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BetRegal Ontario Review 2022

BetRegal has tried to make inroads into the Canadian sports betting landscape through its recent sponsorship of both the CFL and the Canadian PGA.  It is fully expected that BetRegal will apply for an igaming license to become one of many fully legal Ontario sportsbooks.  How does their offering compare to the competition in what will be one of the most competitive jurisdictions in the world?  We have to say it lags well behind the leading brands in some key ways.  


BetRegal Ontario experience from a computer

On our first visit to BetRegal.ca - the homepage mind you, we were greeted by not one, but two spinning wheels, suggesting that things were in motion and that the site will load soon.  Only it never did.  On another occasion, the lone wheel this time spun until a pop up came onto the screen to tell us that ''Something went wrong".  Wow. Not a great start.  We even went to sign-up for an account, filled-out all the information.  However, when we clicked to 'join now' the screen never actually progressed - it was just stuck there.  

If you can persist beyond this initial bit of awfulness, the various sport and league pages actually load very quickly.  The site is fairly well-laid out with a proper amount of tailoring to Canadian and Ontarian sporting tastes, but it lacks convenience links for the most popular leagues. You are able to 'star' leagues to add them to your 'favorites' - yes, US spelling - accessed by a star along the top nav bar.  If you can get past the initial render which seems to take forever, the layout is passable and reasonably quick to navigate. (We do keep the screen load issues on video for those that are curious.)

BetRegal Grade

• Betting platform is slow & has errors
• Good NHL odds value does not carry over to other sports.
• Paltry win-limits compared to top sites.
• No early cash out feature at time of review.
• Very little esports coverage.


BetRegal Ontario mobile experience

The BetRegal mobile experience is just about as bad as from desktop.  When we first looked to access their site from our mobile, we got a pop up with the BetRegal logo and a 'System Internal Error'.  When we finally got the site to render, beyond the error, the site was OK to navigate and about as quick as the version for computers.  Again it's OK, but these errors should not be happening in the way they have been for us.


BetRegal Ontario odds margins

For the NFL and NBA, BetRegal odds margins are about 5% on the most popular markets. Odds will look like 1.91/1.91 or -110/-110 when figures are identical on both potential outcomes. This is about average in terms of value, not bad, not great.  BetRegal odds margins are very competitive on the NHL however.  For NHL match winner and totals markets, we found margins around 2.5%, which means odds that look like 1.95/1.95 or -105/-105. For pucklines, we found margins near 3.5%.  So if the NHL is your bag, BetRegal does its best to give you good value. For top soccer leagues and the main 1X2 market, we found odds back near 5%, which again are okay, not great. Most other top events, we found odds in the 4.5% to 5% region, which is about average, again, reasonably competitive.


Does BetRegal Ontario have a bonus offer?

The provincial gaming regulators will allow for Ontario sports betting bonuses for all of its licensed operators.  Prior to the legal market's open, BetRegal did offer a new customer bonus for all of Canada for 100% up to $300.  Some preferred sportsbook review affiliate marketing sites have bonuses that are even higher.  However, BetRegal has one of the highest wagering requirements for these bonuses at 10 times the bonus+deposit amount. For a maximum bonus, this would mean qualifying bets of $6,000 for the $300 bonus, which is perhaps the largest requirement we have ever seen, making it a very difficult bonus to achieve. 


Does BetRegal Ontario have an early cash out feature?

From our time on the BetRegal site, we did not identify an early cash out feature of any kind that might let users secure a partial win before a given event has reached its conclusion.  These features which allow for increased control over stake money have become commonplace at top international betting brands that will be entering the Ontario market, such as bet365, Betsafe, Betway, Unibet & BetVictor among others.


BetRegal Ontario esports betting coverage & odds

BetRegal Ontario has minimal esports coverage. At the time of review in late December 2021, some of our top esports betting sites for Ontario had events across nearly every type of esport you could name. At BetRegal, we found one Dota2 event, which contained 9 matches.  For the matches that were covered, there were a good number of betting markets and the odds margins were not terrible, as we saw margins 6% on match winner markets, but margins blow out to over 10%  on other markets like Map Totals for example. In other words, if you care about esports betting in either a cursory way, or as a hardcore esports fan, there are way better Ontario esports betting options for you compare to BetRegal.


BetRegal Ontario Win Limits

You can get an idea of how big a sportsbook company is by their win limit rules.  Most of the biggest brands in the world have their upper tier win limit, for bets on top tier leagues and betting markets at $2 million per day.  Other companies have limits near half a million dollars per day, or perhaps even $100,000 per day.  BetRegal has win limits of $100,000 per month.  Think about that for a moment.  In their terms and conditions, BetRegal also explicitly states that if you win a bet that says it should pay you $120,000, your account will only be credited with $100,000.  This should tell you that BetRegal is not interested in ever having to pay out big, whether on an individual ticket, or within an entire month.  You might not play with big stakes, but this should also give you an idea about the size of their company and how they wish to protect themselves from winners, since they are limiting their maximum payout to a relatively paltry sum compared nearly every other Ontario sportsbook.


BetRegal Ontario alternate gaming verticals

BetRegal also offers a very limited online casino vertical, which only includes RNG casino games, as opposed to live dealer games which are available at all of the top Ontario online casinos.  BetRegal simply does not have the required scale of customer-base to offer excellent versions of this gaming vertical.  For the best live dealer casino games, try essentially any Ontario sportsbook brand that we recommend. 


BetRegal Ontario bottom line

The BetRegal platform is what we would call 'un-polished'.  We encounter general errors all the time, whether we are just trying to navigate around the site on any device, or actually trying to sign up.  With what is in our opinion a substandard sportsbook platform, player frustration levels could become high, and most players will eventually look for an alternative for long term play.  With odds margins that are generally pretty average, we cannot understand why any Ontario-based sports bettor would want to play with BetRegal, given all we have outlined above. 

Perhaps if you only care about NHL betting, you play with very small stakes and you like their competitive odds on this one league, it could satisfy for your needs.  If you value your time and sites that stay error free, load quickly and are loaded with the latest betting features, we would recommend you try any of the Ontario licensed betting sites that we recommend.


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