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Top Ontario Esports Betting Sites

Legal Ontario Esports Betting Sites in 2022

SNBET has become an authority on legal Ontario sports betting - but esports betting is a subset of this iGaming type that deserves its own bit of analysis.  A solid traditional sports betting site might not offer a very good esports betting experience at all.  Some sportsbooks offer cursory coverage, while others might not cover it at all, as we've seen with some brands that exist in the US. Many esports-first brands simply don't have the sheer scale that is often required to offer competitive esports odds or even a full suite of markets, or ways to bet.

We know esports betting too, and we know which of our recommended legal and soon-to-be-legal Ontario sports betting sites also offer a premier esports betting experience.  We haven't just copied over our regular list of top Ontario providers. Our list has been re-ordered to reflect a focus on esports. Find our top recommendations for esports betting in Ontario with esports-specific reviews for each site, plus answers to some frequently asked questions.  


SNBET's #1 Ontario Esports Betting Site: bet365

Perhaps if you've had no exposure to European soccer, where the bet365 brand is ubiquitous, you can be excused for not recognising the brand.  If this is you, understand that bet365 is essentially the biggest iGaming and online betting brand in the world, with over 80 million registered players. The brand is known for their world-leading casino, poker and sports betting platforms. That's all well and good, but why is bet365 the best Ontario Esports betting provider? 

When we looked to write this review, bet365 covered over 50 different esports events taking place around the world. While perhaps 10 events had matches in the coming days with a full array of match markets, bet365 was offering event outright winner markets on all 50+ of them - which is incredible coverage that far in advance of events. We found coverage of an unsurpassed array of esports at bet365, including CS:GO, DOTA2, LOL, SCII, VALORANT, R6, Rocket League plus esoccer and ebasketball events and more.

Within the bet365 match coverage of these esports, you will find an extensive array of pre-match and live in-play betting markets (ways to bet).  These go beyond the match winner, to offer markets like totals, handicaps, races or 'first to...' markets and map-based markets. 

Beyond this, know that bet365 offers the fastest and most intuitive betting platform available.  So whether you only want to bet on esports, or you want a great esports betting experience to go along with the rest of your sports betting and iGaming, bet365 leads the pack in Ontario.  Find 'Esports' in the main bet365 'Sports' navigation.  Read our overall bet365 Ontario review.



SNBET's #2 Ontario Esports Betting Site: Betway

Betway as an esports betting brand may be familiar to you, as they have been a sponsor of major esports teams like 'Ninjas in Pyjamas' and 'MIBR' (Made in Brazil) for several years. Betway recognized the importance of esports betting to its platform long ago.  They seem to have a firmly held belief that Esports fans are well and truly separate from 'traditional' sports fans.  As such, you will find that Betway has an 'Esports' heading in its main navigation, though you will also find it in the main A-Z sports navigation.

Betway takes esports so seriously, they have an 'Esports Club', which is their esports loyalty program that offers various free bet promotions to existing customers. These offers will each have their own terms and conditions. Betway also offers esports 'Super Boosts'.  These are combination or parlay bets where the odds for the proposed outcomes have been 'boosted' above their original odds values as found in the system for bettors to create manually.  If a player wants to bet the 'Super Boost', they merely need to click or tap the 'Bet' button as found alongside the promtional graphic, and the bet will be added to your bet slip so you may enter a stake and confirm the bet. Simple as that.

Betway offers an amazing array of coverage, with every esport you could imagine and essentially all the betting markets you would expect from a top provider for both pre-match and in-play betting.  Events are organised by 'Popular', 'Live Now', 'Boosts' and 'All Events'.  'All Events' gives you a proper overview of all the available Betway Esports coverage.  Read our overall Betway Ontario review.



SNBET's #3 Ontario Esports Betting Site: Betsafe

Sponsor of Swedish Esports team 'Godsent', Betsafe offers an excellent esports betting experience for Ontario players. Betsafe tends to cover the esports events that are happening within the next few days, but not much further out.  So if you want to bet on outright winners, do so as the event begins.  At any point in time, you will find all the major DOTA2, CS:GO, LOL events that are ongoing, plus other esports.  Betsafe knows that some esports fans don't really care about traditional sports.  Thus they have two touch-points to find esports events: Find 'Esports' within the top navigation at Betsafe, or withing the traditional 'Sports' A-Z navigation.

Betsafe offers both pre-match and live in-play esports betting.  Where Betsafe really excels is their betting market coverage, which includes just about all the ways you might want to bet: match winner, map-based markets, handicap markets, totals markets,  'race to....' markets, plus outright event winner markets.

Soon to be licensed for betting and iGaming in Ontario, Betsafe is part of Swedish online gaming company Betsson AB, one of the largest iGaming companies in the world, which means you also get access to their complete array of betting and iGaming verticals.  They have the scale to offer it all.  Betsson has also won several awards for being a safer and sustainable operator.  See our overall Betsafe Ontario review.


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SNBET's #4 Ontario Esports Betting Site: Casumo

Casumo is on the award-winning Kambi sportsbook platform, and Casumo has implemented it in a unique way that gaming fans will mostly love. It is meant to be super simple and intuitive to use. It looks like a mobile-first betting site from all devices, even if you are on your computer - which keeps things super simple. Find the esports icon up top to navigate to all the upcoming esports events.  From there a list of all the esports will open instantly.

At the time of our review of their platform, they had coverage of the major esports including LoL, Counter-Strike (CS:GO), Dota 2, and Starcraft 2, Valorant & Rainbow Six.  When it comes to the biggest CS:GO events there are usually over 25+ markets, or different ways to bet. For other esports, there are usually fewer markets.  A solid esports option to go along with your sports betting and casino gaming experience in Ontario. But if you are focused on esports as your only betting & iGaming type, the options above will be a better match for you. Read our overall Casumo Ontario review.  


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SNBET's #5 Ontario Esports Betting Site: BetVictor

This name might surprise you here. BetVictor has not forged any Esports partnerships, so their brand won't be synonymous with esports betting.  However, unlike many traditional sportsbook brands that offer little if any esports coverage, BetVictor offers significant coverage.  BetVictor uses a single touch-point for 'Esports' access in their A-Z sports navigation.  From there you will find 'Featured' events, those that are happening live or in the very near future.  The also simply have an 'Esports' tab for all applicable available events that they cover in the schedule, which includes most of the major games, including Dota2, LoL and CS:GO among others.

Esports betting market coverage goes beyond the basic match winner markets, as you can find map-based markets, totals and handicap as well.  While BetVictor is not the best pure Esports betting offering that we have reviewed, like those above, if you like how they approach their sports betting and other gaming types and just want to be sure they cover esports reasonably well, rest assured that BetVictor is a solid esports option. Read our overall BetVictor Ontario review.


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'Esports first' Ontario betting sites vs esports betting at traditional sportsbooks

Betting sites that position themselves as 'esports first' tend to be very small companies relative to those that are iGaming & betting leaders.  When you are talking about a small betting company in any manner, esports or otherwise, you usually end up getting lower odds.  Even though they might be esports-first, they won't have the liquidity and risk-management that allows for really competitive odds.  They simply won't have the volume of players for this.  Smaller companies are also thus more vulnerable to the swings of bookmaking, which can lead to things like cancelled bets, or even a company that goes out of business.  In other words, if you play at an esports-first site, in the back of your mind, you may worry if they will be able to stay in business for a long time. 

In the end, being a bookmaker or betting site is a simple service, whether its esports, soccer, basketball or any event.  Being 'esports-first' is really all about marketing to those fans that see themselves as 'esports-first', over other sports.  In the end, you just need to find the best esports betting site for your needs from Ontario.  All the above highlighted brands are already licensed, or will be licensed in Ontario and provide a top-notch esports betting experience alongside the rest of their iGaming types. 

Why would you look to play at an 'esports first' betting site with lower odds across all events, both esports & traditional sports?  Why would you play at a small site that will likely have very low win limits and withdrawal limits compared to the leading iGaming companies with great esports offerings that we list?  Go with the legal Ontario sports betting brands that offer you a better overall experience, not with one that is trying to position itself within your chosen niche.


Do these Ontario esports betting sites offer new customer bonuses?

Yes, they do.  Understand that for essentially all companies, 'esports' comes under the same essential banner as traditional sports betting.  Both types of events are classed as 'sportsbook' products, so while we have organised the offers here from our top esports betting sites for Ontario, when you move on to see the bonus offer at the given betting site, it may be framed simply as a 'sports' offer.  Don't worry - it applies to esports & traditional sports.


What esports are covered by these Ontario betting sites?

Essentially all the major esports are covered by these licensed Ontario betting sites, including but not limited to LOL (LoL, or League of Legends), CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), DOTA2 (Defense of the Ancients), SCII (Starcraft II), R6 (Rainbow Six), Valorant, Rocket League, FIFA, Brawl Stars among others.


What devices are available for esports betting?

All of our recommended Ontario esports betting sites offer intuitive platforms across all devices, from you mobile, your tablet, or your computer.  If you prefer to use an app from your mobile device, they will all offer this to you.  However, note that our new customer offers tend to offer much higher value than the default offers that you will find in the app store.  An account with any given company above will work on both their respective website or their mobile app. Sign up through our offers for a better bonus, then simply download your chosen app and login with your credentials.


What is the legal age to bet on esports from Ontario?

We know that there are esports enthusiasts of all ages.  However, when it comes to betting on esports or regular sports in Ontario, the minimum legal age is 19.


7,000-person esports arena planned for Toronto

Canada is in a group of nations that is leading the way in Esports entertainment. Canada has players in the top echelons of esports competition, both in terms of individual players, and its teams. Canada also has leaders and upstarts in terms of the companies in Esports, and several Canadian cities are home to gaming publisher studios, be they names like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, or others. To top it all off, a company has plans to build a 7,000-person Esports-specifc arena near downtown Toronto. This kind of development will ensure that Toronto and Ontario stay at the forefront of esports events in the decades to come after it has been constructed.