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 Top Legal Ontario Online Casinos 

OLG Online Casino Review 2023 - How is OLG's casino site?

Without any doubt, we can say that OLG Online Casino is one of the absolute best places for Ontarians to play live dealer or online casinos games and slots.  They have sourced the very best live dealer games with an incredible array of online slots games to satisfy just about every casino fan in the province. This includes the most jackpot games we've found in Ontario, plus completely free-to-play slots and RNG casino games, available before you even need to register.  Their options in all these respects match or exceed those at the top "private" casino brands that are now legal in Ontario, some of which we also recommend.  Furthermore, OLG is perhaps the most transparent online casino in the province via their RTP information availability.

The reality however, is that legal online casinos in Ontario all essentially get to choose from the same group of regulated & licensed online casino game suppliers & live-dealer studios.  Many of the most popular casino games are actually available across several legal Ontario casino sites as licensed within the iGaming Ontario market.  However, OLG Casino is unique compared to all the iGaming Ontario brands in one very important way. When we at SNBET add all of these things together, OLG Casino is a top-end recommendation for players in Ontario.


The top reason to play at OLG Casino? All proceeds stay in Ontario

OLG Casino is wholly-owned by the province and is not part of the newly created iGaming Ontario market, where the government has partnered with "private" gaming brands. This is the key point of difference, and it is why all Ontarians that are invested in where they live, should play at OLG over iGaming Ontario casino sites.   At OLG Online Casino, all proceeds are reinvested in Ontario - 100% of the money stays in the province, for our kids' education, our healthcare system and our infrastructure generally. 

Compare this with iGaming Ontario, which only keeps 20% of proceeds, while its operating partner brands keep 80% of proceeds. Don't misunderstand us, this 20%-80% split is actually fairly standard and competitive in the industry.  Don't go off on a tangent thinking that the Government of Ontario gave out a sweetheart deal.  They proposed a revenue share rate that would successfully bring formerly "grey market" gaming brands to the table to serve Ontario in a regulated capacity. (Sweden, which has a similar number of legal operators, has a 18%-82% revenue split.)  All Ontarians now have incredible choice in this manner as a result.  However, when it comes to your play in particular, just know that if you'd prefer all proceeds to stay in Ontario, rather than just one-fifth of proceeds, you should look to play your premium casino and slots games at OLG. 

Don't worry, you're not settling for a second-rate experience at OLG Casino - quite the contrary.  We get into our review of the actual OLG Casino experience now. 


Does OLG offer online live dealer casino games?

Yes!  OLG Casino not only offers traditional online casino games that are rooted in Random Number Generation as linked to a game with computer graphics, they also offer a wide array of live dealer games.  Play the video if you'd like to hear the explanation about their live dealer games, but essentially, from any device, computer, tablet or mobile, you can play a casino game where a friendly, real-life person is running your game as the dealer or croupier.  Have a question?  They'll answer you.


What live casino games are available at OLG online, with a real dealer?

Play OLG live casino games with a real dealer for Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.  You'll also find variations of these classic casino games, including "Lightning Blackjack", "Lightning Roulette" and "Lightning Baccarat" and more.  OLG also offers live Craps, "Ultimate Texas Hold'em" and several live game shows, including several "wheel spin" games.


    Learn about OLG live dealer casino

Lightning Blackjack, Lightning Roulette & Lightning Baccarat at OLG Online Casino

What are these games and why should you care?  These trademarked variations of casino classics come to the OLG from leading live dealer casino game supplier, Evolution Gaming.  Evolution has the most sought after casino games on the market today, because they take classic live dealer games and add in extra elements rooted in Random Number Generation (RNG), aimed at increasing player enjoyment and excitement.  When you play these live dealer "Lightning" casino game versions, the additional RNG element provides a multiplier aspect for even higher potential payouts as you move from round to round as you play the game.


What are the maximum & minimum bets with OLG live dealer games?

To see the min and max wagers for every game at OLG online casino, simply find the little "information" icon, with the letter "i" in a circle, in the bottom-right of each casino game tile.  When you click or tap this icon, you will navigate to the respective screen to get all of the relevant game information.  While these figures could change, at the moment of our review in May 2023, these are the relevant figures for each of the most popular OLG live dealer casino games:


Live Dealer Game Min. Bet Max. Bet
Blackjack $5 $1,000
Lightning Blackjack $1 $10,000
Infinite Blackjack $1 $1,000
Roulette $1 $1,000
Lightning Roulette $0.20 $20,000
Baccarat  $1 $1,000
Lightning Baccarat $1 $5,000
Craps $0.50 $5,000
Ultimate Texas Hold-em $0.50 $500


OLG online casino slots: something for everyone

OLG has curated a fabulous array of slots games, so no matter your tastes, they've probably got the kinds of games that you enjoy.  The have games from top studios including Megaways, Everi, IGT, SG Digital, AGS, Blueprint, NetEnt & Red Tiger.  Since they have games from so many studios, you also get some branded ones like "The Price is Right", "Wheel of Fortune", "Monopoly", "Battleship" among others.  Note that there is a "Slots" category, but "Jackpots" and "Instant" game category icons are also available in the main navigation.  There may be some overlap between these categories, as jackpot and instant games are also essentially types of slots games.  With OLG Casino, know that almost all of these RNG-based slots games can be played for free, in "Demo Mode" before you even sign up for an account.


How to find your slots game of choice at OLG Casino when there are so many?

Crucially, with so many slots games that cover so many tastes, OLG Casino needed to develop a simple way for players to find the kinds of games that they want in a quick and efficient fashion.  They've done this very well in two ways. First, at the left side of the main navigation bar, find a "Search" icon, which leads you to a page where you an enter any search terms to find matching games.

Second, below the main icon bar navigation, find a simple "Filter" tool.  When you open this "Filter" utility, you may isolate the games that you want to see by various criteria.  You can filter by the given game publishers that we mention above.  You can filter by the "Game Feature" to find 3 Reel Slots, Tumbling Reels, Stacked Symbols, or games with 1-9 lines, 10-49 lines, 243+ ways, or other game features.  You can also filter games by the given theme, like Classic, Movies & TV, Riches, Nature, Asian, Egypt & Greece, Culture, Adventure, Fantasy and Cute.  This filter tool really helps to narrow your search well so that you can browse a much tighter selection of slots games that match your desires. 


OLG Casino's jackpot games: the most we've seen

OLG also has the widest array of jackpot games that we have seen for players in Ontario.  At the moment we reviewed their site, there were over 30 jackpot games, with grand prizes that varied from as low as about $6,000 to over $1 million.  Several of these jackpot slots games were of the branded variety.  If you love jackpot-style slots, there really is no better option in Ontario  Most iGaming Ontario casinos have perhaps 10 jackpot games or less from which to choose.


OLG Casino: the most transparent Ontario casino site on RTP & everything else

When it comes to casino fairness, you of course want to play with legal and regulated providers, but beyond this, it's great when your chosen brand provides all the game information and RTP or Return To Player stats at your fingertips for all available games.  Not all brands provide this level of game transparency in such a manner.  For the uninitiated, the RTP figure illustrates how much money goes back to players over the course of millions of plays as demonstrated through testing services, expressed as a percentage. (This RTP figure is not meant to represent what will happen over a single player's gaming session.)  At the bottom-right of each game tile at OLG Casino, you will find an "information" icon, which is a circle with the letter "i" inside.  Click or tap this icon for all the relevant game information, including RTP figures, how many paylines a given slots game might have, if the game includes "Bonus Rounds" or "Free Spins". Get all you need to know, about every game.  No mysteries here from OLG Casino, and this level of transparency is a great thing.


Does OLG Casino have free-to-play games?

Yes.  With only a few exceptions, OLG Casino allows you to play most of its available games that are rooted in Random Number Generation or RNG, without cost or risk.  In other words, you can try almost all the slots games, video poker and RNG-based table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, for FREE.  You do not even need to register an account.  Simply visit OLG Casino, then browse to your games of interest from the main "Casino" navigation near the top of your display.  Once you've done this, you'll have an array of game tiles on your screen, each tile represents one game.  Then, over the given game tile, there will be two buttons: "Play Now" which is for real money, and "Play Demo" which means to play for free.  Simply press "Play Demo" and your game will load and you can try the game at no cost, and without having to sign up.  You'll only need to sign up for an account if you wish to play with real money. (No online casino offers demo play of live dealer games.)


Does OLG Casino have video poker games?

Yes.  Again OLG has an excellent selection here.  Many iGaming Ontario casino brands do not offer many options for Video Poker, if at all.  At the time of our review, OLG Casino offered seven variations of Video Poker, including various versions of Triple Play, Five Play, Ten Play as well as a classic version.  All of these games were open to play for free, in "Demo Mode", without even having to register an account.


Does OLG online casino have Interac? OLG Casino payment methods

Yes!  Interac e-transfers are now available as a payment method at OLG Online Casino.  Visa & Mastercard debit & credit cards are also available.  Note that Interac and debit cards are far more economical than credit cards in terms of the ways to fund your account.  While available for deposits at OLG, as with all gaming sites in Canada, credit card payments are treated as "cash advances".  These come with high flat fees, plus the likely the highest interest rate associated to your credit card, which will be applied from the moment of the transaction - even if you're the kind of person that always pays your balance every month.  Don't get surprised with a big fee and interest charges - use Interac e-Transfers or your Visa or Mastercard debit card to save on fees.

When it comes to withdrawals from OLG Casino, funds come directly to your bank account. This is a one-time setup within your OLG account that you must initiate.  If you are the kind of person that likes to get their money in a hurry from a win, look to setup your bank account soon after your general sign-up, so you can be ready for withdrawal. OLG lays out the instructions very simply for you. Once setup, withdrawals are super-easy as you simply request a withdrawal in the OLG Casino cashier.


Does OLG's online casino also offer sports betting?

Yes.  When you register an online account with OLG, you actually get access to all of their products and gaming types with a single account username.  This includes the new online sportsbook, known as "Proline+", as well as "Proline Pools".  In particular with Proline+, OLG has moved to provide a sportsbook platform that is available and easy to use from all devices: computer, tablet or mobile.  The platform is available via websites and mobile apps.  Furthermore and crucially, OLG has moved to offer some of the best odds value in Ontario with Proline+, which is a departure from the odds value that is often associated with the traditional in-store Proline game.  If you'd like to learn more about OLG's online sports betting brand, we a have a full Proline+ sportsbook review for you. Note that OLG does not have a "one-wallet" system. If you want to have balances in the casino or sportsbook, these are separate, and you thus must fund them separately.


OLG Casino Bottom Line: Our top online casino for Ontarians

When it comes to what an online casino can offer a player, you really want three things:  First and foremost you want a fun, exciting and compelling casino experience with regard to whatever game type is your fave, be it slots, jackpots, video poker, RNG table games or live dealer games.  OLG delivers on this, without question for all the reasons we outline above. With unsurpassed RTP transparency, plus free games to try before you play for real, we couldn't really ask for more. Check.

Second, you want to know you can trust your brand of choice and get your money in and out with speed and confidence, via your payment methods of choice.  With economical Interac e-Transfers and debit card payments available, what brand can you trust more than Ontario Government-backed OLG?  When you win at OLG Casino, you know you are getting paid. Check.

Last and most uniquely with OLG Casino, all gaming proceeds return to Ontario for reinvestment in our province (Yes, SNBET is based in Ontario).  With all other legal Ontario casino brands, just 20% of proceeds stay in the province.  It's great that you now have a choice of where to play in the new iGaming Ontario market.  Casino gaming is supposed to be fun, but if you don't win, wouldn't it be nice to know that all the money stays at home, rather than leave to a for-profit gaming company that is based abroad?  That's why OLG Casino is truly unique, and why they are our one of our recommended online and live-dealer casino players in Ontario.