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SNBET Review: about top betting sites for Canada

We outline & compare the key aspects of our recommended sports betting sites for Canadians, all of which offer CAD accounts & have your preferred American & Decimal odds formats.  Click the ‘Review’ links above to jump to your company of interest, scroll through, or see our side-by-side comparison table of the key points.  Learn about company history, key user features, odds pricing & supported payment methods. We also have more in-depth resources about Canadian betting site payment methods and how to avoid betting scams should you need help in either regard.  If you are in Ontario, things have changed.  We outline the situation with regard to legal Ontario sports betting sites.  As this page will be made accessible in Ontario, you will notice the iGaming Ontario logo: all these brands are available across Canada, including in Ontario. The given brand offerings can differ between Ontario & the rest of Canada, so read our Ontario reviews where noted.


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Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Visit ConnexOntario.ca for help. Eligible iGames conducted & managed by iGO are only available to those physically present in Ontario.


SNBET Review of Sports Interaction (SIA)

Sports Interaction (SIA): only serves the Canadian marketplace.  Located, run and regulated on sovereign Mohawk Nation lands of Kahnawake, southwest of Montreal, SIA has been online since 1997.  With SIA, you get to have your entire sports betting experience in Canada, your money stays here at home.  Customer support at SIA is done through their live chat utility 24/7, or through an email form. In 2022, SIA was acquired by iGaming giant, Entain, for $300 million.

Early cash out feature: SIA does offer an early cash out feature, so you may secure a payout on your bets before the event is complete.  The SIA feature however is only available on single bets - not parlays or round robin bets. Access from the ‘My Bets’ section.

The interface: SIA has a super clean and quick interface for both pre-match, live in-play and futures betting.  Their website is dynamic so that it can work intuitively across all device resolutions - and it loads really fast.  Uniquely, they provide ‘SIA Insights’ on every event so you have full transparency with regard to how all their customers are laying their bets.  From the same account, SIA also offers their racebook, live and online casino games, plus access to their online poker room.  Poker and racebook verticals are not available at all betting sites.  

The odds: Most of their single game odds are at the 5% margin level for the main betting markets on top leagues, which is competitive with the rest of our recommended betting sites for Canada. Lottery corporation odds margins have often been in the 8% to 10% range. The SIA default odds format is Decimal, but you may switch to American or Fractional near the bottom of any page.

Potential drawbacks: The main potential drawback at SIA comes in relation to their odds on popular Canadian teams or participants within futures betting markets. SIA only serves the Canadian market.  Given this, SIA will often receive a disproportionate level of wagers on the so-called Canadian ‘public’ teams compared to international sportsbook brands that serve a wider array of national markets and receive betting action that is more evenly distributed across all teams or participants.

As a result, if you were to do a comparison of the odds at SIA versus our other top betting sites on these ‘public teams’ for popular futures betting markets, SIA odds will often be significantly lower as they need to account and adjust for their own liabilities.  If these popular teams actually win, SIA will have a lot of bets to pay out, but compared to international brands, they will not have as many losing bets made that help to balance their liabilities.  

For example, at the time of writing, January 23, 2021 - SIA odds on the Blue Jays to win the World Series were just 13.00 or +1200.  Top odds on the Jays to win from one of our other listed global betting brands were 33.00 or +3200.  That’s a 267% difference in potential profit on the same bet.  

This should not be a deal breaker in whether or not you choose SIA.  It is just something for you to keep in mind if you expect to bet on popular Canadian teams or participants in futures betting markets, like the outright winner of the World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Wimbledon, The Masters or others.

            SIA mobile screenshot


SNBET Review of Betsafe:

Betsafe as a brand was established in 2006.  In 2011, it was acquired by Betsson AB, one of the largest gaming companies in the world, which is headquartered in Sweden and traded on the Nasdaq OMX exchange.  Betsafe is so focused on the Canadian market that its site actually has a version that is explicitly dedicated to Canada.  Unlike smaller sportsbook providers that only offer help within limited time windows, Betsafe has superior 24/7 customer support including chat, email, or by requesting a call back over the phone. (Being able to talk over the phone for customer support is a rarity at online sportsbooks & a big differentiation point for Betsafe).  Betsafe will become a licensed Ontario operator.  When the legal market opens in 2022, Betsafe Ontario players will automatically be moved to play within the new system. 

Early cash out feature: The Betsafe cash out lets you secure a partial win or protect stake money, before your event has been completed.  Unlike some sites where this equivalent feature is only available on single event bets, Betsafe makes theirs available on parlays or combination wagers as long all legs or parts of the parlay bet have been made available for early cash out.

The interface: Betsafe runs on a brand new sports betting platform with tons of betting markets pre-match, live in-play and futures.  It is very slick - easy to navigate no matter which device you intend to use most, and odds and events load in an instant.  Esports event betting is also available from the same account, with extensive event and betting market coverage.  From the same account, you also have access to all their other gaming verticals including online & live casinos, plus their leading online poker room.

The odds: Odds margins are competitive, usually in the 4% to 5% range.  For soccer, margins can get down near 3%.  Plus, with customers from around the world, there won’t be heavy, heavy action on teams that are popular in Canada for futures or outright winner markets.  In other words, for instance, the odds will be more competitive at Betsafe for bets on Canadian NHL teams to win the Stanley Cup compared to Canada-only sportsbook brands like Bodog or SIA.  American odds format is the default at Betsafe Canada. Switch to Decimal or Fractional through the 'Settings' found in the left navigation or the mobile A-Z menu.

Potential drawbacks: Betsafe (and its parent Betsson AB) are about as good as it gets in terms of a sportsbook and gaming operator.  The only potential drawback one could point out from a Canadian perspective is that any profits gained from customers go to this Swedish corporation - the money leaves Canada.  From an experiential point-of-view, there is nothing to highlight as a drawback, Betsafe is a phenomenal betting option for Canadians.

          Betsafe mobile screenshot


SNBET Review of Betway

Betway was established in 2006 and has become one of the world’s foremost betting and gaming brands and is often recognized due to their sponsorships of West Ham United FC of the EPL as well as clubs in Spain and elsewhere.  Betway serves most of the highly regulated national markets in Europe including the UK, Italy, Spain & Sweden, but it also has a serious focus on the Canadian national market, which is evident in their tailored product offering which includes Canada-specific offers for new and existing customers, plus their fast-adoption of popular CAD payment methods over time - Betway is always looking to innovate in this way for the Canadian market.  For example, Betway provides some of the best betting coverage of the CHL, which is still a rarity even among leading international online bookmakers. Betway will also be a licensed operator in Ontario.  When the market opens in 2022, Betway Ontario players will be shifted to the new system automatically.

The interface: Betway has their own bespoke sportsbook platform which is super clean to read, extremely fast to load and excellent to use across all possible devices.  Furthermore, Betway has also been a pioneer in esports betting.  If you want to a top-notch esports betting experience in addition to the sportsbook, Betway is an amazing option with extensive esports event coverage and lots of betting markets, no matter what your game is.  Betway also provides access to its leading online and live casino games from within the same player account.  Support at Betway is best-accessed through their 24/7 chat utility.

Early cash out feature: Betway has perhaps the best, most user-friendly early cash out feature, as it is available on ALL types of bets - singles, parlays (aka combinations) and round robin (aka system).  Most betting sites limit early cash out availability by a narrow array of events and they may also limit its availability to only singles, or singles and parlays.  You will see its availability clearly marked next to each applicable event.  

The odds: Betway odds margins tend to be in the 5% range for main pre-match betting markets from top leagues, which is typical for reputable bookmakers.  Although Betway has many customers in Canada, with so many customers around Europe, the betting action that they receive is spread more evenly compared to Canada-only betting sites like SIA (or others).  This means that Betway's odds (and potential payouts) on popular Canadian teams for futures betting markets will generally stay higher.  Decimal odds format is the default at Betway. Change to American or Fractional near the top of your screen if on a computer, or from within the mobile menu if on your phone or tablet.

Potential drawbacks: Betway no longer offers an online poker room.  So if you expect to have access to a poker gaming vertical in addition to your sportsbook from Canada, Betway cannot offer this to you.  Poker is somewhat specialized, so this is not a deal-breaker for most people when looking for a top sportsbook.  Also, Betway's parent company 'Super Group' has merged with a US SPAC toward a listing on the NYSE.  Any gaming revenue earned by Betway from players will leave Canada toward this parent firm, rather than be reinvested into local communities.  However, from a pure sports betting and esports betting perspective, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better provider for players in Canada.

          Betway mobile screenshot


SNBET Review of bet365

bet365 was launched in 2000 from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, where it has become the world's foremost sports betting brand, with the most innovative technology. They serve regulated markets of the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia among others.  They are also leaders in serving 'international' markets like Canada that have gone without proper local iGaming regulation.  Come early 2022, bet365 will become a licensed betting and iGaming provider for the legal Ontario market.  All bet365 Ontario players have been shifted to the new legal system after the market opened  Most Canadians already know the bet365 brand from local 'dot-net' advertisements within the CFL, or from their ads as seen during Premier League and La Liga soccer matches.  Canadians outside Ontario will still play from the main bet365.com site, not the Ontario one.

Early cash out feature: The bet365 cash out feature is perhaps the most robust of its kind on the market as it is available widely, across many leagues and betting markets.  You can use it on parlay bets, whereas some betting sites limit its use to single bets.  It even has a ‘Partial Cash Out’ so you may secure part of the early return, but leave some of the stake money to ride on the outcome of the event.  They also have an 'Auto Cash Out' so you can set rules for your bet to cash out if certain 'offer' thresholds are met or exceeded during your event.

The interface: bet365 has the fastest, most intuitive betting platform we have ever reviewed. Many years ago, their CEO knew that the trend for sports betting was moving toward mobile devices. So even before we had 3G, bet365 was structuring their sites and apps to be super quick and efficient to ensure quick load times. Now that we have 4G and 5G service, all that work they did means you now get lightning quick response times across all devices as you load any page on their site or app. Need to search events? Find the magnifying glass icon at top right of your computer display, or if on your mobile, simply swipe their logo to the right to open a search field, then enter your terms. Want to build your own unique single-game parlay?  They have that too.

The odds: bet365 odds margins are competitive, if not aggressively so, typically in the 5% range for top leagues on the main betting markets.  bet365 odds on Canada’s popular teams’ for NBA, NHL, MLB & MLS futures markets will tend to stay higher compared to those at Canada-only sportsbooks like Bodog and SIA.  Canada-only betting sites usually see depressed odds on these popular teams because so much money is wagered upon them within their Canadian-only customer-base.  Since bet365 has over 80 million account holders worldwide, the distribution of bets will be far more even so their odds will tend to be better on the outright winner of these leagues.  The bet365 default odds format is American. To change the odds format to Decimal or Fractional from any device, simply scroll to the base of the page and adjust the 'Odds Display' setting.

Potential drawbacks: While bet365 is perhaps the best betting and iGaming platform in the world, with excellent customer service, and will soon be licensed in Ontario, the fact remains that they are a UK company.  Any profits earned will go to this company as opposed to a Canadian-owned brand like SIA.

SNBET Review of ComeOn!

ComeOn! was established in 2010. Its parent company was recently acquired by a private-equity firm called Bridgepoint Capital, for around one billion US dollars - so you know they are well-backed.  ComeOn! serves regulated European markets like Denmark & Sweden, but they are also heavily focused on the Canadian market.  In 2021 they became the official sports betting partner of the Canadian Premier League and hired former TSN anchor Natasha Staniszewski to be their brand ambassador for Canada. ComeOn! Ontario players will be shifted to the legal market when it launches.

Early cash out feature: ComeOn! runs on the SBTech sportsbook platform.  This means that you get access to one of the most robust early cash out features out there, as it is available across many leagues and betting markets.  Plus, you may use it on combination or parlay bets - not just on single bets.  Many sites restrict this type of feature to single bets only.  The ComeOn! early cash out also allows for a  ‘Partial Cash Out’ so you may secure part of the early return, but then leave some of the stake on the bet in order to see out the conclusion of the event.  

The interface: Being built on the SBTech sports betting platform, you get an excellent betting and gaming experience across all devices.  This includes a wide array of betting markets for pre-match, live in-play and futures.  (Some betting sites still do not have in-play betting, or may have limited futures markets.)  From the same account, ComeOn! also provides its customers with access to a wide array of online and live casino games.

The odds: ComeOn! odds margins are competitive against our recommended sites, typically in the 4% to 5% range for single events within the most popular leagues.  ComeOn! is not purely for the Canadian market.  As such, odds on popular Canadian teams within the main futures betting markets for the Stanley Cup, World Series and NBA Outright Winner can remain competitive.  At Canada-only sportsbooks like Bodog & SIA, the odds on popular teams can get beaten down since they receive so much action & they need to "balance their book."  Since ComeOn! serves a wider audience, bets are distributed more evenly, so odds can remain higher on popular Canadian teams for these futures markets.  Decimal is the default odds format at ComeOn!. From your computer, change this to American or Fractional format at the top-right of your screen. From your mobile or tablet, scroll to the bottom of your screen to make the switch.

Potential drawbacks: While ComeOn! is a leading provider from a sports betting and gaming point of view, they do not offer access to an online poker room vertical.  The only other point to consider for a player in Canada is that any potential profit will accrue to a company outside the country.  Beyond these points, ComeOn! is an excellent choice to consider.

       ComeOn! mobile screenshot


Compare key sportsbook attributes side-by-side

Canada-only issue: SIA only serves Canada. This may provide comfort for some.  It also explains why SIA odds pricing on popular 'futures' bets in Canada may be far lower compared to our other listed companies that serve a diverse international customer-base, where the wagering action is more evenly distributed.

Cash Out features: These features allow you to secure a portion of your agreed bet payout before the event has concluded.  Note how these features are available for the bet types shown. Betway and bet365 can make theirs available on more bet types.  A Partial Cash Out feature lets you take a partial early cash out, with the ability to leave a part of your stake on the bet to see out the result, for even more control.

Other gaming verticals: If you have interest in casino games, all brands offer them from the same account. Only Betsafe, bet365 & SIA offer online poker rooms.

Support methods: If you prefer to talk to a real person when you need customer support, Betsafe offers this option via requested call-back. The rest are via 24/7 chat or email.

Note that the above reviews and comparisons pertain to the offerings from these companies for players outside of Ontario. While these brands may have Ontario offerings, they will be different from those outlined above.


Interac payments: All five of our recommended betting sites accept Interac for deposits & withdrawals.