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Betway signs partnership with Miami Heat

October 28, 2022

In yet another professional sports team marketing deal by Super Group's main betting brand, Betway announced yesterday that they have come to an agreement with the NBA's Miami Heat.  The multi-year partnership will see the Betway brand have a strong presence around the Heat's arena with both courtside LED and Baseline Apron signage, showcasing Betway to Miami Heat fans in the arena and a global TV audience.

At first blush, some might ask why a sports betting brand would look to establish a marketing deal with a team that is located in a US state that has yet to legalize online sports betting for its residents.  While this fact will certainly have lessened the price that Super Group and Betway paid for this partnership, the deal highlights the strategy for this global sports betting and igaming brand.  The NBA is a global property, with fans that watch its games from around the world.  Since Florida has not yet legalized sports betting, it actually only makes sense that a global betting brand would look to make such a deal.  US sportsbook brands like FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM can't yet enter the Florida market, since it does yet exist in a legal sense, so it makes no sense to pay a premium to market to fans of the Miami Heat or any other Florida professional team. 

However, since Betway operates in so many global gaming jurisdictions, plus an international betting and igaming site from Malta, a marketing deal at a lower valuation makes perfect logic.  While Betway is not an official NBA betting partner from the league's perspective, the sportsbook brand has already agreed similar deals with US pro teams that are in jurisdictions that have yet to legalize online sports betting, including the Los Angeles Kings and Golden State Warriors of California, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, nearly a year before online sports betting legally launched in Ohio. 

At the time of writing, Betway was live in US states New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa and Colorado.  To date, Betway has not struck local marketing partnerships with pro teams in these states. It appears that they wish to capitalize on large number of lower-priced US state partnerships like the one detailed here with the Miami Heat, plus their vast array of European soccer partnerships in order to gain brand recognition in an indirect fashion. 

Rather than speak directly to the local fans of a team of interest, they just want to be seen at US and international sports venues, and let people's curiosity about the brand to the work.  People will naturally be made to think:  "Is Betway available in my state?" Such a thought will surely become a popular search query as a result of this marketing strategy.  Once people register that Betway is legally available in most US states come 2023, new prospective players will be able to find their new player offers when they look for NJ sportsboook bonuses or Colorado sportsbook bonuses, or for online betting promotions for most any other state in the country. 

As this example of Betway's partnership with the Miami Heat has shown, the global reach of the NBA (and other US sports leagues) gives local teams another option for sports betting and igaming partnerships, even if their local jurisdiction has not yet moved toward legalization.      


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