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BallyBet Ontario & Canada Review 2022

BallyBet is the online brand for the Bally's Corporation. Bally's has 14 casino locations across the United States and launched online and mobile sports betting in Colorado, Iowa, Indiana and Virginia, with more states coming online soon.  There are indications that BallyBet will push into the Ontario legal market when available.  Bally's has struck some innovative partnerships in the US to complement their mobile and online sports betting operation.  The most important of which is the joint venture with Sinclair Broadcast Group to rename their regional sports network as 'Bally Sports'.  BallyBet is also an official betting partner of the NHL, NBA and MLB.  Despite these positive points on the marketing side, BallyBet is perhaps the most limited, US-centric online sportsbook we have reviewed. If you have any sporting interest outside the 'big four' sports, in our opinion, you would do well to avoid BallyBet.  Furthermore, if you like lots of available betting markets on the 'big four' leagues, you'll be disappointed.  Read on to see why.


BallyBet Grade

• Limited available NHL betting markets vs top sites.

• Very limited soccer coverage in terms of available leagues & betting markets.

• Terrible soccer odds. Margins found are 200% higher than our top sites.

• Heavy US sports focus with a lack of basic cricket, rugby & F1 betting.

BallyBet Canada sport coverage of the 'big four'

The sports that BallyBet covers most are the traditional 'big four', plus NCAA football and basketball.  However, although these cover these the most, this does not equal 'good coverage' of these leagues and sports.  Whether we are talking the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB, we have never seen such limited coverage in the available betting markets. 

We are used to seeing hundreds of available betting markets for the leagues that would be considered the most popular in Canada.  If you like to bet on a wide variety of markets, BallyBet does not provide it.  They have no player props at all and are so limited in nearly every other respect, when compared to other top legal Ontario sportsbooks that provide blanket coverage of these leagues.  For example, we just cannot imagine why anyone would choose BallyBet's coverage of the NHL markets as pictured here from January 17, 2022.



BallyBet Canada soccer coverage: 'Disappointing' doesn't quite describe it

BallyBet Canada has extremely limited soccer coverage, as they only cover the top four European leagues plus the UCL and UEL (Though we assume they would cover the MLS when it returns). Within their coverage of these six competitions, they offer three - only three available betting markets (1X2 for Full and Half Time, and outright winner).  They do not cover any European or International soccer leagues beyond these, which is perhaps the most limited soccer coverage we have ever seen by an betting site - ever. 

Want to bet on the Portuguese Primeira Liga, French Ligue 1, Polish Ekstraklasa, or any other European or South American League? You will not be able to at BallyBet Ontario unless they really look to expand their offering.  If you like to bet on soccer at all - BallyBet will certainly come up way short without significant improvement.  Every one of our recommended legal Ontario betting sites has full coverage of all these soccer leagues, with a full array of pre-match and live in-play betting markets.


BallyBet has the least soccer coverage & worst odds margins we have ever seen. This is all they cover, JAN 17, 2022.

BallyBet Canada coverage of 'international' sports: 'International sports? What are those?'

BallyBet USA is the most limited betting site we have ever reviewed when it comes to the sports that they cover.  We have never seen a sportsbook that is so focused on US sports betting preferences, literally ignoring anything that is not very popular in that country.  When you browse their sports navigation, you can see some very big holes for anyone that might have an international sports betting interest.  There is literally zero coverage of rugby, cricket, Aussie Rules or Formula 1 futures.  Zero. You cannot even find these in their site's navigation element.  When it comes to hockey, other than the NHL and KHL, no other hockey league was covered. No AHL and no other European leagues. 


About BallyBet.com as a preview for their Ontario and Canada offering

On the positive side of things, BallyBet offers an actual betting site for access from all devices, including mobiles and tablets.  Several of the US entrants to the Ontario and Canadian legal markets force the use of mobile apps.  While many people are now simply used the having many apps on their mobile devices, we now know that apps can tap into and harvest all kinds of data from your device. 

While you might not even know this is happening, the terms of use for any app will spell out this kind of activity, and you have almost no power over it.  Providers like FanDuel, DraftKings, PointsBet and perhaps others mandate use of their app from mobile devices.  So if you value your data privacy, BallyBet will provide you with a far more private experience as you can play through a betting site which cannot tap into your phone's data in the same way that an app can.  However, note that there are several legal ontario betting sites that are far superior to BallyBet, in just about every regard - the actual interfaces, the odds and the sports coverage, and also allow for a more private experience in the same manner.


BallyBet Ontario odds margins

When it comes to the betting markets for the most popular American sports and leagues, BallyBet operates with what are considered to be average odds margins. For typical NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL handicap markets where the odds figures tend to be equal on both potential outcomes, you will find odds that look like 1.91/1.91 or -110/-110.  This indicates a margin or sportsbook hold of around 5%.  This is standard value in for these leagues, not bad, not great. 

Above, we've already highlighted BallyBet's limited soccer coverage.  If you do look to bet on soccer with BallyBet, the odds margin on the main 1X2 market blows out beyond 10%, to even 12%, which is an insanely high margin, for what should be closer to 4%.  Uncompetitive just does not describe these margins that we found on the EPL. If you expect competitive odds outside the 'big four' leagues, you won't find it at BallyBet Canada.


BallyBet Canada esports betting

In our preview of the various US state BallyBet offerings, we can see that there is zero esports betting coverage.  None.  You cannot find esports on any of their US site versions, despite their beting allowed to offer it in various states.  While BallyBet for Ontario has not yet launched, we would not expect them to have any esports coverage.  If you want access to legal esports wagering from Canada's largest province, see our top Ontario esports betting sites


Will BallyBet Canada have any other iGaming types available

This is difficult to predict accurately.  In the US, BallyBet is not regluated in any states that also allow iGaming or iCasino games.  Ontario will allow iCasino gaming for its licensed providers.  So assuming BallyBet enters Ontario, they will be able to offer it.  Given that this could well be their first iteration of an online casino under the BallyBet banner, we cannot really pass judgement in a fair way. However, we can ask if we think that their offering as a 'first try' will be better than the international iGaming brands that will be licensed in Ontario?  We don't think the BallyBet Canada offering will be among the best legal Ontario online casinos, given the competition, and given their poor sports betting offering.


Recommendations for BallyBet Canada

BallyBet has a limited sportsbook offering, even as one that is severely focused on US sporting tastes.  If they are to enter the Canadian legal market with an online sportsbook that is licensed in Ontario, they must expand their sports coverage and offer far better value.  Canada's and Ontario's demographics are very different compared to the US, especially the state markets where BallyBet has been established.  If BallyBet Canada fails to improve coverage of the areas we have pointed out, or continues to offer sportsbook hold levels that are 200% over most licensed providers in the province, we would say that Bally's has very little chance to survive in the market in the long term.


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