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NEObet Ontario Review 2024 - Is NEObet legal in Ontario?

NEObet is now one of the available legal Ontario betting sites, yes. They gained their license from the AGCO in early May 2023, and have now fully integrated onto the iGaming Ontario platform.  In terms of their offering, NEObet has a fairly unique interface which we will examine, which could be seen as positive. However, there is a significant negative point that we will highlight here, very early in our review.  NEObet odds margins are significantly higher than most other Ontario (or even rest of Canada) sportsbooks when it comes to the most common, most popular betting markets.  At the levels we've seen, it does not matter how compelling their interface might be, the odds value proposition can be extremely poor.


NEObet Canada & Ontario odds value

When we say the odds margin can be uncompetitive at NEObet, we are talking about the most popular markets in the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL.  Competitive margins for NFL point spreads or totals or moneylines should be about 5%.  At NEObet, margins can be as high as 7.5%.  What does this mean with regard to the odds?  For spreads, with a competitive odds margin around 5%, the most common odds tend to look like 1.90/1.90 or -110/-110. However, at NEObet, you will often see odds like 1.86/1.86 or -116/-116.  On NBA Totals (Over/Under) we found odds of 1.82/1.82 or -122/-122.  These reflect margins of nearly 10%!  This odds value is about as poor as we've seen in Ontario (and for the rest of Canada) - awful value.  Remember, high odds margin, or "sportsbook hold", means they keep more out of every dollar wagered on a given event.  This results in lower odds for you, and thus lower potential payouts when you win. In other words, NEObet is extraordinarily uncompetitive here.



About NEObet

NEObet is a relative upstart in online sports betting, having only been established in 2018.  At its launch, it targeted the market of Germany.  At this age, NEObet is one of the youngest brands one could play at. We always prefer older brands, to make sure we are dealing with a company that we can be confident will be around for a long time, given they are holding money for customers.


Does NEObet still serve the rest of Canada, outside Ontario?

Yes, NEObet still serves the people in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and the rest of Canada from their "grey market" betting site as run from their "offshore" gaming jurisdiction of Malta.


What's the positive side of NEObet? A unique interface

Given the horrendous odds value on offer, we cannot recommend NEObet for players in Ontario or the rest of Canada.  With that said, if they could ever improve their odds to a competitive level, their sportsbook interface is compelling.

From your large-display device, like a tablet or PC, NEObet makes good use of your screen width to show you more betting markets, plus the team form over the bast few games, so you can easily see how well the teams have been playing of late. They do this by providing all your sport navigation icons in a row across the top of your display.  Most other betting sites use a left-sided menu, which takes up your screen width, but not at NEObet.  

Also somewhat unique, NEObet allows you to visibly see the directional changes of the odds, up or down, with coloured text.  These points make NEObet's visual presence and experience different to most online sportsbooks, in a generally positive manner.  They have however, at the time of our review, so far failed to tailor the site for Canadian terminology, as for them, they use "Icehockey" to refer to hockey, and "Football" to refer to soccer, even on their fully Canadian, dot-ca domain.  If they want to serve Canada with a dedicated site, they should correct this part of their platforms.


NEObet Ontario payment methods

Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are available at NEObet in Ontario. (Remember that credit cards payments to all gaming sites are treated as cash advances, not purchases. They also support MuchBetter and paysafecard. This means interest charges will accrue from the moment of the transaction, regardless if you always pay your balance.)  NEObet is also one of the growing list of available Interac betting sites, which support the popular e-transfer payments for deposits and withdrawals.


Does NEObet offer casino games like other sportsbook brands?

Perhaps strangely, no, they do not.  NEObet is purely an online sportsbook.  They do not offer access to poker, online casino or live dealer casino games.  Find Interac online casinos here from our recommended Canadian gaming brands.


NEObet Canada & Ontario bottom line

Simply put, if you don't care about getting good value on your odds, only then should you consider NEObet as a destination for sports betting in Ontario, or from the rest of Canada.  They do have an interesting interface, but in our opinion, they really need to improve the value on offer before they can be considered a serious option for just about anyone. 


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