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VideoSlots & MrVegas casino brands gain AGCO licenses

October 20, 2022

Malta-based gaming company, VideoSlots Limited, has gained licenses for two brands in order to join other legal Ontario Interac online casinos operating in the province.  The brands known as VideoSlots-dot-com and MrVegas-dot-com operate toward international audiences from within the Malta Gaming Authority's jurisdiction. 

In advance of their licensure in Ontario, both brands looked to georingfence visitors to their sites from Ontario. Rather than display their site as normal to visitors in Ontario, both sites displayed a blank, white background only, with the following message:

Unfortunately we do not accept players from your country/region, please contact support@videoslots.com for more information and inquiries.

VideoSlots Limted has shown in several instances that they wish to be regulated and submit to taxation where laws allow, rather than try to operate from the so called "grey market" or "black market".  Both of these casino brands are also licensed by local gaming regulators in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark.

Both brands continue to serve the rest of Canada, those outside Ontario, from their Malta jurisdiction. Until these other Canadian provinces move to regulate Internet gaming as Ontario has, player revenues from these provinces will leave the country completely, with no taxes levied.  Furthermore, there will be no mandated, elevated Responsible Gaming measures implemented over an above those that exist within the Malta gaming regime.

Both VideoSlots and MrVegas gaming platforms are fully-targeted toward slots and casino game players.  They do not offer an online sportsbook on any of their international sites or within the sites for their locally regulated markets outlined above.  Thus, we can likely conclude that neither brand will be counted among the list of legal Ontario betting sites that serve sports fans in the province. The brands will remain casino-only properties.


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