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22Bet Canada Review 2024 - Is 22Bet legal in Ontario?

No, 22Bet is not legal in the newly regulated Ontario market.  Unfortunately, 22Bet continues to serve Ontario as a "black market" or illegal operator, as well as the rest of Canada as a "grey market" operator.  Further confusing customers, you can actually find their sportsbook app in Apple's app store, even in Ontario.  22Bet is under the umbrella of one of the worst gambling operators in the world, and is a sibling brand of scam operator 1XBET.  As you look to find "sportsbook reviews" on various brands, know that the parent company of both of these brands has purchased numerous "sportsbook review sites" in order to ensure positive reviews and secure top rankings for these brands.  No real reviewer in their right mind would ever have these brands as top ranked betting providers, for Canada or anywhere else.


22Bet Grade

• Cancel winnings at their whim.

• Related to scam site 1XBET.

• Horrible desktop interface.

• No license in Ontario.


22Bet will not process withdrawals for winners

Scan the web for examples of this yourself, if you like, or you can take our word for it.  22Bet, like 1XBET simply will not process withdrawals to winners.  What do we mean?  They will process withdrawals to players that have an overall spend that is much higher than their wins.  For example, let's say you've spent $1,500 with them over the course of a few months.  These are losses on your part.  Then, on a subsequent deposit, you win $200 and you want to withdraw your entire amount of around $400.  They will probably process this withdrawal for you, as they are still well into profit-territory on your account, and in reality, they still want you to come back, deposit again, and lose more.  They are willing to pay out on this small amount to ensure you come back again, because you have demonstrated a track record of being a player that is profitable for them.

However, if your overall activity is a net win for you, a net loss for 22Bet, they will find a way to have "withdrawal errors" or simply may cancel winnings, citing that they have detected suspicious activity on your account.  They will point to their terms and conditions that give them free reign to do as they please.  You will have no recourse to get your money back from 22Bet - none.  If you deposit money to 22Bet, assume you will never get it back.


Unlike 1XBET that appears to have high odds, 22Bet does not even pretend to offer good odds

In the end, their odds don't even matter, since we've already established that you won't win anything from 22Bet.  However, if you were to deposit to 22Bet and play, your balance would probably disappear even faster than at 1XBET, since 22Bet odds values are about average in terms of the "sportsbook hold" that they integrate into their odds.  1XBET lures players in with super-high looking odds, which is the attraction into their scam.  With 22Bet you don't even get to pretend to get good value.



Does 22Bet offer Canadian Dollar accounts?

Yes. Like 1XBET, they offer accounts in nearly any currency.   This is one of the ways they try to attract players, as they know people want to avoid currency exchange fees.  Don't let that distract you from all the rest we've written.


Does 22Bet accept Interac?

Yes. 22Bet accepts Interac e-transfer payments. Again, they know Canadians want to pay with this, most popular bank transfer method. Don't take this ability as a sort of tacit approval of their betting site.  Many betting sites for the "rest of Canada" (outside the legal Ontario market) accept Interac e-transfers as payments through their larger payment processor companies. Both reputable and disreputable sites accept Interac.  Make no mistake, 22Bet is one of the worst providers you could choose to play at.  If this is your preferred payment method, know that you can find properly reputable Interac betting sites for the "rest of Canada". 


Other 22Bet Canadian payment methods

Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are listed as being accepted. They do not appear to support bank debit methods like iDebit or Instadebit.


Does 22Bet offer a new customer bonus offer?

Yes. 22Bet offers a $300 (CAD) deposit bonus offer. Don't let this offer sway you.  There are plenty of Canadian betting bonuses for new players from trustworthy brands.  Why would you risk playing at a site with such a terrible reputation?


Review of the 22Bet betting platform itself

It's awful. From your desktop or laptop, navigation is just way too complicated.  22Bet uses a mouse-over functionality to access various menus, which is one of the most frustrating web elements to use, because it is slow to appear, and may disappear as you move to click, leading you to a mistaken page or betting event destination.  On the left navigation element, the lists can get just way too long to be able to properly and intuitively move around their site.  When you compare their site to 1XBET, it becomes clear that they use the same, awful sportsbook platform. 


Does 22Bet have an online casino component?

Yes.  Like almost all sports betting sites, 22Bet also has an online casino aspect.  You will find no casino game testing or fairness certificates onsite as you will find with reputable online casino brands.  This is unsurprising.  Expect no transparency in any part of your experience with 22Bet, and their casino gaming vertical is no different. You should be able to find testing results for RTP or money that is Returned To Player on just about every reputable "off shore" online casino.  If you want a properly fair yet engaging casino experience, we've compiled a list of the top Interac online casinos for Canada, where all of the recommended brands come to you from the world's top-tier gaming companies.


22Bet Canada bottom line: stay away

With all of the reputable betting brands that we can point you toward, there is just no reason to play at a brand that is just so epically terrible in each and every respect that we have outlined.  Just steer clear of them.  Save yourself the frustration.


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