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Bob McCown becomes BetRivers brand ambassador

October 11, 2022

The iconic Canadian sports broadcaster, Bob McCown, was officially announced as a brand ambassador for BetRivers by its parent company, Rush Street Interactive. As part of the multi-year deal, "The Bob McCown Podcast", which includes long-time co-host John Shannon, will air across the "BetRivers Network" of podcasts. McCown will also appear at various meet and greet events with audiences across the country, along with his podcast co-host.  McCown will also feature in upcoming BetRivers ad campaigns and commercials across Ontario.

Mr. McCown has been a staple on Canadian airwaves for decades, during his time helping to pioneer various sports broadcasts on both radio and television.  Perhaps most notably, he was a key host during the launch of Toronto's first all-sports radio station in the early 1990s, when the Toronto Blue Jays enjoyed their peak success.

Not simply a sports broadcaster, McCown also has ample knowledge of the gambling and betting space, having lived in Las Vegas for many years.  In his time hosting the Primetime Sports radio broadcast (oftentimes from his Las Vegas home) over many years, he held numerous, fascinating interviews with his Las Vegas sportsbook contacts.  The discussions touched upon all manners of business for Las Vegas casinos, including how their odds makers managed their sportsbooks and their betting lines.

McCown as an interviewer and radio host has been known for almost never interviewing athletes, preferring to speak to those in management and those dealing in the business of sport.  This ability to speak at the junction of business and sport has attracted a key, wealthy demographic of more mature sports fans, that also are in the world of business. 

From the perspective of Rush Street Interactive, this means that McCown "speaks to" many potentially wealthy, interested sports bettors, as a highly respected personality that not only knows sports, but knows sports betting.  As many of his audience members will be of an older demographic, Bob can be an important brand ambassador so that individuals with less experience in the online gaming space can know, through him, that BetRivers is one of the outstanding fully legal Ontario betting sites & online casinos.


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