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CanPlayCasino receives Ontario license from AGCO

September 29, 2022

CanPlayCasino.com is one of three Kahnawake-based iGaming brands that are operated by the Abenaki Council of Wolinak, which is located across the St. Lawrence River from Trois-Rivières, Quebec. You can see that they are the operators of the CanPlayCasino brand when you click the KGC logo at the base of their website.

Today, the Ontario version of the CanPlayCasino brand was given its license to operate in the province by the AGCO.  The entity that was issued the license is "Pala Interactive Canada, Inc."

Given the name of this Ontario-related entity, it appears that the Waban-Aki Council has reached out to the Business-to-Business iGaming operator "Pala Interactive", in order to satisfy all the related AGCO requirements toward operating in the province alongside all the other legal Ontario online casinos.  Pala Interactive has all the services needed to operate this online casino brand on the Council's behalf, including a gaming software studio, completely managed services and payments systems.

The other two "grey market", Kahnawake-based brands for Canada (outside Ontario) include Spreads-dot-ca and VIPcasino-dot-ca, which are listed as active on the list of Kahnawake permit holders. Based on the rules of the AGCO, we gather that these brands should either stop serving Ontario-based players, or their owners should be in the midst of seeking AGCO licenses for them in order to continue serving Ontario players.

While CanPlayCasino.com offers an online sportsbook on their site version for the "rest of Canada", it appears that they will not be able to offer theirs within Ontario, at least initially.  Thus, interested players in the province will not be able to place a wager with them, nor will their brand be found on any of the resources known to review the top legal Ontario betting sites. It seems as though the sports betting platform in use on their "rest of Canada" version may not have been given its license for use in Ontario.  Until that time, CanPlayCasino.com for Ontario will be a slots and online casino option only.


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