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SportNation Bet Canada - SNBET.ca - has one goal: to explain the often confusing online sports betting landscape for Canadians and advise them about the most reputable online sportsbooks for Canada so that they may avoid the scams and bad information found across the Internet.  

Why is it confusing? The USA is opening up online betting on a state-by-state basis.  With this, many US brands are now visible through advertising during NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA telecasts.  In most cases, these US-facing brands are not available to Canadian players.

Furthermore, for those that enjoy English or German soccer, many UK and European betting brands are advertised on uniforms or on pitchside LED boards.  Some of these brands are open to Canadians, but some are not.  Of those companies that are open to Canadian players, oftentimes CAD sportsbook accounts are not available, meaning that Canadian players would need to pay hidden exchange fees to play in USD, Euros or another currency.  

Lastly, online sports betting review resources can often espouse self-serving information which runs counter to genuinely sound consumer analysis and recommendations for prospective Canadian bettors.  We expose some of the really bad information that is used by sportsbook affiliate marketers to deceive and refer new Canadian players for their own enrichment.  We discuss how to avoid sports betting scams & bad information on our page about CAD betting.

All-in-all, this adds up to what can be a confusing situation for the Canadian online sports bettor.  It is our goal to clarify the situation with regard to all of the above, provide a highly-refined list of the best betting sites for Canada, so that Canadians may bet on single-events and get access to more competitive odds than the provincial sports lottery games - this includes one fully Canadian operator.  How is that possible if people keep talking about how single-event sports betting continues to be illegal in Canada?  We explain below.  

Single-event sports betting news update Nov 26, 2020

The Canadian Federal Government will be tabling legislation to make single-event sports betting legal.  This means that your options for sports betting within each province may be about to change for the better with far more choice from local and legal providers.  

Find our Canadian sports betting news page or follow SNBET on Twitter for the latest developments.

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Is there an online sportsbook that Canadian players can play at that is reputable and trustworthy?  Might there be a Canadian online sports betting operator?

Yes, there is one online sports betting operator that is essentially within Canada, but is fully allowed to operate outside of Canadian laws - it’s called Sports Interaction (SIA).

How is this possible?  Sports Interaction was established in 1997 and operates from the sovereign Mohawk lands of Kahnawake, which is southwest of Montreal.  In other words Sports Interaction - which only serves Canadian customers - is allowed to accept customers from Canada, process CAD deposits and withdrawals, but more important -  they are allowed to accept single-event bets as they may operate outside of Canadian laws on their sovereign land. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has become one of the most important egaming jurisdictions in the world, regulating many top international gambling brands.

To keep the long story short, Sports Interaction is the online sportsbook that essentially allows your entire sports betting experience to occur within Canada.  So for those that want to bet on sports online including single-events and get better odds than the provincial lottery sports games, but are worried about risking their money on brands they might not quite trust, Sports Interaction is the ideal option.  

Furthermore, all profits are returned to a First Nations company and jurisdiction for community investment and betterment, rather than to an offshore sportsbook company regulated in Europe or the Caribbean.  When we evaluate all of the above points, you can understand why SNBET has ranked Sports Interaction as its number one recommended betting site for players in Canada.

Is online sports betting illegal in Canada?  

SNBET is not a law firm.  With that said, the answer is that as of 2020, no operator may accept single-event bets within Canada as outlined in section 207 (4)(b) of the Canadian Criminal Code.  This is why all government-run sports lottery games like Pro-Line and SportSelect all mandate parlay bets, or bets where a win requires several correct event results to win a bet.  While there have been attempts to revoke or amend this law, at this point the acceptance of single-event bets is still illegal.

This is how the so-called ‘offshore’ sportsbooks are able to serve the Canadian marketplace.  These regulated betting sites accept single-event bets and offer higher odds than the provincial sports lottery games, all from outside of Canada.  So although the bettor might reside in Canada, the acceptance of the online bet happens outside Canadian jurisdiction.  Since the legal authorities in Canada have no jurisdiction over these ‘offshore’ providers and they cannot be prosecuted, their customers - the Canadian bettors are also safe from any legal consequences.  If the operator cannot be prosecuted, neither may the customer.  

OK - so unfettered online sports betting might not be legal within Canada from an operator perspective, but this strange grey zone means that players may take part if they wish through unofficial channels.  The Canadian Gaming Association estimates that $4 billion per year leaves Canada through online offshore providers, and another $10 billion through black market bookies.  That’s $14 billion gone from Canada -  nothing taxed, nothing licensed for the greater good of Canadian society.  Most of this shift to the off-shore and black market options can be attributed to the lack of competitive odds and single-event betting options within the ‘legal’ Canadian gaming industry.  This may lead some to the following questions.

Are there any drawbacks in playing at Sports Interaction as a Canadian bettor?

Compared to other providers, not really, no.  The other providers that we list are reputable and well-established alternatives.  Betsafe, 10Bet, Betway and ComeOn! all tend to offer odds that are a little higher than SIA on average across sports and betting markets.  They also have larger new customer bonus offers.  You simply need to weigh up these aspects of their offerings against the fact that Sports Interaction is fully Canadian and your money gets to stay at home in Canada with them.  The choice is yours - all listed companies offer CAD accounts and banking methods.  Have a look at the various screen images below to see if they influence your preference.  All mobile site versions are highly intuitive and have similar colour schemes compared to the desktop/laptop schemes as shown below.







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The real story about online sports betting in Canada: top sites, laws, scams & news

SNBET Top Betting Sites for Canada

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100% Bonus up to $200*

100% Bonus up to $300*

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All listed sites accept Interac. Each site also offers a mix of CAD payment methods including e-wallets, bank debit & prepaid solutions like those outlined at left.

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Sports Interaction is located & run within Canada

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