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AGCO amends live dealer online casino standards

October 4, 2022

Today the AGCO sent out an email to all subscribed interested parties that wish to follow the Ontario regulator's regular policy and rules updates.  The first part of this note addressed the deadline for Ontario operators and gaming supplier to come into full compliance with market standards and rules. 

The second part of the update note pertains to changes to the standards that apply to Ontario live dealer casinos and their games, which tend to include actual, physical roulette wheels, playing cards and other equipment. The AGCO notes that in particular, Ontario's online live dealer casino games have been very popular. This is unsurprising as numerous iGaming Ontario operator brands have been advertising their Live Casino verticals on television, on radio and online on major non-gaming websites.

Two changes will be in place by the end of October, and one will be in place by April 4 2033.  Both of which can be viewed through the links in the note below.  Briefly explained, they essentially amend aspects of game operations to ensure heightened levels of security and integrity of Ontario's online, live dealer casino games.  Since so many Ontarians are playing these games, and real people are involved in running the games, the AGCO wants be certain that all parties are doing all they can to ensure fairness for Ontario players.


The note:

2) Amended Standards for Live Dealer Games

The AGCO continues to closely monitor Ontario’s internet gaming (igaming) market. Since the market was launched on April 4, 2022, the AGCO has noted the growing popularity of Live Dealer games, which are games played with live presenters or dealers that players connect to and play through an igaming site.
The AGCO has determined that amendments to the Registrar’s Standards are necessary to address the potential risks related to the use of physical gaming equipment (including among others, roulette wheels and playing cards) and the risks related to the use of live presenters.
Effective date
These amendments will come into force as of Oct. 31, with the exception of an update to standard 4.08. The updated standard 4.08 will come into force six months from now on April 4, 2023, in order to give enough time for operators and gaming-related suppliers to get their equipment certified. All amendments will apply to operators and gaming-related suppliers who offer Live Dealer games. More information will be communicated to registrants in the coming weeks.
See the Information Bulletin for the amendments being made to Live Dealer Standards.
As a result of these changes, the Operator Application Guide and Supplier Application Guide will be updated. 
The AGCO will provide more guidance on certification requirements for Live Dealer games via an updated ITL Certification Policy in the coming weeks. 


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