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MELBET Canada Review 2024: Is MELBET legit or a scam?

MELBET was founded in 2012 in the UK, but was disolved there in 2014.  The MELBET brand then took hold in Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa, as based in the offshore jurisdiction of Curacao. As you can tell by comparing the look of the website, MELBET uses the exact same platform as scam betting brand, 1XBET.  Although MELBET is just one of many shady brands connected to 1XBET, it has been granted a sort of preferred status by their parent company in that it has been promoted within international English language broadcasts of various European soccer leagues, including the Italian Serie A.  MELBET does not serve Italy, but their brand is digitally overlaid onto the pitch-side boards.  So people across Canada get exposed to this shady operator, but it is never seen within the actual stadium. How bad is MELBET? We'll get into it below, but we checked its score on "TrustPilot", where it had a whopping 1.5 stars out of five on nearly 600 reviews.


Will MELBET be a legal Ontario betting site?

There is no chance that MELBET will become one of the available legal Ontario sportsbooks. Instead, they will continue to operate and accept Canadian customers from the "grey market" jurisdiction of Curacao.  They will act as a "black market" operator for people in Ontario, since they will serve Ontario players without a license. All the most important formerly "grey market" brands have moved to serve Ontario legally, but like their sibling brand 1XBET, MELBET will not take this step.



• Reputation for canceling winnings.

• Related to scam brand 1XBET.

• Awful desktop interface.

• No license in Ontario.


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MELBET doesn't even offer NFL, NBA or NHL betting

If you visit MELBET after seeing their ads during a soccer match, you might register deposit your hard-earned cash and place some Serie A, LaLiga or Premier League wagers.  However, if you then look to place a bets on any of North America's most important leagues, you won't be able to.  At the time of our review in November 2023, they literally did not have "American Football" as a sport category within their A-Z navigation, and they did not offer NBA under basketball, nor did they offer NHL under Ice Hockey.  Once disappointed by this, good luck with your withdrawal.  Your funds are likely lost.


MELBET betting platform from your laptop/desktop

The MELBET's desktop site, like 1XBET, is slow and makes your computer work far too hard.  There are way too many markets, or ways to bet. The site tends to load in pieces, so when you move to click on one particular item, something else will load in its place, so you end up clicking on the wrong thing, taking you away from your desired endpoint. s out of the way for something else that pops on screen in its place.  It's an awful desktop site in every way, which uses way too many "mouse-over" aspects which spawn a list of links or menus. It's just an awful platform from your laptop or desktop.


MELBET bonus offer for Canada

MELBET purports to have a $150 CAD new customer offer.  Given the horrific stories about MELBET and their sibling brands, we would suggest you'll get little if any value out of such an "offer". If you really want a new customer offer as you begin, read about Canadian betting bonuses from our reputable operators.


Does MELBET offer CAD accounts?

Yes. MELBET, is just like 1XBET in this regard.  Look at their lists of available account currencies.  They are identical. That's not a good thing.  It just confirms to you that MELBET is a slightly different version of the scam site that is 1XBET.  Supporting as many currencies is part of the attraction to their "service".  They know that people want to avoid foreign exchange fees.  So seeing their local currency acts as a draw - but good luck withdrawing anything significant from MELBET.


What are the MELBET payment methods for Canada?

MELBET indicates that they accept credit cards, Interac e-transfers and various cryptocurrencies as payment methods from Canada.  MELBET also indicates paysafecard, but they show it with Euros only, not Canadian Dollars. No other major CAD payment methods are listed as being available.


Does MELBET support cryptocurrency payments from Canada?

Yes. While your betting account would still be in a fiat currency like CAD, MELBET does accept deposits and process withdrawals via various kinds of cryptocurrencies, exchanged against the value of your balance.  While they may process such payments in a smooth manner this is always based against the long-term net profitability as provided by the given customers. If you win big in some manner, whether via sports betting or casino games, they will find a way to confiscate your balance. They do not allow for large net winners at MELBET.  If you lose way more than you win, they will sting you along and process withdrawals, where they know you will actually come back to lose more.  MELBET will not tolerate winners.  Find crypto sportsbooks for Canada within our summary on the topic.


MELBET esports betting

MELBET actually has a big focus on esports betting.  They use the same data that 1XBET uses in this sense.  So while you would not find any data for the NFL, NBA or NHL if you browsed their site, if you just happened upon MELBET, and you are an esports fan, you might make the mistake to think: "Hey, wow, they have pretty wide coverage here - great!"  Unfortunately, you'll have been lured into their awful operation.  Steer clear of MELBET for esports. 


MELBET additional game types for Canada: casino

Besides sports betting, MELBET also offers bingo, slots, RNG and live dealer casino games. However, know that MELBET will never be counted among those providers that are licensed Ontario online casinos, as they operate only from Curacao.  All our recommended brands are now legal Ontario providers that offer an iCasino gaming vertical.  Do you really want to give MELBET the chance to not pay you if you hit it big on any of the games as provided by their suppliers? 


MELBET bottom line for Canadians: avoid this shady, scam operator

With so many obvious similarities to the biggest scam betting site for Canadians, you need to know that in your mind MELBET equals 1XBET.  Neither are trustworthy operators for betting, casino or any kind of game.  If you are looking for trustworthy operators, see the offshore betting sites that we recommend for Canada.  Don't fall for the brand placements that you see during Italian Serie A broadcasts.  The Italian regulators are too smart to allow MELBET to serve their citizens and MELBET is trying to tap the "grey market" with these ad placements.  Avoid them completely. They'll never pay you anything above a nominal win, and if they do, it's only because you've already given them far more through your natural losses.  


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