European and South American nations - there are almost too many to list.  If you want to bet on nearly any women's soccer league, Betsafe & bet365 likely cover it. 

Some of these women's soccer leagues don't even have their own websites yet, so you might understand why most online sportsbooks may not have moved to cover their matches well, if at all. But with Betsafe and bet365, we are talking about comprehensive event coverage, with many match betting markets and even outright winner markets if you care to bet on the ultimate champion of the given league.

Then of course, beyond women's club soccer, you have international competitions where Team Canada might be playing in the Olympics or the FIFA Women's World Cup.  Both Betsafe and bet365 will again have comprehensive coverage here.  If you want to bet on women's soccer from across Canada (outside Ontario), by far, these two brands offer you the best and broadest betting coverage of the world's most-played sport. 


Betsafe & bet365 betting coverage of women's basketball, WNBA, WNCAA

Just like their soccer coverage, Betsafe and bet365 have moved to offer comprehensive betting coverage of women's basketball.  Most top sportsbook brands for Canada have WNBA betting, so if you just want that, you can find coverage at nearly any top betting site for Canada, though our two recommended brands have comprehensive WNBA coverage.  But there is no guarantee that you will find significant women's basketball betting coverage beyond the WNBA at other sportsbooks.

However, both Betsafe and bet365 also provide full coverage of Women's NCAA basketball games, often listed as "WNCAAB" or Women's US College Basketball.  Then, both sportsbook brands also offer coverage of all the top professional or semi-professional women's basketball leagues in Spain, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Iceland among others.  They also cover women's FIBA events, so you can bet on Team Canada or any other country within these international women's basketball competitions.

This is why we have singled out Betsafe and bet365 in this regard.  They cover the most popular women's leagues to an uncompromising level, but then they also ensure to broadly cover events within leagues that might be seen to have much less of a following.  In other words, unlike most other available betting sites for Canada, Betsafe and bet365 provide unparalleled betting coverage of women's basketball, not just the WNBA.


Betsafe & bet365 betting coverage of women's tennis, WTA

Women's tennis is the sport that has nearly achieved parity with the men when it comes to all sorts of important metrics.  From ticket sales, to TV audiences, even many of the tournament purses, the women's game is near par or on par with the men.  When it comes to betting on women's tennis, coverage tends to be essentially the same as betting on the men.  If WTA and women's major tennis tournaments will be your absolute focus for betting and you wish to open things up beyond these two brands, you may read our wider sportsbook reviews for the "rest of Canada" (outside Ontario) for our other top operators.

However, while more betting sites offer better women's tennis coverage compared to other women's sports, know that both bet365 and Betsafe offer tennis betting that is as good as anyone on our overall, general list of the best sports betting sites for Canada.  At bet365 and Betsafe, find live, in-play betting on most WTA Tour matches, plus the majors, with a huge array of WTA betting markets both pre-match and in-play.  You will also find a constant stream of outright winner markets, so you can bet on the winner of any given women's tennis event.  They have incredible coverage of tennis, just like all else they cover.

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Betsafe & bet365 coverage of women's golf, LPGA

Women's golf certainly gets less coverage than men's golf.  When it comes to golf, the same level of parity has simply not been reached between the sexes in the way that has been achieved for tennis.  Finding great LPGA betting or other Women's golf event coverage can be difficult.  But again, our recommended brands shine through.  Even in the dead of winter as we write this, with no events actually ongoing, Betsafe had odds posted for the outright winner of the next Solheim Cup, which is contested between the top women golfers of Europe, vs the top women golfers from the USA.  As we roll toward the spring and summer, both Betsafe and bet365 will outshine any other betting site you might consider for their coverage of women's golf.  They are the sportsbooks where you will be able to bet on the LPGA and other women's golf tournaments with the most available ways to bet. 


Where can you bet on women's curling in Canada, like on the Tournament of Hearts?

Very, very few online sportsbooks cover curling at all, be it for men or for women.  However, bet365 does indeed cover curling, including the Scott Tournmant of Hearts, as well as other major women's curling competitions, from the Olympics to the World Championships. If you are looking to bet on women's curling, from across Canada, bet365 is by far your best option.

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Why else choose Betsafe & bet365, beyond their superior coverage of women's sports: women are at the heart of both companies

Betsafe is owned by an online gaming firm known as Betsson AB.  Betsson is based in Sweden and has its shares traded on the Stockholm NASDAQ as one of the largest and most innovative gaming brands in the world.  They are constantly winning awards as a company, as a casino provider and for their responsible gambling innovations and initiatives.  When it comes to choosing a "good actor", it really does not get any better than Betsson and their Betsafe brand.  In an industry that tends to be dominated by men in terms of the sheer numbers, at Betsson, 40% of their employees are women.

When it comes to bet365, know that they are essentially the biggest sportsbook brand in the world.  Founded in 2000, their CEO, Denise Coates, is one of the most incredible business leaders of our time, let alone one of the greatest female business leaders.  In an industry in the UK that was dominated by men, and focused on bricks and mortar retail bookmaker locations, she knew the future for sports betting was first, to be online, and second, to be mobile.  She put bet365 on a path toward creating one of the most intuitive, fastest, slickest sports betting platforms the world has ever seen - which is why they are now number one.  Furthermore, at bet365, they are an equal opportunity workplace that regularly carries out audits to ensure there is equal pay for equal jobs across the company.

In the end, both Betsafe and bet365 platforms for Canada are incredible for sports bettors in general, but more important here, for those that are interested in betting on women's sports.  Beyond this, they get the important stuff right for Canadians: you get to have Canadian dollar accounts and popular banking methods like Interac or other debit methods, which is not always a given. (As a side note, avoid using credit cards, as online gaming deposits across Canada are treated as cash advances, meaning credit card-level interest from the moment of your transaction.)  Lastly, but also potentially important for some people, both of these brands offer access to their online casino gaming from the same account.

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