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AGCO reinstates UFC betting in Ontario

January 20, 2023

On December 1st of 2022, due to integrity concerns, the AGCO moved to ban UFC event betting within OLG's sports betting platforms and among all iGaming Ontario betting sites and apps.  However, yesterday, less than two months later, the AGCO moved to reinstate UFC event betting on these Ontario platforms.  In a blog post, the AGCO stated that the following changes by the UFC have assuaged their integrity concerns.

The UFC has:

♦ Amended its Athlete Conduct Policy to prohibit all insiders from placing any wagers directly or through a third party on any UFC match, including placing wagers on themselves. 

♦ Made clear that these same prohibitions against wagering apply to an athlete’s coaches, managers, handlers, athletic trainers, and other individuals affiliated with the athletes or UFC, and that violations by these Insiders may result in disciplinary action against related contract athletes.

♦ Have provided assurances for enhanced monitoring and action against insider betting through the strengthening of their internal processes.

♦ Reiterated their expectation that their contracted athletes report any matters that might raise integrity concerns.

♦ Engaged in a betting integrity monitoring relationship with US Integrity, an independent sports integrity monitor registered with the AGCO, to identify and analyze unusual wagering activity as indicative of possible integrity concerns.

From this point onward, bettors within the regulated Ontario market should have access to UFC event betting once again, and need not play at black market operators in order to wager on these events.


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