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BetVictor receives Ontario license

June 6, 2022

On June 3, 2022, the AGCO granted established UK sportsbook brand, BetVictor, with its license to offer online casino and sports betting within the province of Ontario. BetVictor is not coming to the legal Ontario sports betting market in the way that various US brands like FanDuel and BetRivers have come, starting from a baseline of zero players and revenue.  BetVictor was in the so-called Canadian "grey market" for many years.  As they look to add their entry among the other legal Ontario betting sites, they will be onboarding all their existing players to the new Ontario platform. 

BetVictor's international site is based in the gaming jurisdiction of the British Oversees Territory of Gibraltar.  From that International site, BetVictor had been serving players from across Canada.  BetVictor was able to gain brand visibility in Canada through their numerous past sponsorship and marketing deals with clubs within the English Premier League - as illustrated by our embedded tweet of Fulham FC and Serbian striker, Aleksandar Mitrović. The company also had significant brand deals with the iconic and much-followed club, Liverpool FC.

Once BetVictor successfully integrates into the iGaming Ontario platform, their Ontario-based players, will be shifted from their Gibraltar-based site, to the one that serves the newly regulated market.  BetVictor will continue to serve Canadians that are located in other provinces from their so called "grey market" Gibraltar site. 


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